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Oiling Your Scalp The Right Way

Discussion in 'Hair Care & Hair Styles' started by kveena, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. kveena

    kveena Finest Post Winner

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    Just like we water a plant at its roots,It’s important to nourish the hair roots through good diet,exercise and oiling! Often it is recommended to let the oil soak in overnight.

    Here are a few methods to oil your scalp the right way

    1. Pour the required amount of hair oil of your choice into a small bowl and place it in a container of hot water.Use a comb to create parting and when the oil becomes luke warm dip a cotton ball into the oil and and dab into each parting.Give a gentle massage with your finger tips and comb to distribute the oil evenly.Here's a video that demonstrates the same.

    2. Siro Abyangam Pour very carefully small amounts of luke warmed oil onto your head.Gently massage the oil into your scalp using your finger tips for at least 10 minutes to reach all areas and comb. Here's a video that demonstrates the same.

    3. Fill an amber glass spray bottle with a hair oil of your choice.Warm the oil by placing the bottle in a bowl of boiling water, remove when the oil becomes luke warm.Use a comb to create parting and spray the oil into each parting (just like you water a plant at its roots), give a gentle massage with your finger tips and comb.

    4. Use a comb to create parting.Apply the warm oil directly onto your scalp using a squeezable bottle into each parting,give a gentle massage and then comb to make sure the oil reaches every strand of hair.

    Note - For best results in any method,after an oil application give your scalp a hot towel treatment before applying a hair pack or washing!
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  2. GeetaKashyap

    GeetaKashyap IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks for the good tips, @kveena.
  3. sophiajohnson

    sophiajohnson New IL'ite

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    oiling hair regularly has lost of benefits like

    -It Prevents Dandruff
    -Hydrates hair making them long and strong
    -Give you shiny hair

    You can use different hair oils with their unique properties and benefits to have luscious, long and strong hair

    - Argan oil
    -Almond oil
    - Jojoba Oil
    - Olive Oil
    - Rosemary Oil

    you can also read about rosemary oil to know more about its benefits for skin and hair

    Hello, Healthy Hair & Skin: Everything You Need To Know About Rosemary Oil Benefits!

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