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Milk consumption for 6 month old

Discussion in 'Breast Feeding' started by krozwindz, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. krozwindz

    krozwindz Silver IL'ite

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    I know this has been discussed b4 but it was for a 8 month old. My baby is 6 months 10 days old old and she drinks formula milk ( NAN2). She drinks only 12 - 14 oZ everyday total spread about in 3 feeds. The rest of the three feeds are solid food. Each feed almost has a gap of 2 or 3 hours.

    Please advice if this enough.

    She gained only 300 gms in one month , though this could have been more because of a small period of time when she had loose motions and was not well.

    I try to increase her milk intake in every feed but she refuses , clamping her mouth shut.

    Am very worried

  2. jollyshilpy

    jollyshilpy New IL'ite

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    Hello krozwindz

    I refer to the NHS and WHO for all such stuff. If you look up WHO website you may find more info, the NHS one mentions 500-600mls = ~20oz/day. (Drinks and cups). Have you spoken to her paed?

    What you can also do is add some milk to her meals/dishes- what do you prepare her breakfast with? All that counts towards their milk intake. Try and reduce her portion size slightly so she is bit more hungry and she might start taking some more milk.

    I also give my girl (7mths old) yogurt and cheese. Have a word with her paed to see if you can start that

    All the best
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010

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