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My 5 month old baby with a dog!

Discussion in 'Infants' started by onlybahu, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. onlybahu

    onlybahu New IL'ite

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    Hi All,
    I have 4 month old baby and we are planning to visit my inlaws in India.
    They have a female dog at their place, which goes all over the place, sofa, bed..etc etc....her hair is everywhere.
    Now I m scared that is so dirty and unhygienic around the baby. The dog recently had loose motions and bleeding etc....
    What m I supposed to do? I am telling my husband to talk to his parents but its of no use. I m worried about fleas, mites, worms....dog barking all the time and is my baby safe around the dog?
    please help. I m not at all excited abt the India trip just becoz of that.

  2. Chandrika82

    Chandrika82 Silver IL'ite

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    As long as the dog is regularly vaccinated, and well groomed (free of ticks and fleas) it should not be a problem.
    I am expecting a baby in 2 months time, and we have a 2 yr old dog at our home. He stays indoors, and sleeps with us on our bed. We asked our doctor about how safe is it, and this is the reply we got.

    Apart from that, yes, as the baby is very young there are some precautions to be taken.
    Never leave the baby and dog alone in the same room. There should always be some adult supervision. Most of the times, the dogs have an instinctive nature and understand they are babies and will not harm them. But the babies do not know what a dog is, and might pull their ears, tail etc., which might aggravate the dog.

    Since this is not your own dog, my suggestion would be to be with your baby as much as possible, and dont let the dog and baby be alone. Otherwise, you should be fine. Relax, and enjoy your vacation.

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