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Indians In Germany

Discussion in 'Indians in Germany' started by reca, May 25, 2018.

  1. reca

    reca Silver IL'ite

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    Hello Everybody,
    I am living in Germany, Munich form past 4 Years along with my husband. We both work as Engineers.
    Munich is one of beautiful cities in Germany, also an Industrial hub for many Industries like Automobiles, Machinery, Software , Manufacturing, Engineering , Finance etc .World famous Oktoberfest held here every year ! It is Multicultural and quite International.

    I am starting this thread so as to introduce ourselves and discuss interesting things happening in and around Germany :)
    We can also discuss about German Language . I am currently on A2.3 Level ( From Berlitz ).
    We can share our trip experiences from various countries we have visited so far.
    The 2nd week of May, this year we started our Summer trip visiting Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city in Netherlands. Kukenhof Tulips gardens are the main attraction of Amsterdam during spring and beginning of Summers :). The city square 'Dam' has beautiful Palaces and churches. It is always busy. We also visited the Zaanse schans, village with Traditional windmills. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Did not face any Language/ food problems. It is a tourist friendly city. We really enjoyed the trip :)
    Do share your experiences living in Germany and from your trips :)
    Best Regards,
    Last edited: May 25, 2018

  2. aratisajjan

    aratisajjan Bronze IL'ite

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    I m in Germany too..would like to connect to you..

    We just moved here 3 months back..so far enjoying the summer..how are u doing

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