How to do Meditation or Penance as told by gnanis of all religions

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    How to do Meditation or Penance
    Dear all with oneness of soul, with the grace of our Gnana Guru Vallalar and Sarguru Thiru shiva selvaraj we are bringing out in this article “How to do Meditation or Penance”. The below said way is the way in which Penance was done by vallalar and all the great saints to reach and attain Lord. Please read it completly and with attention.

    Today everyone is of the opinion that Penance or Meditation means something that is done by sitting at a place with our eyes closed and imagining some forms or chanting some auspicious names or mantras of the lord or closing our eyes and observing our breath. But these were not penance. The above said techniques at the max will allow once to attain a state or give spiritual maturity to do penance and that’s it. Worse if someone does meditation with the closed eyes then he will be trapped in illusion or Maya.

    So the first step for everyone to understand is Meditation or Penance should never be done with closed eyes. Penance is the one which should be done with our eyes open.

    If one does any spiritual practice with his eyes closed then only Maya or illusion will be working there. That is why our saint vallalar has asked us to be “Awake”. In Tamil Awake is called as “Villithiru” which implies two things. One is having our eyes opened and other is being aware. Penance has to be done with awareness and also with our eyes open. Eyes can be fully opened or half-opened but never closed.

    Among us we have a strong opinion that when our eyes are opened we will see the outside world but when we close our eyes and do mediation we see the supreme lord within us. Thinking that opening of our eyes as the external eye and closing of our eye is the internal eye is the biggest ignorance that we have imagined ourselves.

    It is again an illusion thinking that when we close our eye there is calmness which will lead us inside.

    Think this way, closing of our eyes is darkness and opening of our eyes is light. Telling in other way closing of our eyes is like New Moon Day and opening of our eyes is Full Moon. In order to indicate this only it is recommended in our country to visit holy place and holy mountains during Full Moon Day. In India we find so many people going around holy mountains and also Jeeva Samadhis of saints during Full Moon Day.

    When we close our mind and imagine something then it is possible to see any forms that we visualize. This is again illusion and not true divine experience. Any vision that is got with open eyes when we are fully awake and alert is the true divine experience.

    When one person dies we call that the person has closed his eyes isn’t? Even in this world to do any work we need to open our eyes isn’t and this is true even in our spiritual practice.

    It is also said during the auspicious day of Shiva Rathiri (Auspicious night of lord siva) if one does not sleep or keep his eyes opened and worship the lord then he will attain the abode of lord. This is to emphasis the importance of being awake and keeping of our eyes opened for any spiritual practice. Our saint have conveyed this information through the way of devotion.

    In Bhagavat Gita also Lord Krishna recommends one to do penance with eyes opened only. Great Saint Thirumoolar in his works says “Blind Person Leading Blind men will fall together in the pit of death”. Here he clearly talks about person who teaches peoples incorrect way of doing meditation (doing meditation with closed eye) and the followers of that person finally dying instead of overcoming death.

    Now it was seen that Penance has to be done with open eyes! Now let us see how to do penance. Here also the great saint Thiurmoolar in his works ThiruManthiram writes as

    “Breaking through the lamp and lighting the light in the lamp
    Raising/Simulating the light inside the lamp
    And who realizes about the light within the lamp, for them
    Union with the Lotus feet of the Lord of the light of the lamp will be possible” – ThiruMantiram Song 2186

    This is the great words which clearly explains how one should do Penance and what is the role of Guru in it. The light that was lit was done by a sarguru. Let us see the meaning of the above great song.

    What is meant by breaking through the lamp and lighting the light in the lamp? To understand this let us see what does Lamp denotes. In human body Eyes were the lamp. Remember the great words in Bible by Jesus “Eyes were the lamp of one body”.

    Lighting the light of the lamp indicates – at present we do not have the capability to look inside us, so one has to lit the divine light of the lamp to look inside us. How do you lit a lamp? Through other lamp that is already lit right? So a qualified satguru by the process of Deekshai will lit the light of the lamp by the divine light in his eyes. This is the first step, so in order for one to do penance the divine light in our eyes has to be lit meaning should be initiated to look in.

    Why it has been told that before lighting the lamp it has to be broken? It is not that there is no divine light in our eyes now, it is there but it never acts meaning this light is hidden by one’s karma. Everyone’s divinity that is present in one’s eyes is hidden by the karma that one has been born with. So in order to initiate this divine light or make this divine light to act the guru has to break this layer of karma that is covering one’s divine light in the eyes. Breaking also indicates the eyes has to be kept opened. Only when our eyes were open can the Guru’s divine light from his eyes can lighten our lamp (Eyes). By breaking through the barrier of karma and initiating the divinity within us Guru is making us to born again.

