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reg Latent TB treatment for my son

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by priyaindusladie, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. priyaindusladie

    priyaindusladie Senior IL'ite

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    Hi all, My SON'S school asked for TB test for records sake and we undergone the TB test and the following was observed 1) No
    Symptoms 2) 4 yr old. 3) BCG vaccine given after birth 4) PPD Test positive and the doctor suggested it might be false positive because of BCG 5) Quantiferon gold test positive 6) chest x ray NEGATIVE. Now the doctor says my son Latent TB infection and need to undergo INH treatment for 9 months.
    Now my question is
    1) does anyone have the same experience
    2) the risk factors of the side effects of INHtreatment is more than the risk of getting active TB. IS THAT RIGHT?
    3) In India they consider only the chest xray and treated .do I have to make my son undergo a treatment with more adverse side effects for the disease which is 5 to 10 % chance of getting active?
    Plz do answer my questions. I'M going mad of this pol taking too much precautionary medication. Much worried about my son

  2. puni88

    puni88 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    I was in the same situation dear, I took that treatment.
    All you need to do is take medicine for 9 months.
    I am in my last month (what a relief)
    No harm in that, you need to take medicine, but need to do blood work every month to check liver profile.
    Once I got abnormal results and was tensed, but i was ok.
    Even my brother took this treatment (during his late 20s).
    My DH opposes strongly to these treatments, because its just a prevention treatment which leads to liver problem etc.

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