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one share for talent...

Discussion in 'News & Politics' started by g3sudha, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. g3sudha

    g3sudha IL Hall of Fame

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    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Sreelakshmi Suresh :)

    she started using computers at the age of 4. She began designing websites by the age of 6. Suresh designed her school's website, which was inaugurated by Forest Minister Binoy Viswam on January 15, 2007. She was honoured by the American Association of Webmasters and awarded their highest award for web designing, the Gold Web Award... :) :)

    Sreelakshmi Suresh (born 1998) is a student of Presentation High Secondary School in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She has been noted as one of the youngest award winning web designers in the world. The Association of American Webmasters, who made her a member of the society , claims that she is their youngest member and their only member under 18 years of age..

    Awards achieved by her till date are as follows

    Global Internet Directories Gold Award (USA)
    American Association of Webmasters Merit Award
    American Association of Webmasters Membership
    Art Space's World Web Award of Excellence 2006-07 (USA)
    Webmasters Ink Web Award (USA)
    Golden Web Award (USA)
    AIHC Platinum Award (USA)
    WM8C Stamp of Excellence Award (USA)
    Majon Web Select Seal of Excellence Award (USA)
    Sixty Plus Education Award of Excellence (Canada)
    Penmarric Bronze Award (Canada)
    Feeblemind's Award of Excellence (UK)
    La Luna Niche Best of the Web Award (UK)
    Poetic Soul Award (Brazil)
    Planeta Foto Silver Award (Brazil)
    37th Texa's Web Award (USA)
    Moms Global Award for inspirational Website 2006-07 (UK)
    The Webuilders TS Gold Award (UK)
    Stormkeeper Award of Excellence (UK)
    Alloha Award for Excellent Website (Hawaii)
    Thomas Sims Greves Award of Excellence (UK)
    ProFish-N-Sea Charters World Class Website Award (Brazil)
    Wadeshi Science Movement Excellence Award 2007 (India)
    Thapasya Excellence Award 2007 (India)
    Lions Clubs Big Achiever Award 2007 (India)
    VARNAM 2007 Puraskaaram (India)
    Lions Clubs Big Achiever Award 2008 (India)
    National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2008
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  2. blessbabydust

    blessbabydust IL Hall of Fame

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    My heartiest wishes to her and prayers for her growth .. hope she do wonders for india not foreign land
  3. vichuchachu

    vichuchachu Senior IL'ite

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    Great to see such persons achieving great heights in tender ages.
    My best wishes to her, and also wish her to continue her journey.
    God bless Sreelakshmi Suresh.
    Thank u sudha for sharing.

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