    This is what conveyed in Bible as “One who does not born again will not reach the kingdom of the lord”. Saint Agastiyar also tells one should know the way to born again indicating this. A person who is born again by Guru through Deekshai is called Duvichan in Sanskrit.

    Raising/Simulating the light inside the lamp – The second line tells how one has to do Penance, the purpose of penance is to simulate or increase the effulgence of this divine light in our eyes by constantly keeping our mind on this.

    How to keep our mind on this divine light? When one is initiated by a guru, the guru lightens the divine light of our eyes, when this divine light is lightened one gets divine consciousness in one’s eye (a sort of burning sensation or feeling inside the eyes). The sadaka or the disciple now just has to concentrate on this consciousness and do nothing. When the divine light is simulated or increased by constantly fixing our mind on it the 7 layers of karma that is hiding our divinity will melt and one gets to see his Soul called Anma Darshan. So with our eyes open and keeping our mind on the divine consciousness in our eye that is got through or initiated by Guru is the correct way of doing penance.

    Now Third and Fourth line explains what happens when one does this penance
    And who realizes about the light within the lamp, for them
    Union with the Lotus feet of the Lord of the light of the lamp will be possible – When the divine light increases and melts our karmas we get self realization and Gnana after which we can unite with the lord of the divine light, which is called Lord’s holy feet. So for the 3<sup>rd</sup> and 4<sup>th</sup> Step to occur which is getting Gnana/divine wisdom and reaching the Lord 1<sup>st</sup> and 2<sup>nd</sup> Step has to be done.

    So one can do penance only after a Sarguru has initiated him. This process is what told by Yovan in Bible as “I am initiating you with the holy water but the one who is more powerful than me will come and he will give initation with the fire and the holyspirit”. Here Fire and Holy Spirit means initiation through sarguru’s divine light of his eyes.

    Now the question comes is it not possible to do Penance without a Guru? The answer is NO. It may be possible for some person with extreme devotion like that of Kannapa Nayanar but for others without guru we can no way have self realization and attain lord. This divine light of our eyes is called as Holy Feet of Lord and by various code words like 8 and 2 (Right and left Eye), Sun and Moon, Siva and Sakthi and MeiPorul or Thiruvadi or Padaka.

    By Penance we should know and realize about the divine light of our eyes and this divine light lights our wisdom and knowledge. So to lighten or see the light we should open our eyes right! So do penance with Eyes open. Penance in short is the art of doing nothing and just being there. Doing Nothing and Just being there is keeping our mind always on the divine light of our eyes and never flowing with the thoughts.

    Now the important question is Can any one be initiated and do Penance? Yes any human being can be initiated and do penance but the person hence forth should live a noble and virtuous life and never do the five great sins which are Stealing, Lying, Alcoholism or Using Any Drugs, Killing which includes eating Non-Veg Food and illicit desire or Lust. Only a pure soul with penance and love can reach the supreme lord.

    To know more please read Thiruvadi Upadesa in our website(vallalyaar dot com) and also our Articles and books.

    Our SarGuru with the grace of Vallalar gives this initiation or Deekshai. So for, he has published around 27 books explaining in detail about Thiruvadi. His Publication also includes commentary on the great works of ThiruMantiram, ThiruVasagam, Thiruvarutpa. By all these books he has established that the wisdom conveyed by all these saints and the way of doing penance is same. All these books were written in Tamil. We have translated two books Saakaa Kalvi (Spiritual Education of Deathlessness) and Vallal Yaar (Who is Philanthropist) and is available in our site. If anyone needs hard of the books in Tamil (totally 27 books) and in English 2 books can contact us.

    wishes and regards,

    S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan

    Note : For the convenience of all, i have attached the same so that u can take the soft copy of it.

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    Dear All,

    In tamizh "Summa irunthu sugam kaanuthal"... advised by lord skandha to arunagirinathar as "Summa iru"... means, we r really the light.. only our karma blocks us from understanding it. "Just be still with eyes focused in a point always if not almost time..."

    How we recongnize light? By our Inside the pupil, there is a hole in it.. From within comes the real light within us, but it's been blocked by our karma... so who is able to break it can see their realself - the light within the body... We the body n sufferings r in gross level as per our karma. The real part is the "LIGHT".

    So, from now, where ever u r, whenever possible, just stare at a point, tears automatically sheds out... which makes ur eyeball rotate n clear ur eyeball automatically, anyone of us, who is lazy too can do it.. just staring doesnt need anything special.. Tears will come without any expectation from ur end...

    That's the real yoga in Gnana level n preached as code words by all seers in all religions..

