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Planning For Future/buying Land/flat/house/business

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by star90new, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. star90new

    star90new Bronze IL'ite

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    Hello ladies

    You have all helped me a lot during difficult phases in my life. Somehow I am emotionally week since last one year.

    Last day my husband said his mom asked him to make a house as all his relatives are asking. My husband is planning to buy a plot/flat /house . I am a housewife, we dont have kids yet. I used to work but dont have much savings. His mom offered a land they have for making a house.

    My husband said will buy a plot in both our names and after sometime said that his cousin bought in wifes name. He asked me if I want in my name alone , after that I am thinking if I should ask him ? In his family husbands buy the main house or plot in wifes name.

    Is there any complication if he buys in my name? Same case , even for business in his family its in wifes name even though wife is not involved at all. Is it safe to do that?
    Am I calling for trouble?

  2. yellowmango

    yellowmango IL Hall of Fame

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    Op.....some states have lower registration fees if the house/ plot is in the name of a woman.May be that could be the reason .

    Op,your husband seems like a more than reasonable guy. He is asking you for advice on this even through you both seem to have some troubles in life.

    The right thing to do after marriage is to invest in both names .....your and husband. This should hold good if you buy something too. So you could ask him to do so.

    If you feel financially insecure...you could ask him to do it in your name .

    Or you could let him decide if he wants in both names or one.

    Hope things work out with you two and the home you buy/ make truely becomes a happy home for both of you.


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