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    my fil (forcedly....either we r parents dont like it ) rented my dh's house (back to india ) to my year back from tht time we rfacing many prob's even my parents my grandmother was bedriddened n died n my dad got some health probs..........even my husband is facing many problems like 1st he had some problems at job (some dirty politics),thn they blamed him (for one he has not done)and he lost his job,no job for 2 months n got job n lost again after 4 mnths and still sturglling he is very good person (he even take care of my parents like a son,take care of me like a mother very soft herated n soft spoken person) due to all this tensions he is lossing his confidence....

    i heard from many people tht my parents shd be in tht house it is not good for anyone even my parents tried many times but my fil dosent agree i dont know why?

    but my is question... is it not good for us tht our parents staying there....bcoz we r facing many problemsss pls help me by answering this plsssssss..

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