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Photos of deities

Discussion in 'Religious places & Spiritual people' started by vivbass, Feb 9, 2007.

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    santhanalakshmi with baby is fine.
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    hi chitra,

    Goddess Maha kali and anandavalli photos are very beautiful.

    I need one favour from you. could you please....I am daily chanting sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. i want Thirumiyachur Sri Lalithambigey photo. if you have, please send me i am very grateful to you. thanks


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    very nice to see the slogamof goddess anandavalli. saw a rare picture of sri theyagaraja. i think there is a temple of goddess anandavalli in gangaikondan in tirunelveli district.

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    Hi Suma,
    after seeing ur reply!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Thanks so much for the elaborate explanation ...:bowdown really felt very happy after reading it... you have just said the things which are done at my Inlaws place (Arya Vysyas)... thanks so much... do u follow the same :) ?).

    I had posted Goddess Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari's image, thinking that u may question details reg. Mother. I was trying to find out the details and would like to inform/share the same with u. U may or may not know? go thro. enjoy. The Mother's vigraham is amazing and marvellous. Lot of photos and details, will give one by one.

    Penugonda (Vasavi's Birth Place)

    Penugonda is the birth place of Goddess Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari .Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari Temple is situated in Penugonda ,a town in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.This Penugonda Kshetram is considered as the "Kasi of Vysyas" and is a holy place for vysyas.

    The Birth place of Vasavi Matha. The holy Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari temple which finds mention in various ancient religious texts. According to a legend, Vasavi Kanyaka Paratneswari was fambus for her beauty. The holy temple enshrining the august triple deities- Sri Nagareswaraswamy, Mother Kanyakaparameswari and Mahishasuramardini.

    The temple is built in strict accordance with vastu sastra and so possessing sturdy prakars, tall gopuras , spacious courtyards, several minishrines, vast garbagrihas, grand mukhamandapas etc. it faces east and a tall tower surmounting over the broad mahadwara beckons the visitors with its beautiful sculptural pieces adoring it from top to bottom and on all four sides too. In front of it lies a vast courtyard with several buildings housing the office room, choultry and quarters for the staff. In the second Prakara, there are many mandamus installed with adorable deities, like Vinayaka, Bali, Navagrahas, besides the exquisitely made colorful statues of Mother Kanyakaparameswari standing in fire -pit with parents by her side.

    The garbha griha of Nagareswaraswamy is quite spacious, and it is spick and span together with the elevated vedh for the lingam in the center is masterly planned and tastefully executed. The imposing ling installed on a broad, high pedestial adorned with colorful garlands and the triple lines studded with diamonds is so captivating that the devotees raise their hands in veneration the moment it gleams into their sight. And feel transported to Kailas for a while. Its size and sheen are its plus points. The other two garbha grihas frankling this housing Mahishasuramardhini and Vasavamba are grand, and the icons beautified with dazzling jewels and colorful outfit mesmerises the blessed ones. A single darshan leaves unforgettable impression on the minds of the devotees and beckons repeated visits on and on.
    The Nearest Airport is Vijiayavada, 130kms from Penugonda Town.

    It is 35 kms from Tadepalligudem station
    15 kms from Tanaku station
    15 kms from Balakollu station
    30 kms from Nidadavole station
    50 kms from Rajahmundry station

    Postal Address:
    Executive Officer
    Sri Vasavi Temple,
    Penugonda - 534 320
    West Godavari Dist., AndraPradesh
    Phone: (08819) 246083
    regarding ornaments we wear for kalasha? I want to inform that we go to so many temples and do abhishekam, or witness the same, after all the abhishekam they do swarnabhishekam, that is before final alankaram, they collect jewels from all the devotees and clean the same in water, and place on the deities accordingly, they decorate on what they have recd. and do one aarthi. after this they will return the jewels and we use to feel as if we were really blessed personally by GOD. we cannot go and touch the main deity, but our jewels are blessed I think.

