mercury debilitated and retrograde

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    Dear All learned astrologers,
    Please clear my doubts regarding my husband's horoscope.D.O.B-18TH APRIL 1978,T.O.B-1.50 A.M,PLACE-PASIGHAT(ARUNACHAL PRADESH).
    1ST CASE:
    Mercury being the 5L is debilitated and retrograde so it gains power but combust.In vedic astrology mercury is debilitated in the first half of Pisces (0-15 degrees).However, in the 2nd half of Pisces (15-30 degrees)as in this chart,it is simply ruled by Jupiter.Now,Jupiter is friend or enemy of mercury depends upon the placement of jupiter. If Jupiter is in the signs(Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius), then Jupiter is a friend and Mercury will actually function quite well in that 2nd half of Pisces as in the case of the chart above.Now mercury though debilitated and combust is weak or strong in the chart.
    2ND CASE:
    Parivartana yoga between 5L and 2L both are natural benefics is good as far as I know but is it good for both houses (2nd and 5th).I have learnt that both exchanges houses jupiter will move to 2nd house in its own sign and mercury will come down to its own sign i.e gemini as per the above chart(i.e.mooltrikona sign).Am I right?I am asking these questions since I am learning astrology and I want to know whether their is any complications regarding progeny in his horoscope.Please reply.


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