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My Granma"s Pongal Recipe Is Yours Too !

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Chokkanayaki, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Well known facts I do reiterate ,
    over a cup of filter coffee as I taste ,
    the first sip of the finest blend ,
    and I hope a ear you will lend .

    It was a few decades back, I recollect ,
    during the glorious seventies and as I introspect ,
    as die hard freaks we can never change ,
    and a chat over the cuppa,a fresh exchange ,:cheers

    even today,can cause to brew a fine blend ,
    of friends old and new with the changing trend .
    Granma was an early bird and so she was entitled ,
    to the first few drops of decoction that decanted ,.

    What I would like to bring to the fore ,
    here , is mine,yours ,a common tradition lore ,
    to bask in the research of not only the coffee bean ,
    but also glorify the daily rituals repeatedly,scene by scene.

    If it was a Bhogi then, it continues to be one today,
    What’s a Bhogi without Pure Ghee Poli anyway ?
    And if the vadais can appease the family sweet ,
    A sumptuous fare is in store ! Oh ! What a treat !:thumbsup

    It was a harvest then and the celebration of a rich reap ,
    the returns today shall be bountiful too in a big heap ,
    The milk of prosperity shall overflow at the brim ,
    Coz ! Granma said so ,as she tilted the pot at the rim,

    that faced East and we all screamed in one voice ,
    Oh ! Granma that’s cheating but did she have a choice ?
    I wonder! when it’s our turn now to ensure auspiciousness ,
    so ,We now perform with the same religious righteousness.:)

    The pot is symbolic of abundance and growth ahead ,
    the day a thanksgiving ,recognition for hard work and a life well lead.
    So what Granma did , We copy with zeal and vigour ,
    The recipe for OUR PONGAL is HERS and so is the fervour :thumbsup
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