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Discussion in 'Coimbatore' started by Sangitta, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hiiii Everyone :)

    I would like to introduce myself. I am glad that i have joined IndusLadies today :). I am married and live in coimbatore. would like to have many frenz. Hope u guys will encourage me.
    The next thing is that i wanted to ask few questions and eagerly waiting for your replies.

    1.Which is the best hospital in coimbatore for delivery. Because i am 10 weeks preggo now :). Consulting witha ob & gyn but not at all satisfied.

    2.I am now 10 weeks pregnant. From the beginning i dint have any symptoms other than period like cramps and hunger. I dont have sore breast, i only think it has increased in size(i guess).My stomach is bloated. I feel full. I have some cramps on and off. Why am i hungry all the time??? Even if i take up a full meal i wanted to eat again after 2 hours. Is it normal to have no symptoms and still pregnant?? Some1 told me tat a baby will be healthy only if the mom have all the symptoms.
    3. I was having some white discharge a week ago. But now it had turned around to be clear egg white discharge. No smell, No bleeding but feeling all time wet. Have to run to toilet to see if i had blood. But By God's Grace nothing of that sought.

    Girls Pls help me. Thnks in advance.

    Pls help me.

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    hi sangeeta,

    all the best wishes for ur pregnancy.
    i may notto able give a answer for ur 1st question..
    dear ur just 10months pregnent ,heaviness and enlarge in breast size will be actually felt from nothing to worry. many may even get slight yellowish or white milky discharge from nipples during the time.its normal ur harmones and body is getting ready for motherhood.

    instead of having full meals at a time try to break ur 3times meal in to 5 or 6 times with different varities this will help the baby to get all nutrients and will prevent u from heavyweight .craving ang feeling of hungryness is common during pregnency.just try avoiding oily,fried and overspiced foods.

    50% of women do not even have common symptoms from pregnancy tillbabybirth so dont worry about the symptons and cravingness it differs fromperson to person.

    the white discharge which u said might be a cause of infection. mainly during pregnancy if u tend to have a open relation with ur partner try to clean ur personal areas with soapy hot water for preventing any infection. ur problem nay might be a cause of this too.
    try to get a medical checkup for preventing from furthur infections.

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