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Move From India To Canada-- Canada Pr

Discussion in 'Indians in Canada' started by angel12, Jul 11, 2019 at 7:33 AM.

  1. angel12

    angel12 Gold IL'ite

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    We have decided to apply for Canada pr for a better future for our kids. I am looking for info. If anyone could guide me it would be really appreciable.

    With all the Google info and Canada offit website I understood that we can apply via point base system. I checked our score . It was something 310. (No job, no previous Canada work experience, no provience invitation, no relative) so automatically we don't qualify for express entry. But there is a possibility with PNP. But how do I go about.

    Also how should I start processing?? First do I need to send the degrees to WES? ? Or should I hire a consultant? ? I am not sure how to go about.

    Plz if anyone can shed some light it would really help. I don't have much time. As hubby is 39 yrs and the more we wait the less points we'll get.


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