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Job at homee

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Shakvisa, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Shakvisa

    Shakvisa New IL'ite

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    hi, soon.:thumbsup:thumbsup

    Am new to this group.I am housewife.I Want to do job at home.if anyone give suggestions and also give me d ideas of online job.It is very necessary at now.i expect the reply
  2. rkgurbani

    rkgurbani IL Hall of Fame

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    Hello Shakvisa,

    Welcome to IndusLadies and hope this will be a never-ending happy journey for you which will teach you a lot of things on the road!!!

    It is always nice to do something from home itself and earn a bit. It all depends on your interest and hobbies.

    If you are fond of teaching and like being with children, then you could start home tuitions, craft classes etc for young children.
    If you have a passion for cooking, why not start with catering from home.
    If you know stitching, you could start a small tailoring unit. The options are endless.

    Or else, depending on your educational qualifications, there are lots of things you can do through the internet. These days there are lots of jobs online. You may be asked to finish a data-entry/sell products online/etc etc. Look out for such jobs in clssifieds or just search online jobs.

    Wish you goodluck.
  3. Manisha001

    Manisha001 Guest


    I supply designer dress materials, pure silk sarees, readymade chikan kurtis in wholesale to women who want to do business from home.
    You can start with as less as 7-8 designer dress materials with investment around 7000 Rs.
    I can supply materials as per your price range and the customers available around you.

    You can contact me.
    I supply materials all over India and abroad.

    I welcome and encourage all the women who want to do this business.

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