    This is done before final alankaram. hope u know this. when we can give our jewels to the main god, what is wrong in using the same at home. u clean the jewels before alangaram. they will not take any jewels with leather content. this I know because my husband has the habit of giving the car keys in most of the temples we go, they used to insist him to remove the leather content of the key chain before the same is kept before the deity.

    back to Mother Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari, see the photos and deities vigraham, real beauty! will give u the strotras etc., one by one. enjoy, reply, pray!

    best wishes! chitra.g

    If anyone says that do not use personal jewels ask them this question what I have mentioned above. some people know to only to instruct or question, hardly they know the reply. focus on devotion and prayers than all these ?

    regarding silver materials, u can get in c.krishnaiah chetty in commercial street, or u have plenty of shops in and around commercial street. I had given the link of giri trading who are in malleswaram, they specialise in all these. hope u have the link, or else will send again. u can get the same in jayanagar, basavangudi, jp nagar, ulsoor, shivajinagar etc.,


    regarding changing of face for kumbha, I have only one face for kumbha, only the alankaram u can change every three days according to durga, laksmi and saraswathi.
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    Seen todays post and photos.
    Clear the doubt too.
    At Chennai all the silveritems you have mentioned are availble. Hereafter guys will make use of it after reading your post.
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    I go to this with the family and do abhishekam and spend half a day every year. amazing amman. I am enclosing the photos. If u want to go I can give gurukkal's phone number. u can refer my husbands name, book for the pooja if u want and enjoy ur sojourn. we go as a group of ten to twelve every year and we sit in front of the wonderful deity, we buy saree along with pooja/abhishekam items with lot of flowers and maalai to all the deities. we buy more gingely oil for all lamps and give the same. they (see the lamps surrounding the deity) pour oil to all the lamps (no bulbs) at the time of aarthi. wonderful sight to watch. all recite Lalitha sahasranamam. U should see the archakar reciting sahasranamam (no books), only those who go and see will cherish and enjoy the atmosphere. one should go to this place at least once. they will get addicted. they can see MOTHERS imminent prescence. Imagine two and half hours in front of Mother without any disturbance. very rare?

    go through this link for details of this temple?

    TiMaS - The 3rd Perspective: Thirumeeyachur - Lalithambigai (Re Visited Blog)

    In the same trip we explore more places every year. will post later?

    I am glad to share the photos. U r at liberty, so ask gleefully?

    at Mothers feet/chitra.g/best wishes!

    sri viswanatha samedha Lalithambigai is not thirumeeyachur, I have this photo , hence uploaded, real beauty? photo number five.

    pdf contains mothers image open and see?
    Adi Sankaracharya's
    Lalita Pancha Ratnam
    [Five Gems on Lalita]

    Pratha smarami Lalitha vadanaravindam,
    Bimbadaram pradhula maukthika shobhi nasam,
    Aakarna deerga nayanam mani kundaladyam,
    Mandasmitham mruga madojjwala phala desam. 1

    I meditate in the morning,
    On the lotus face of Lalitha,
    Who has deep red lips,
    Who has nose shining like a pearl,
    Who has very long eyes which extend to the ears,
    Who has ear drops made of very precious gems,
    Who has a very sober pleasant smile,
    And who has a very pretty shining forehead.

    Prathar Bhajami Lalitha Bhuja kalpa vallim,
    Rathnanguleeya lasathanguli pallavadyam,
    Manikhya hema valayangadha Shobha maanam,
    Pundreshu Chapa kusumeshu sruneen dadhanam. 2

    I salute in the morning,
    That Lalitha whose hand ,
    Is like a wish giving climbing plant,
    Who wears shining gem studded rings,
    Who wears golden bangles with precious stones,
    Who holds a bow of flowers,
    And who has the goad in her hands.

