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    hi sir,

    writing to u after so many days .... i hope u will have my records... dob 07/9/83.time 11.05 pm. Wednesday, Chennai. there is no peace of mind sir... i dont receive love from any one feeling lonely. sometimes even my parents ,husband nor my child likes me. my child moves away from me. i feel it becos there is some problem in my life... i want to know how my life will be... cos i want to go for work which i cant, my relation with others will improve nor not, how is 2012 for me. i have been suffering for past three yrs.... could not come out. my dh dob is 18/10/81,5.30 pm ,chennai .. also tell us abt our married life.. we flight a lot these days. i want to go out of india is it possible or at least chennai .. meet new people and learn new things... are these possible i my life..... pls sir waitng for reply ... hoping for a better future............. do reply me in detail.. I FEEL I AM WASTING THE LIFE .. PLS REPLY
    thank u

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