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Remedies For Nagadosham

Discussion in 'Religious places & Spiritual people' started by Happygirl6, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Dr. Rajan Sankaran , a leading Homeopath , Bombay , India describing few mental state of peoples who are suffering with fear and Dreams of Snakes in his research book ,This dreams will easily be cured in homeopathy as these are less common for people's who suffered in Jealousy. I will tell few example from his book for your understanding here, which will guide you to go to a HOMEOPATHY Doctor near by to you to solve your problems. Though , I can limit to a single example which closely suit you , but I want to help all other people's through this post to have the solution for their problems also , so forgive me for the inconvenience and putting you in the last and to go thro such a long reply .

    EXAMPLE -1
    The situation is that of a dark-skinned girl child in an Indian home. Her sisters are fairer than her. She tries hard to get fair-skinned, but knows she will never be fair- skinned. She is constantly being compared to her "better looking" sisters, and she soon begins to hate herself. People bring clothes only for her sisters. Nobody listens to her; she is just not clever enough - everything she says is stupid and foolish. She feels she is uncared for and neglected because her body looks bad. She starts feeling dirty, and washes herself frequently. People disturb her almost as if they were snakes and vermin ("Delusion snakes in and around her"). She starts lacking in confidence, becomes totally irresolute and believes that all that she says is a lie. She loathes life and goes into tremendous depression, and nothing can be done to make her feel better. She feels worthless and is disgusted with herself, thinks she matters little, feels unimportant, like an untouchable. She is sure she has an incurable disease and she will die. She wants to commit suicide and put an end to her suffering. She blames others for her condition and can get angry with them for treating her the way they do - she can develop hatred, and become revengeful. She feels she has been given a raw deal, and she becomes mean ("Writing meanness to her friends").
    Jurgen Becker tells me that a common expression amongst African-American blacks is "Mofo" (mother fucking son of a bitch) - surely a ----- expression. The feeling of a black person in the U.S. even today must be: "I am unlucky, I have been born with a black skin. I will try to perform, but I know that ultimately I will still be black". This is also a ------ situation.
    EXAMPLE -2

    The specific problem of ------ seems to be the problem of jealousy, or how to get the better of (be one-up on) a rival, especially in the situation of male-female relationships or in the sphere of sexual relationships. It is the situation of someone who has to compete against a person with better qualities, as for example a menopausal woman whose husband has a young girlfriend. She has the feeling of weakness within herself as she compares herself to her younger and more attractive rival. She feels that there are conspiracies against her and this makes her suspicious of people around her. Her survival depends on her being one-up on her rival, and she does this with clever, manipulative talk. With her loquacity, she is able to attract and retain the attention of the listener; she can be witty, sarcastic, loud, animated, vividly expressive, excited. She observes the listener, judging all the time his interest level, and at the correct moment unnoticed by the latter, she injects the venom that works in him after he has left her presence. Her talk can be clairvoyant, prophetic. She may tell of going into a trance or being under superhuman control, or she may relate spiritual experiences or religious theories, all this with enough doses of sexual suggestibility.
    She becomes so engrossed with the competition, so for the time being, she has to shut off from work ("Business, aversion to"). When her very best efforts to compete fail she may turn religious, spiritual, and may feel that death is near and that she should concentrate on spiritual things; she then starts meditating. Hence "Avoids company to indulge in her fancy."
    She can be interested in the beauty of nature, in amusement, and their speech can be magnetic. Advertising has a lot to do with -----, concerned as it is with jealousy and one-upmanship: it amuses, entertains and catches attention, pushing its own product up while cleverly pushing other products down, and quickly injects you with temptations for the product being advertised. A lot of the entertainment industry also has to do with the ----- theme and I have observed that ----- people often get into the advertising or entertainment industries.
    The main theme of ------ is show. The ideal situation that would best bring out this feeling for a ------ patient would be a beauty contest. She would try to beat the competition through any means.

    There is a feeling as if the person will be accepted only if he can perform at the time of crisis. There is a feeling of being neglected and despised if he does not perform at the time of crisis. I call them "Crisis Managers". They are troubleshooters of the highest degree and see their role as that, feeling very much neglected or isolated, and feeling failure if they can't perform in a crisis.
    It is a situation in which he himself has to struggle and nobody is going to help him; he is trying but not succeeding.
    This situation arose from being trapped alone in some circumstance, and trying desperately to find a way out. But by examining a little deeper we find the basis of all these fears. He has a tremendous sense of fault within, which he is trying to cover up and hence has several traits such as compulsion about time, about planning things, about doing things in a particular way and such as obsessions with fixed ideas that he cannot pass a certain place. So we see fixed ideas and fixed actions.
    It is important for him to keep control in a critical situation and find his way out of the problem. In whichever situation self-control is needed, he becomes highly nervous, as he lacks it.The expression they like to use often is: "There is no way out" or "I don't see the way out". Such situations could be:
    - Crowds.
    - Closed spaces.
    - Bridges.
    - Tunnels.
    - High places: e.g. buildings on fire.
    - Aeroplanes.
    - Any place where the exit is blocked.
    Another situation is the stage. The patients are anxious to go on stage but when persuaded, they feel isolated and trapped. They feel as if they are alone and the exit is blocked.
    The compensation is to see the way out all the time and to never enter a situation where the exit is not seen, for example going on journey only after booking the return ticket, sitting next to the door in a cinema theatre. They are especially particular about planning and confirm their appointments once or more before arriving, and usually arrive much before their appointed time. When they come in they sit as if ready to start running. They are quite hurried and impatient.
    He has also a lot to do with suspense. They either crave for suspense or they can't stand suspense and sometimes both. They like challenging jobs in order to overcome the fear.
    When they feel trapped they almost do suicidal, impulsive things. In physical terms it is like throwing yourself out of the window, but in psychological terms it means they will impulsively get out of the situation in which they feel trapped. For example in their business if they feel anxious or tense, they can impulsively and suddenly drop the whole thing and leave even though they may lose a lot.

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    Chant this Navanaaga stotram daily.

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