    Prathar namami lalitha charanaravindam,
    Bhakteshta dana niratham bhava sindhu potham,
    Padmasanadhi sura nayaka poojaneeyam,
    Padmangusa dwaja sudarsana lanchanadyam. 3

    I worship in the morning,
    The lotus like feet of Lalitha,
    Which blesses her devotees with their wishes,
    Which is a boat which helps them cross this life,
    And who is worshipped by leaders of devas.
    Sitting in the lotus posture,
    And who holds lotus , goad, and flag
    And the wheel in her hands.

    Pratha sthuthave parasivaam lalithaam bhvaneem,
    Trayyanha vedhya vibhavam karunanan vadhyam,
    Viswasya srushti vilaya sthithi hethu bhootham,
    Visweswareem nigama vang mana sathi dhooram. 4

    I pray in the morning, that Lalitha
    Who is the power behind Shiva,
    Who is the Goddess who is the slayer of arrogance,
    Who is described and known by Vedas and Upanishads,
    Who is the pure and auspicious form of mercy,
    Who is the cause of creation , upkeep and destruction,
    Who is the Lord of the universe,
    And who is beyond the reach of mind and words.

    Prathar vadami lalithe thava punya nama,
    Kameswarethi, kamalethi Maheswareethi,
    Sri shambhaveethi jagatham janani parethi,
    Vag deva thethi vachasa tripureswareethi. 5

    I repeat in the morning your holy names, Lalitha,
    As the goddess of passion and love,
    As one who sits on the lotus,
    As one who is the greatest goddess,
    As the consort of Lord Shiva,
    As one who is he mother of the world,
    As the goddess of words and language,
    And as the one who is the goddess of the three cities.

    Ya sloka panchakam idham, Lalithambikya,
    Soubhagyuam, sulalitham patathi prabhathe,
    Thasmai dadathi lalitha jadithi prasanna,
    Vidhyaam sriyam vimala soukha manantha keerthim.

    He who reads these five stanzas,
    In the morning , extolling the mother Lalitha,.
    Who is easy to please
    Would get luck, knowledge riches, endless fame
    By the grace of Goddess Lalitha.

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    Hello Chitraji... I have become really speechless :bowdown thanks so much for ur info...

    I actually i wanted to ask regarding the Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari Devi...later i thought .. already i have asked so many...so let me take a break for a while :hide: ... u just answered the question which was in my mind... thanks a lot.

    Actually we shop in jayanagar... i did not find the things at jayanagar itself ...so shall inform them to try at commercial street...thanks so much. I have that link which u had given me earlier...but did not get much details about all the items.. shall check even there.

    Now am very clear about the Navarathri puja...so only the alankaram is changed every 3 days (not the water/rice & coconut....right? :) we can also change beetle leaves/mango leaves kept in it or not?)...i got it... still i have lots of questions about other festivals and pujas...shall ask one by one...please bear with me.

    Regarding the jewellery what you have said is true even myself have given jewellery at temples ... still somebody says something.... i feel hesitated. bonk

    The statue pictures of devi are really good ones.

    I shall wait for vasavi Kannika Parameshwari Devi storas, pujas & other details too. Thanks so much. :bowdown
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    Anandavalli, yes, lot of information and temples both in shivite and vaishnavites. she is in all places. U r correct, there is a place of anandavalli temple near kanyakumar -kalkulam.
    now Padmanabapuram.

    According to the Historian Shankunni Menon, this city was created by Parasuram, and the earliest name given to this place was Sree Varthamanapuram. In fact, this place became Kalkulam later. In 1744 A.D., the king Marthanda Varma made Kalkulam the capital of his Kingdom and renamed as Padmanabapuram.

    There is a fort around Padmanabapuram which contain several temples including the famous temple of Ramaswamy. The seventh Temple, dedicated to Lord Neelakanda, is constructed after the style of Temples in Tamil Nadu. Probably, this is the only temple built after such a fashion.

