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My 14 Month Old Ds Not Responding To His Name

Discussion in 'Toddlers' started by Sweetygals, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Sweetygals

    Sweetygals Bronze IL'ite

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    I have 14 month old ds.
    Please give ideas to improve my toddler also is it normal?
    He has started walking on his own. He likes his father and my neighbours. So when ever he sees me(im his mom)/or my full time helper, he wont get excited or anything. And he spends his time mostly with us.
    He does not even make eye contact with us.
    But whenever he sees my husband and my neighbours he would excited. He would run back for them. We used to think that my husband is very fair when comapred to me. Also my neighbours are chinese. So we thought he likes fair skin ppl.
    He loves to watch tv and mobile. So if tv is on(mostly meal time we use tv).
    He would not even respond to them (his dad) as he is into tv so much. But He is attached to toys , his blanket. When he is hungry, he hold his feeding bottle and drinks on his own.

    And til now he does not even respond to his name, does not make eye contact, enjoys being alone(apart from his dad).
    But if he hears my husband voice he would run to him.
    I spoke to doctor about this. He said cut off tv/mobile. He should make eye contact and respond to name. Do this training for 1 month and come back to me. If not lets take a test. Im really worried... Is this sign of autism

    Please pour ur thoughts on this

  2. joylokhi

    joylokhi Platinum IL'ite

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    can understand your anxiety . However, do not get tensed and take one step at a time. As the Doctor says, his not responding / attending to people could be more to do with his being used to the TV /mobile. Make sure to cut this off completely and spend time talking to him, showing him colourful toys, books especially pictures etc. Try taking him out to the park more frequently where he would focus on watching other children etc. All the best with his milestones .
  3. Angela123

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    I think it is too early to diagnose autism. Looks like your DS has a lot of stimulation from TV or other screen devices when compared to actual human interaction. Does he have friends to play with? if not, Start by taking him to the local library. Cut off TV. If elders watch it when he is awake, talk to them. Or take DS out of the room. I would not give more than 30 mins of TV time for him at this age. Since he is 14 months start teaching him to do things, let him eat finger foods , tidying up after playing etc, in small scale. It will be a prompt for him to follow instructions and listen to you. Try not to give screen time during meal. It will be stressful in the beginning, but will pay off eventually. Also, i am big fan of sleep routine for babies. It worked for my kid. It was great for our bonding time. We always had a 15 min reading routine or something with book before bed. Every kid is different, you will just have to figure out what works for your DS.
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  4. Mehana

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    The technology affects the kids in all ages...

    Does your baby wave his hand saying bye?

    Does he smiles when you smile at him?

    Does he points if he need something?

    Since your little one is only 14 months old we cannot jugdge anything. But please stop the tv, iPad, any electronic device.

    Read story to him . Show colorful pictures to him. Play audio rhymes and sing with him. Talk to him. Hug him.

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