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Is 2 yrs early for preschool ????

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by jignasha27, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. jignasha27

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    Hi everyone,

    My son is now 18 months now and will be 2yrs 2months by september, when all the schools starts in US. few preschools near my place starting enrolling new kids in january.....so my question is- Is 2 yrs too early for a child to start schooling? or should i wait for one more year....am stay at home mom... and if i want to enroll him at 2 and half yrs will they take him in december ( mid of the academic year)...i really have no idea about schooling in US...its way different from India...can any1 put some thoughts on this. right now i take him to gymboree classes. hes not talking yet. and main thing is potty training( the hardest one, yet to start).

    Thanks in Advance,


  2. sarajara

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    Hi Jigna,

    I do not have any idea about schooling in US. But in general i have heard that they induce the thinking process in the kids and feel that once that thinking out of the box stuff is kindled in kids it does a big deal for them in their life..

    My daughter started school when she was 2 yrs and 2 months.It was a good change for her as she felt very lonely at home when all of us left for office and she stayed with my mother in law and caretaker lady. after 2 yrs children want to learn a lot of new things and start communicating with a lot of people. It would be very exciting for the kid.

    you have some 6-8 months in your hand to potty train your little one.. I guess the kid would be perfectly potty trained by then.. hence ..i would always recommend you to put your LO to preschool.

    My Best Wishes for You and Your LO! :thumbsup

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