    There are separate sanctorum for the main deitys in front of the sanctorum of Devi is known as Anandavalli Amman, in the same appearance of Madurai Meenakshi Amman. In the sanctorium for the Amman , the statue of Thirumalai Nayaker is carved.

    According to the stone carvings, the main deity is known as Kalkulam Mahadever. There is a holy pond near the Temple with Mandapas. In the Ramaswamy Temple here, the story of Ramayana is sculptured in 145 Panels.

    This is a fine illustration of Ramayana story in wood. In the 19th century, the Poet Neelakanda Sivam lived in Padmanabapuram and wrote 2000 Keerthanas in Tamil.

    How Thanjavur got its name?

    Located at a distance of around 300 km south of Chennai, Tanjavur houses the UNESCO Certified Heritage site - the Brihadisvara temple. Thanjavur was the royal capital of the Cholas, Nayaks and Marathas. Thanjavur takes its name from the demon Tanjan. According to legend, Tanjan ran amok in the city and was finally killed by Sri Anandavalli Amman and Sri Neelamegapperumal. Tanjan’s last wish was the city to be named after him and it was granted.
    UthiraMerur Sundara Varadar

    Vaikunta Varadar provided darshan to DharmaRaja
    Sundara Varadar - to Bheema
    Achuta Varadar - to Arjuna
    Aniruddha Varadar provided darshan to Nakula
    Kalyana Varadar provided darshan to Sahadeva

    Also, it is believed that Goddess Ananda Valli provided darshan to Draupadi.

    Temple, Travel and Sport: UthiraMerur Sundara Varadar

    Arulmigu Thirukaleeswarar Alayam - Thirukandalam (thirukallil)


    interesting temples, go thro. and reply?

    best wishes/chitra.g

    since she is connected with Meenakshi, see the beauty of Meenakshi on Rishabha vahanam.

    more later? see siva as well as vishnu?

    Last :- U r the only person written about saint Thyagarajar!,, what a person he is, yes IS! My husband's great grand father was his sishya and we have the privilege of Having the idol of Ramar, Seetha, Lakshmana with Hanuman given by the great Saint. It is in our family from 200 years. we cherish this and pray a lot to him. the same idol is in the samadhi of the saint.
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    I have information for more than 20 days. U want to know? some amazing photos?

  10. gowthamanappu

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    Suprabatham - Vasavi KanyakaParameshwari

