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Let's Fire Up Those Neurons!

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by Gauri03, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Answer to Puzzle 8576: "Ancient River".

    Image 1 - Image of "Finke River" located in Northern South Australia and known as 300 to 340 million years old and known as the world's oldest river. It runs 750 KMs. The Key word is "Ancient River", a direct reference to the answer.

    Image 2 - The style of singing of this band is known as "Psychedelic Rock" and was formed in 2008. To indicate that "Vivekananda Rock" image and magic mushroom in Image 1 and row 2 are given as clue.

    Image 3 - Two principals who formed this band are James Barreto (singer/song writer) and Alexis Cardova Jr.(drums/vocal). The clue given in Image 3 in row I is Alexis Tipton who is a voice actress for Funimation and Image 3 in row 2 is James Comey, giving key words James and Alexis.

    Image 2, Row 2 - The band name was taken from the Neil Young song "Thrasher": “Where the eagle glides ascending/There’s an ancient river bending/Down the timeless gorge of changes/Where sleeplessness awaits.”

    Image 4, Row 2 - The group was formed in Gainesville and hence Gator image was given as a clue.

    Currently Barreto is living in London and Cordova is based in Austin, Texas but this distance hasn't impacted their productivity. Ancient River have eight releases. Keeper of the Dawn released in April 14, 2015 was inspired by the Italian horror films of writer/director Dario Argento together with one of the duo's favourite musicians, David Axelrod. Following its release, the band toured North America for 51 shows.

    In June 2015, Ancient River joined forces with London director, writer and actor Xevi Soler to produce a music video for their track Stay With Me. This was the soundtrack to Soler's short film Golem.

    NME featured Ancient River in their "Under the Radar" section on July 18, 2015.

    The albums that they released so far includes:

      • 2017 O.D.D.S 2 (LP)
      • 2017 The Keeper Never Sleeps (EP)
      • 2015 Keeper Of The Dawn (LP)
      • 2014 Before Dawn (LP)
      • 2012 On The Other Side (LP)
      • 2012 Let It Live (LP)
      • 2011 Polaroid (EP)
      • 2011 Songs from North America (LP)
      • 2010 O.D.D.S. (LP)
      • 2010 Under the Sun (EP)

    Credit: None.

    Note to Soka: It is about people who are high singing "Psychedelic rock" and not the puzzle-maker. :)

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    They're definitely under my radar. No surprise, it's not a very good one. I guess I'll have to find out what all the noise is about!:lol:
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