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Kai Vandha Kalai

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Sitamma, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Sitamma

    Sitamma New IL'ite

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    The film "Kai Vandha Kalai" is an tamil film starcast are prithivirajan, sruthi,pandyan, seetha. Director of the film"Kai Vandha Kalai" is done by R.Pandiyarajan and music composed by Dheena. The story is about a teenage pair, with comedy forming the backbone. Shruti is the heroine. A sizzling dance by Malavika is said to be the highlight of the film.The song `Kadhal Kasakkudaiyya' (in ``Aan Paavam") was shot after work was over and joined at an appropriate place and it so happened that we have shot the song `Kaadhal Inikudhaiyya' as the last segment for `Kai Vandha Kalai. Please suggest your views about this film.bye

  2. mums

    mums Platinum IL'ite

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    Sorry for the late reply dear.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    I haven't seen the movie........will wait for fellow ILites reply.

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