    v Shri rasya vakshasi, mukhaburu heshu vani.
    yasyasthi, yasya girirajasuthardehe.
    kshemaythe, tripurasha jagatham vinidra.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Paurandari kakubiyam paripurna garbha.
    suryasutham prasavithum bahulashramena.
    hunkarineem kalanadhamushath dwijhale.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Shri vaala kilya mukhamantra jalodgathasu.
    mandeha daithyagana shothipankaleva.
    prachi samullasathi charunarekhabhi.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Mandaneela surabhila sthanu masprushamtho.
    dasa e vanthika mupethya subhodayanthi.
    shruyantha eva krukavakuni shantharava:
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Godavariparamapavani vari pure.
    snathascharan thatasamudramavatikasu.
    sampadya gandha mitha ethe samirabala:
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v sthrynancha paunsna mapi vinamra gathram.
    thvath sthothrajamukharam suchivastradhari.
    dwarasthitham sumapalanchitha pathrapani.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v shri gandha kumkuma sugandhisumani choornam.
    Haridhra muthamaphalani suvarna pathre.
    nikshapya pujayathu michathi baktha varga.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Mathasthvaya thanujaya kusumaryanama.
    shresti sadarathanaya charithardajanma.
    Yeshamtva marchyakaranakruthinascha thearya:
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Kinthe pitha himagiri:, kusumaryavayo.
    Brathrabdhimitra machalassa virupadrugva:
    sadhubhayam thvadavthara yugeva bakthan.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Nindham svabarthu rasahistu raparakopath.
    Dakshe sathi nijathanum visasarja vahnau.
    rajanayath thva mapi, va meeda masthi samyam.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Shrestachalam thva maavruno arhi mavantha madho.
    Jyestachalam vruthavathi punarudhbhavaya.
    prithi svajanmasadane mahathi vadhunam
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Andhrapradeshe vinutham penugondanamna.
    Khyatham purim gunavathirathna malanachakardha.
    Ithyandhradeshavanija mathivelaharsha:
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Shri vishnuvardhana Sthvaya dushtabhava.
    Thva dhupathivradahne shalabhayathobuth.
    konaythi dhukha mapachara kruduthamanam.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Ethath thvadiya-charitham bhuvi barathiya.
    soushilyadrushti mahila janagarvahethu.
    shilanvithethi Khalu sarvajanaysthva marcha:
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v sithavasistavanitha trimaharshi bharya.
    Mukhya sthriya: kathicha nangulimathraganya:
    shilena santhathi thanuthonacha thadrushithvam.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Adho gurou peethari daythyasutha stath sthvam.
    sheele, anyadsya dalane parabudhagandhi:
    satyagraha sthrakuthin: paramathva mesham.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Thva mamavanthi kathichith surasourabheyam.
    chinthamanim kathipaye amarabhujamanye.
    kovarnayeth bhavadudharagunam sushile.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v mathasthva vollasathi naamsahasra marye.
    thva divya vaibhava katha kushlarinibadham.
    durgadi tathra cha chathurdashakam sudhiptham.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v dhukath samudharasi bakthajanam sthathastvam.
    durga dadasi khalu badramathosi badhra.
    akarshnadgunagane rasi devi krishna.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v namnanamna jayasi najabaktha jayapradhatvath.
    vidya pradhanagunathosi cha sharadha thvam.
    mathayva raksh-asi jana nithi chambikasi.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Narayani thva masi chapicha vaishnavithvam.
    Samadhi cha kumudha cha hari priyathvath.
    mayasi mohanakrudakruthi sanniveshath.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Eshanikasi sujanan yath eshishe thvam.
    chandi cha dhurna yavaregha visheshakopath.
    kanyasi deepthi vashatha: paripala yasman.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v kechith nrusimha mupare vrushashaylanadham.
    kameshvarim kathipayekuladayva marchan.
    vysyasvayoarchthitharam kula devatha thvam.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v vanijya vruthi samaparjitha bhagyalakshmya.
    sadhan dharmaparivardhitha hrudhyakeerthya.
    bhathyarya vansha ithi yethav suprasadha:
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v bhukthincha mukthi mapi dhathu mathiva shakthyam.
    thvatpadamula mithi vishvapatham shrithanam.
    kamam prapoorya dayam kuru pahi bakthan.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v thvam kanyaka pravayasa mapi chasi manya.
    thvam tathsumaryatanujayapicha lokamatha.
    hothri thano rapi shiki, nyakhileshtadathri.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Bakthasthva-dhangri jalaje kathichith-bhavathya.
    devalyan vyarachayan vividha scha seva:
    pabodhikim nuthi maham pradhade gruhana.
    shri kanyakamba! varadhe thava suprabatham.

    v Matha rva santhathilokjwala hrudyapadye:
    shri pallepurna kavishisyagane varena.
    kotishvarena guruharsha kruthishvarena.
    githam prayachathu shubam thava suprabatham.

    v vina kanyakambam gathirno gathirno.
    sadha kanyakambam smarami smarami.
    aye kanyakambam, prasidha prasidha.
    priyam kanyakamba! prayacha prayacha.

    v Aye vasavikanyake! chithhamethath.
    thvadiyanghri padme dvi rephayatham me.
    bhayam varayanthi, jayam sadhayanthi.
    shriyam yacha mahyam namsthe namsthe.

    more to come/chita.g - Have u seen diamond saree?

    Courtesy-Mohan Singam Chetty
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