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Reasons For...

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by kveena, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Every family situation is different, but the above is a common theme in many cultures and countries.

    Sometimes, the eldest works harder than the younger ones, who waste money earned by him. Then when the Parents decide to hand over more to the younger one, the elder's wife may think it is unfair on them.
    Of course, it could be partly greed as well

    This is very common among Gulf based expats

    Typically the elder siblings (brother or sister) works sweat and blood to send money back home. While the younger siblings take it for granted, and once they themselves earn more, they don't help their parents the same way, yet parents are ok with it, and always blame the elder sibling while absolving the younger ones of blame.
    It's not about parental love, more about over-concern over younger ones

    Dimple Kapadia's line in Dabangg to Salman comes to mind
    "Just because a parent favors a weaker child does not mean she does not love the older child"
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