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Nihar Weds Niharika

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by pranavi1987, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    Thanks Peddadas, not Nihar, I am shathabdhi express, thought to finish this story by 20 episodes, Dont want to drag it, so moving fast
  2. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    EPISODE 17

    Nihar asked what she wants to eat?

    she saw the menu and felt food to be completely different from her place, she saw the surroundings and she found everything new.

    Waiter served food, Niharika found it very difficult to eat, but Nihar seems to be very comfortable in eating.

    Sir, Do you like food here? she asked

    I don’t have any food restrictions Niharika, I eat everything and I cook every thing.

    Don’t you like it? he asked

    She got astonished, Do you cook?

    why not? If I want to eat something, I have to cook it, he said.

    Do boys cook? she asked

    Is hunger different for boys and girls? he questioned.

    she asked same question to that Nihar once

    “What is that stupid question Niharika? why will boys cook?”, girls has to cook and boys has to eat was his answer.

    What are you thinking always Niharika?

    Nothing sir, she said

    I think you don’t like me at all, he said

    She got surprised and looked like why?

    I told you many times not to call sir, but still you keep calling me sir, Do I look like monster boss to you?

    Niharika laughed loud the way he asked the question.

    They ate food and started walking back to their room.

    Niharika started, sir calling you Nihar, that name reminds me that monster sir, I am sorry you told me many times, but I will try from now.


    she looked at his eyes and they are so pleasant, they both came to backside of the restaurant and sat in the garden.

    Niharika narrated every thing to him, what happened earlier in her life, her engagement with Nihar, broke up, she felt a bit relaxed and relieved.

    She looked at him after she completed telling every thing.

    she could see love in his eyes and he almost controlled his laugh and said “ I thought you had big history in Nihar’s name, Is it this?”

    All Nihar’s are not that bad Niharika, he said with smile.

    Niharika also smiled.

    Good thing happened to you, you missed that marriage and escaped from that suffering, else I would have missed this angel.

    Niharika felt shy with his words, these days he is opening up a lot, she felt like he read her eyes and what is in her heart.

    Else, how can he tell exactly what she is thinking?

    Can I ask you some thing sir, sorry Nihar?, she called him for first time and felt so different.

    OMG , you made my day finally he said, I can never forget today madam, he folded his hands.

    stop teasing me , answer my question first

    yes , mam he said.

    Do you have any love stories in past, like job, college?

    Do you think all Nihar’s job is to love someone and try to get married to someone?

    Stop teasing me and answer this question

    No, I don’t have any past love stories, I was too busy in college and then job, so I didn’t had any time to fall in love.

    Then in school? she asked

    what?? he asked in surprise

    Any love stories in school? she asked again

    if it is in school, then you don’t call it love, you call it crush, he said.

    Yes, some thing, Did you had any?

    I had a secret crush in childhood.

    what? she asked with interest ?

    Yes, it was silent crush, I didn’t realize she was my crush , I had realized it very late.

    Then what happened?

    one day I have received her wedding card.

    Both laughed, Is she only crush? She asked with little jealous.

    Nothing more than that, what will we know in that age?

    what about her?

    I don’t think she even has that on me.

    Niharika felt relaxed, he is so open and free, she never felt him as her boss, she always feels him as her best friend.

    Nihar, I don’t know why, I always feel, I know you forever and we met earlier?

    yes we met, he said

    when ?may be in our last birth.

    Both laughed and they went back to their room

    Niharika called her grandma and told that she is in Mumbai.

    Grandma felt happy and ask her to visit.

    Niharika told , she will try and she said, grandma I want you to tell about Nihar.

    who your boss? she asked

    yes, Niharika already told her grandma about Nihar earlier over phone, she is very close with her and never hides any thing from her.

    Tell me dear, what happened ?asked grandma with concern in her voice.

    I think I love him grandma.

    what? asked grandma in surprise voice.

    Niharika, are you sure? this is your life, you should think a lot before deciding, already we were about to take a wrong step, God saved us.

    I hope you are not deciding your life by quick decisions, based on your past.

    No, grandma, I really loved him, if I am meeting you, I will bring him also, you can see and judge him.

    What I know Niha? I am from old generation.

    They both spoke for some time and hung the phone.

    Niharika felt relaxed after she told grandma, she is sure Nihar loves her, every gesture of him, the way he talks, she feels like prince charming is knocking the door.

    She never felt Nihar as her boss from the first day she saw him, she feels him as her own, she know him for ever, she doesn’t know why? May be because he is born for her, she thought this many times, but her heart couldn’t give her answer.

    Next two days are busy in meetings.

    All the presentations went well and the business partners are happy, Niharika is disappointed she had to leave in that evening flight at 8 PM and she didn’t get chance to meet grandma.

