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Melody Of The Pregnant Mind

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by Thyagarajan, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Thyagarajan

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    :hello: Melody of The Pregnant Mind. :hello:

    Now Rose - a changed man. He was echoing often words
    of Yogic Guru BVK Iyengar that “Rhythm of the body and
    Melody of the mind and harmony of soul creates symphony
    of life”. He was keener to ensure that .....

    I got maximum attention and Rose gathered almost all relevant
    data for a pregnant woman to religiously follow. He filled room
    with dos and don’ts charts depicting various aspects including
    what to eat when and the quantity and hygiene to be meticulously
    observed. He listened and grasped the gynecologist advice,
    when we were in her consultancy chamber.

    Thanks to Dr. R. Every word uttered by her, Rose Peter listened
    with rapt attention and grasped 100 % and made me follow it
    religiously and lent his ever helping hand in kitchen, living
    and bed rooms. He prepared and hanged a colourful chart of do’s
    and don’ts for me tostrictly adhere. The charts filled with a collage
    of images of bubbly babies’ culled from Google.

    One of the charts was showing as to what I should do and not to do
    to avoid cramps. It was useful to consult instantly my diet, exercise
    and life style adjustments.

    He ensured my foods rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamin C and
    less in sodium salt. He bought daily fresh leafy vegetables potatoes, tomatoes, oranges and dairy productsand made me use that in my diet.

    Rose insisted that daily I drink atleast 2 ltrs of water to keep myself well hydrated.He reminded me often to rotate ankles when I was sitting and
    resting. When I was busy in kitchen, he made me stretch myself as often as I could.

    For a few week ends, he took me to pool for swimming where he had demonstrated his prowess, knowledge and ease with which one could swim. It was wonderful for both of us to remain in swimming attire in a vast crystal clear pool on his forearms during early part of evenings.

    Rose had put me in yoga classes that kept us busy on every early morning on our terrace surrounded by trees and chirping birds and crows. In spite of all this, when I got cramps he reminded me to straighten the leg gently and flex my toes toward shin.

    Every night before going to bed , after taking warm water bath, under Rose super vision, I stood two feet away from wall keeping my palms flat against it and stretch for about fifteen seconds.With this exercise, I used to feel greatly relaxed and got profound nightsleep.

    He used to sleep on his right, so that automatically I put my leg kept elevated on his. He used to chide me whenever I slept on my right and sat or slept cross legged which believed prevented regular optimal blood circulation in leg region. He got me on order right footwear with good grip and arch support and discarded my high heals.

    All these contributed for my well being and the pregnancy, month after month was least burdensome. There was hardly any swelling or cramps or unusual tenderness around the ankles.

    Now, in a space of six months,fourth visit to gynecologist was over and she had expressed her happiness profusely to Rose & I. My weight had gone up by substantially. After routine test and scan, the gynec confirmed it could be twins and it might be Caesarian section.

    I cried keeping my face in Rose’s chest. He told me to remain brave
    and everything would go well.

    He was man of confidence & replete of hope.
    I could trust him more so now.
    An excerpt from my unpublished untitled novelette)
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  2. GeetaKashyap

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    A promising storyline. A name like Rose for a man confused me a bit but then why not?

    When is the novelette expected to take birth?
    All the best, @Thyagarajan Sir.
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  3. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello::hello:I just edited, so that no future confusion about name. Full name is Rose Peter - protagonist . Spouse endearingly calls him “Rose”.
    2. My post in the morning about Madurai Meenakshi crossed my mind and hence the name RP HERE.
    God decides the gestation upto the second.
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