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need advice

Discussion in 'Infants' started by piano, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. piano

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    I need all your advice.I have a baby girl who is 5 weeks old.She is born 35 weeks.We live in sydney and my husband had been given a project in India and we need to go back and settle in india.We are planning to travel when our baby is 3 month old.I need your advice on

    Is it safe to travel when she is 3 month old

    i had c section so is it safe for me travel

    we are giving her 6 week vaccine in sydney and what to know if all vaccines from 4th month is available in india
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  2. anurachana

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    first of all congrats!! seeing your situation i would advice you not to travel to India till your baby is 6 months old although its totally up to you and your hubby's view. I had my baby girl born at 31 weeks and now she is 1 year. she was born in singapore and when I asked her Dr. about taking her to india then she told me that she is too young to travel at 3 months of age as babies born premature have less immunity power and grow up slow till2 years of age.i think in india its very difficult also to maintain that hygiene level which we have here and vaccine schedules are also different in different countries. so i decided to first finish my baby's vaccines that go every month till 6 months of age then i went to india but still she caught cold and cough which later led to bronchitis.at that time i was there for 2 months(sep-oct).
    so i dont think its a good risk to take with so small baby.

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