    While returning from the meeting, Nihar asked Do you want to do some shopping Niharika this evening?

    No Nihar, we are running out of time for flight, you know what I very slow in shopping, if I start shopping today, we have to catch Sunday evening flight only.

    Yes, you can shop till Sunday evening and catch that flight only.

    what? she asked

    Yes, our tickets are postponed

    why? she asked in surprise

    You said you want to visit your grandma, so I have postponed our tickets.

    You didn’t tell me Nihar, Her joys is no bounds, she felt like hugging Nihar but resister herself.

    Because I want to surprise you and see happiness in your eyes.

    This makes you happy? Isnt it?

    she remembered telling Jyothi once about prince charming, he should know what makes me happy?

    Tell me what makes me sad?

    Nihar name, he said

    she couldn’t control her laugh and said you are wrong

    you should tell “That Nihar name, not this Nihar name”.

    What is this Niharika, that Nihar and this Nihar? forget that Nihar and you only know this Nihar, who always makes you happy.

    Are you my boss? she asked

    Don’t you feel like that? he questioned?

    No, she shrugged

    Okay, then forget that I am your boss and think as your friend.

    what? she widened her eyes in surprise and happiness.

    why? you don’t want to think like that.

    Then, think as your…he paused

    she didn’t answer, her heart is jumping with joy………
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  3. creativemumma

    creativemumma Gold IL'ite

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    Nihar seems too good to be true:) Unfortunately these characters exist only in stories..flawless
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  4. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    Nihar is truly charming..I would work on all weekends if I have such a boss :hearteyes: waiting for grandma's verdict on nihar
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  5. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    Thank you creativemumma, yes you are correct, if such people exists in the world, then it will be beautiful, unfortunately reality is not in our control, fantasies are , so let us create beautiful characters by ourself:banana::cheer::cheer:
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  6. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    Thank you black beauty, glad you liked Nihar
  7. Rith

    Rith IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Pranavi,
    It is so nice to read your story. it flows like a soothing river. your narration is natural and interesting. I like Nihar the boss and the positive energy Niharika is abstracting from him. feeling happy for Niharika. A much needed medicine for her wounded heart.
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  8. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    Thank you Rith
  9. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    EPISODE 18

    Niharika got dressed in white next day, she is getting ready to go to Ganga’s house to visit her grandmom.

    Nihar is waiting downstairs for her and when he saw her, she is looking like a princess.

    so, Niharika, give me the address of your aunt’s house ,he asked.

    How are we going there? are we taking train? she asked

    No, we will go in our office car, he said.

    looks like it is far, she said.

    It might take around 1 and half hour.

    Thank you Nihar, she said after getting into car.

    why? he asked with a smile

    For taking me to grandmom, taking so much pain to drive there.

    It is all for you Niharika, if you are happy then I am happy. I want to see you happy always, he said.

    she felt shy and noticed a spark in his eyes, when he said that.

    Nihar, you are the best thing happened to me. I cant even imagine, what would have happened to me, If I hadn’t met you.

    Thank God, atlast you have realized, he said with a smile.


    All Nihar’s are not that bad Niharika, there are some good Nihar’s too, and I am one among them.

    Niharika laughed and said, I have realized it very late, why didn’t you come into my life earlier?

    What would have you done? If I had come in your life earlier?

    I wouldn’t have allowed that Nihar to enter my life at all, she said looking outside the window, her heart started beating fast, when she said that.

    Words slipped from her mouth, she couldn’t control her emotions.

    Niharika fell in love with him, she is enjoying his company, and she is feeling herself every moment, when she is with him.

    Nihar knows what makes her happy? what makes her sad? what she likes? and what she doesn’t like?

    He is her prince charming.

    Nihar is silent , after she said that words for a minute and Niharika turned towards him and their eyes met and she could sense intense love in his eyes.

    He replied “ It is not too late Niharika”, hope I have entered at right time.

    Niharika felt happy.

    He then asked , “Will you marry me?”

    Niharika almost jumped with joy, with his question,he didn’t even say, “I love you”, he directly asked , will you marry me?”

    He continued, I don’t know Niharika, when I saw you for the first time, at my office, that’s the moment I fell in love with you, I have always found you special, close to my heart, I don’t know the reason and I even feel like every thing is a dream.

    Niharika heart starting beating fast, her joy is no bounds, she is very happy and enjoying this moment, she want this moment to stop there.

    she loves Nihar, but at same time she is scared too.

    It is not easy to convince everyone, Nihar looks like, he comes from a royal family, In her family, she can atleast convince her father, her dad might agree with it based on their past experience.

    What about his family?

    Did he really propose me or Joking?

