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Looking For Beestar Parents To Group Together And Register To Save $$

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by Nanali, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Nanali

    Nanali New IL'ite

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    Friends who are working on Beestar programs with their children, since today is the start of Spring term, I look for a group to register additonal Beestar subjects for the groupbuy discount(10 to 20%).

    Here are this term's programs and the discount:
    Beestar.org - Exercise Samples for Spring 19
    Beestar.org - Group Buy

    My child likes it very much, he has stayed with Beestar programs for two terms for free math. As we can take free math, we would like to register the other subjects. we am very impressed by one of the Hall of Fame words:

    Message:(Beestar.org - Math and Reading for Kids)

    The weekly tests at Beestar were both an essential part of my education growing up and preparation for the essential skills that I would need through high school and while applying to college. The challenge and the competition to be both accurate and quick was very useful for developing my mental math and analytical skills, which have become invaluable to me well beyond when I ended my Beestar journey. I hope that everyone currently in Beestar gains as much from it as I did!


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