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Left hand user.

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by kishoremommy, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. kishoremommy

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    Dear friends,

    I am writing here to seek advice from you.My elder son is 9 years old.Before going to school,I never encouraged him to write anything as I thought He should learn writing from teachers itself.

    All other things like throwing a ball,holding toys he used to do with his left hand.Once,he went to KG,he wrote with his right hand.I too insisted that he should write with right hand.He never resisted.But,when he was writing,he used to position his paper slightly oriented towards right.I was ignorant at that time that he is left handed.

    When eating rice,he uses right hand and when eating dosa he uses both the hands.It is not nice looking at him eating with both the hands.Even when I ask him to use only one hand either left or right,he is not able follow.He does it initially but after some time he uses both the hands .

    During KG classes,the school where he studied taught him bold letters only.I changed his school then.By the time ,he was at first std in his new school,his fellow students had completed learning cursive.So,he never had the chance of learning cursive.

    He plays tennis with his right hand only.When I throw a ball at him,he catches it with his left hand.When he plays cricket,he throws ball with his left hand.He does excellent drawings and has won in competitions many times.

    My question is,

    1. Is he a left hander?

    2. His hand writing is not good at all.If he writes with left hand will it improve?

    Can I ask him to learn cursive starting from abcd in a four lines note with his left hand itself?

    3. My husband says that he is able to use both the hands like Gandhiji
    and we should train him to write with both his hands.Is it possible?

    His acadamic performance is outstanding and he is very creative.His class teacher remarked that when all the other children in his class are in a standard,he is one step ahead of them.

    Usually I buy him a lot of books like GK books,tinkle,comics,short stories,science magazines.

    What should I do to bring out the genius in him?Somewhere in my mind ,I feel that we are not doing enough for him.

    Generally,he is a very obedient child and whatever I teach him he learns quickly.

    Please,suggest ideas regarding his hand writing improvement .

    And also about my part in bringing out his talents.

  2. Pranjjal

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    Hi Kishoreemom,

    Please indicate which hand your child prefer for each of the following activities.

    1. Writing
    2. Drawing
    3. Throwing
    4. Using Scissors
    5. Using a knife
    6. Brushing teeth
    7. Using a spoon
    8. Using a broom (upper hand)
    9. Opening a jar
    10. Striking a match or bowling

    Please give the answers which hand he use for above activities. Someone is considered strongly handed if they use the same hand for all ten tasks. Someone is considered mixed handed or cross dominant if they use the other hand for even one of these tasks (except for scissors, which are often designed for right handers).
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