    What happened Niharika? It is not joke? I am serious he said.

    It will not be easy Nihar, she said.

    First you tell me, Do you like me or not?

    Niharika couldn’t answer, she loves him a lot, but she has lot of questions running in her mind.

    Take time to think Niharika, Don’t hestitate to tell me, even if you don’t like me, Don’t worry I will not fire you.

    He smiled.

    He has magic in him, his smile makes her mad, his charm, his behavior, what not, Niharika is totally in love with him.

    Before she could answer, I think we have arrived to destination, he said.

    so fast.. she said, time flew for her.

    She got down the car and Nihar asked, when do you want me to come and pickup?

    Nihar, wait, where are you going?

    I will go for a drive or go back to hotel , come in the evening to pick you up? Is that okay? he asked

    No, she said in disappointment, she thought to introduce Nihar to grandma.

    Why don’t you come with me?

    What will I do in your Aunt’s house? It is a family meeting.

    It will be useful for you in future, she said.

    What? he asked

    she smiled.

    He understood, what she meant and smiled.

    Come fast, she said.

    But Niharika……….

    Nothing come, she almost ordered.

    You are ordering strict boss of your bank.

    We are out of office now Nihar sir, you are no longer my boss, you told this many times to me.

    So, Inside I am your boss, out side you are my boss that means you have already agreed for my proposal? Is’nt it?

    Niharika felt shy and asked come, she verified the address and door number matched.

    She opened the gate of the house, she felt like she came into a garden and there is a lot of greenery in front yard, the walk way is very beautiful, they laid the path of roses on both sides. It looked like a mini garden, there is a small relax area with chairs.

    Grandma showed her once in video call, she sits and relaxes there in the evening, cool breeze is flowing there and smell of flowers in the garden, with Nihar on her side made her some unknown happiness in heart.

    She is feeling mesmerized

    She saw Nihar, he is looking calm and composed.

    There are four stairs and house is in high elevation,she slowly got into stairs and rang the bell, she could hear the calling bell sound as temple bells.

    In a minute, door opened, Ganga opened the door and looked into Niharika in surprise and asked, Niharika….?

    Yes, Aunty, she smiled and invited in.

    Niharika suddenly saw Nihar and he is feeling uncomfortable.

    What happened? feel free to come in said Ganga.

    Aunty, with me my boss also has come, she said.

    Oh is it and said, please ask him to come in, she said.

    Nihar is feeling inconvenient and Niharika understood, they both went inside and Ganga showed place to sit.

    Nihar sat and Niharika went and sat beside him, Ganga looked surprised and kept her face in little discomfort, Niharika observed that and moved , sat little far to him.

    Niharika understood, she come from a very conservative family and for her family members, this is all not acceptable.

    Her mind is on her grandma.

    Ganga went inside and Niharika observed the home, it is very spacious and they have lot of indoor plants and interiors’ are milk white.

    They have mirrors at many places and the architecture is very nice.

    Niharika felt like calling grandmom, she could feel the pleasant smell in house, over all she felt house to very pleasant, she felt that she entered a temple.

    She looked at Nihar, he is feeling very uncomfortable, Niharika also felt bad that Ganga aunty didn’t wish him also properly.

    Ganga came outside with two glasses of water, she gave silver glass to Niharika and ceramic glass to Nihar.

    Niha remembered her grandma traditions too, she fought a lot with grandma many times, why do you give water in ceramic glasses to guests?

    She says, they don’t belong to our family, how can we give in our glasses?

    Niharika got angry, may be this Ganga aunty also daughter of her grandma sister, so she could have learnt from them.

    Ganga sat before them and said, Niharika your grandma is in Pooja, she will be coming, I told her you are here.

    Niharika smiled and said “ Your house is very beautiful aunty”.

    She didn’t understand what to talk with Ganga aunty, and she really liked her house and ofcourse didn’t like aunty, because she gave water to Nihar in ceramic tumbler, she felt that aunty is proud, but what ever they are helping their family now, taking care of grandma. so, she should be thankful she thought.

    Nihar didn’t seemed to be bothered with it, he drank and took a magazine there and started looked into it.

    My bad, I wouldn’t have asked him to come here, I thought to introduce to grandma, else I would never have asked him to come here she thought to herself.

    Niha… how are you? came grandma in excitement.

    grandma , Niha ran and hugged her, how are you?

    I am good dear, how are you? I thought you will leave without coming here, I am happy that your flight is postponed.

    sit, she said and saw Nihar.

    Niharika introduced Grandma and Nihar to each other

    Grand ma understood , who he is, as Niharika already told her………………
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  10. creativemumma

    creativemumma Gold IL'ite

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    Would like to hear grandma's verdict on Nihar

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