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Loose social fabric

Discussion in 'News & Politics' started by dakshayaeni, Jan 20, 2012.

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    We are at an age where we are fighting with each other to make ourselves larger than others, to be famous and rich and also the fight is on to save ourselves from similar actions against us. At school, colleges we are learning 'environmental science' but practicing very little of what we learn. Does environment refers to natural elements only? Isn't it that our society is an important part of our environment?

    Today human society in the name of individual freedom and open mindedness is facing crisis from rampant drug abuse, murder, extra marital affairs, falling into the trap of casting coaches and other crimes. Prima facie these seems to be social problems and individuals are criminalized.

    But, if we look closely at the situation, we will understand that nowadays we do not follow any principle in leading our lives. We disregard cultural and social norms that was laid down and rebel against every form of structured living. So for example climbing corporate ladder easier route is bribe, or bed room and there could be other examples from lives taken too. Trust among partners are low, and relationships are more of a give an take in nature. Even when children grows up, old age homes are becoming a good option to stock parents away...for what? And the most common reason is both of us work so how to manage?

    True, this form of society has given us freedom to experiment with life, with our living now we really do not bother much, except for some silly noises made by our dear political parties to get some attention. But this has taken its toll too. The toll is heavy for us. It has taken emotional toll, physical and spiritual toll. We have learned to not to trust, not to be emotionally depended, now to look up for some solace and guidance, like very much we are self sufficient and can take care of ourselves.

    Earlier, when man could not even think of getting out of a relationship, be it with parents/spouse, now these are the culture. Our social framework has become too loose. If any body, be it social or religious or political tries to enforce any condition for living we term that 'Al Qaida rule'. We do not even think twice rebelling against such a body and seek immediate redress making the body a seat of 'extremist' . We even forget that Al Qaida was born out to give man its due respect, save some cultures from drug, sex and other crimes. It is a different matter that when men from weapon and drug business started taking opportunity of a cultural movement, incidents leading to War on Afghanistan followed.

    But if we at least try to be a little more patient with others, be tolerant to contradictory views, respect individual space and need then probably what education basically tries to teach us will be achieved. My post is after talking to one of friend in IL. Social frameworks that was laid by our elders are not always bad or binding, yes they need to change to be suitable for today's gen but the basic philosophy is definitely for good. If things are against our ethics, let us not blame the things, understand that there is only unethical approach to do things but the things are not bad themselves.

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