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Lets have a happy motherhood :-)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous in Parenting' started by Happy2be, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Happy2be

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    I truly feel its our kids who make us treasure our parents..make us trust them much more than ever we did in those young yrs when we really needed to follow their guidance. I wonder why God made us..humans such that we realise when time is gone...no doubt, it gives all mums a sense to bring up their child better ..but then again..each next generation is two steps ahead Our parents used to tell us - we were not like you in your age...now may be we feel the same but me and DH promise ourselves not to repeat those lines to DD..if we were so as kids, by nature she too has the right to be and we will have to be near her age to understand her better...no school or college studies had ever been that demanding and challenging as I find the art of learning parenthood !!
    I'm sure each mother faces such incidents many times in a single day when she wonders later - may be I could have behaved or reacted in a better way...Cum'on Mums..lets share such incidents and learn from each other..lets together build a healthy platform for kids and a happy motherhood for ourselves...

    I have been posting few related posts.. and one I lately posted in the schoolgoers section here...and then I thought I need to begin this as a new thread , may be. Here's what I shared in the schoolgoers forum.

    Another sunrise and I leap to see your face
    Awww...you're so pretty...so peaceful in sleep
    a hug is what I have , early morning with daily word
    Good Morning sweety pie...Sun God is here!!
    I wish to see your li'll smile and the sweet voice cumin back
    Ahhh...lemme sleep...comes back with a rash cry
    each mornin..same story..same promise I make
    Be patient..dont shout..she's just a child
    Good morning baby..and I make you look forward to the day
    remind you of the excitements waiting to cum your way
    count you your blessings and give you sweet smiles
    tick-tock-tick-tock...time is running by..
    few to many..minutes go by and so does my patience to not make you cry
    each day I teach myself what not to do
    each day I recall my lessons how to treat you
    Hardly ever would you get up without me being firm
    so starts the day and my daily bash
    a quest for a Mum...
    that hour makes me struggle with time and my love
    I wish to sit idle just chatting with you
    just listening your stories, the fairies you find true
    it wud be the same for each Mum on earth
    thats what I tell me, Be Soft and Be Firm
    I'm soft and you take advantage
    I'm firm and you weep
    And your mighty Dialogues..sweep me off my feet
    your daddy suggests me..leave her that way
    she'll grow up like all...she'll grow up your way
    My way is not what I want...TIME is i'm greedy for
    I see those years that have passed by
    I miss you giggles and falls, li'll fingers holding mine
    My girl's growing fast...I can't miss a day
    each day is so precious to take happy moments away
    Small issues morning to night
    small fights and then big hugs tight...
    days..months and years passing by.

    All mums..plz pour in your thoughts and experiences...what tickled you..and how you handled and managed to turn it right?!!

  2. esbanu

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    Hi Dear..

    nice thread and nice write up.. nowadays our kids are very intelligent with naughty(in tamil surusurupu) they are growing very fast with this fast world.. i just wondered when i saw my ds.. he is learning very fast than me..:bonk

    god bless our kids for bright future..
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