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How To Stop These Bad Things ?

Discussion in 'Astrology Numerology & More!' started by EagerForInfo, May 24, 2019.

  1. EagerForInfo

    EagerForInfo Bronze IL'ite

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    Whenever my mother in law comes bad
    things happen. How to make this stop. ???

    I say she is putting a “mantra” on me.

    Every friend who has come to my house in the 3 months she was here has moved or has arguments with us and doesn’t talk to me anymore.

    She was saying that I wear my clothes for a long time. Ever since she left allllll my clothes have torn and I cannot wear even one shirt , pant or Indian wear without trying to stitch it up or put safety pins. I stitch it and after I come home it’s torn in a different place. ( now I need to spend hundreds of dollars buying all whole closet of clothes)

    Same thing with earrrings. She saw my earrings and noticed I still have thin holes ( usually adults have big holes ) and since then any earrings I wear keep falling off and I misplace them.

    The list goes on and on. Please if u have any replies to help me reply else don’t waste time ( don’t waste time by saying don’t believe in these superstitions etc etc and things like this don’t exist. )

  2. Needtobestrong

    Needtobestrong Gold IL'ite

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    I'm not going to say that it's a superstition.
    But first think with cool mind about practical aspects, like maybe those clothes were actually old and worn out, I.e used many times? Clothes which are used for a few years and stored in closet even without use have a tendency to tear...since you mentioned that you use your clothes for a long time...
    Has this happened with clothes you purchased newly also? Even new clothes of good quality fabric?
    Regarding earrings sometimes the back screw may sometimes be loose hence fall off..
    And with friends , sometimes it happens..we do not get along with certain people..unintentionally misunderstandings happen and they lose touch...

    But if you have ruled out practical aspects, I'm not going to disregard your concerns..
    Some people radiate negative energy , in this case it's your MIL..
    Yes I've heard of temples etc where they put Mantras but for good purpose like for health problems or perishable problems to get solved, to remove evil eye etc..
    I belive in their efficacy to some extent..
    but little disturbing to think anyone can out Mantra for bad things to happen to someone else...
    Is there any temple in your area where priest puts Mantra or gives amulet for removing negative energies? Have u tried..
    One solution is to pray to God sincerely ...God's grace is necessary to ward off these negative energies..also heard that mopping house regularly with water mixed with Rock salt is good...there are many threads in this forum regarding removing Nazar and Dhristi etc ..you could try those maybe they will help..
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