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Need Apartment Suggestions in Alpharetta

Discussion in 'Indians in Georgia' started by cchitu14, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. aarthizone

    aarthizone Silver IL'ite

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    Hi I have 3rd grader son and 3and 1/2yrs old daughter. I had been there in California bay area for around 4 yrs till 2014. then moved to Las Vegas . compared to sfo I don't like Vegas as less amount of Indians here and my kids don't have chance to interact with people. we have another choice of moving to Atlanta . So ladies can you suggest me 1.whether Atlanta is the place which is similar to SFO (where I don't feel missing SFO)?
    2.If it so what are all the areas where more indians are there?
    3.what's the approx. rent of 2bed decent apartmemt which is near to elementary school?
    4.if suppose to own the house what's is the price range of 3&4 bed house in a decent,good school ratings area?
    5. which elementary school is preferable both in ratings and more indian kids ? (im looking for schools in alpharetta city )

    Friends who have experiences in my above doubts Can you please drop your your valuable information/suggestions here? your information will give me to take a good decision about my moving ..
    Thanks in advance

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