    When u get the chance to meet any great seers, automatically they'll remove ur lock, by which automatically u can get into the reality. I m speaking out of the real experience... So, i like to pass out to all..

    They say, pranayam is the ultimate... n so asking to practice "Vaasi"... no... where there is light, automatically air will be there where there is light as well as where there is rotation. So, that's by default able to be set, if we just concentrate our sight in a single place focusedly... allow the tears to shed... that's the real ganges where u ought to take bath my dear friends.... pls. do it for the benefit in this lifetime...

    When u stare, automatically the eyeballs rotate with more speed creating suddha Ushnam(Purt Heat) which our body needed for purification of karmas. When it rotates, it automatically sucks in needed air without ur knowledge which happens in ur geocenter inside.... the inner meeting place of ur 2 eyes, the top center inside and above the inner tongue... the same place our nose also starts.. the seat of the soul... the true light..

    That's what they say "Eyes r most important"... "Eye donation is the most valuable"... "Anna thaanam is most valuable donation" as code word - original meaning " Annam - Gnanam - Matured Mind(Chemmaiyaana manam in tamizh")... That's what Annapoorani is in Kaasi with Viswanathar. Everything is coded... Annam - Matured mind - Gnanam,
    Poorani - Pooranam, complete... Vishwanathar - vishwa - in english, visual - representing the light inside the eyes(inside from the pupil).... We should analyze for which our 6th sense is given to us...

    So, the most valuable donation is to emphasize to all the importance of the Gnanam, it's source is our eye, the inner eye, how to reach, through "Eyes".... 1 becomes 2, to reach one, we ought to go through that 2 only, the 2 eyes only... pls understand the importance of it.... try to follow n try to clear ur karmas to the max n try to come out of the birth cycle bondage n sufferings.... All the best...

    What is the first organ within us, our eye... inner eye, it seperated to 2 by it's rotation n heat... then with the heat(pure heat) of the eyes, all the other organs n so the complete body is developed inside the womb n we start to see the external world with our eyes veiled by our own karma...

    It's our eyes where our mind resides.... That's what we call as "Moodevi" in tamizh... only mind gives lazyness n it originates from eyes, when u do stare n let tears shed down automatically, all the laziness n our ego will be shed slowly in the tears itself

    If anybody wants help in this regards, pls. feel free to get cleared n try to implement in ur real life.. Have a nice day.

    wishes n regs,

    S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan.
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    தவம் எப்படி செய்ய வேண்டும்?

    இங்கு பெரும்பாலும் தவம் (Thavam/Meditation) கண் மூடி செய்வது என்றே தெரிந்திருக்கிறது. ஆனால் தவம் என்பது கண்மூடி செய்வதல்ல. கண் திறந்து செய்வதே ஆகும்.

    கண்ணை மூடி செய்தால் மாயைதான் விளையாடி கொண்டிருக்கும். அதனால் தான் வள்ளலார் விழித்திரு என்று சொன்னார். ஒவ்வொரு கணமும் விழித்திருக்க வேண்டும் விழிப்புணர்வோடு இருக்க வேண்டும். இதைத்தான் Awareness என்று சொன்னார்கள்.

    மேலும் பொதுவாக நம்மிடம் ஒரு கருத்து வேறூன்றியிருக்கிறது. அதாவது இமைகளை திறந்து இருக்கும் போது புற உலகை பார்த்து கொண்டிருப்பதாகவும் மேலும் கண்ணை மூடி தவம்(Meditation) செய்யும் போது அகத்தில் உள்ளே போய் இறைவனை காண முடியும் என்று நினைத்து கொண்டிருக்கிறோம். ஆம், கண் திறந்து இருக்கும் போது புறக்கண் என்றும் கண்ணை மூடி இருக்கும் போது அகக்கண் என்றும் நாமாகவே நினைத்து கொண்டிருப்பதுதான் அப்பட்டமான அறியாமை!

    ஆம், கண்ணை மூடி கொண்டு இருந்தால் அமைதியாக இருக்கிறது இதுவே நம்மை உள்ளே கொண்டு போய் சேர்த்து விடும் என்று நம்புவதே ஒரு மாயைதான். கண்ணை மூடி இருந்தால் அது இருட்டு, கண் திறந்து இருந்தால்தான் வெளிச்சம் (ஒளி). வேறொரு விதமாக சொல்வதானால் கண்மூடி இருப்பது என்பது அமாவாசை கண் திறந்து இருப்பது என்பது பெளர்னமி. பெளர்னமி அன்று கிரிவலம் சுற்றுவதுதான் சால சிறந்தது என்பதை நினைவில் நிறுத்தி கொள்ளுங்கள். இப்படி ஞானமடைய எப்படி தவம் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்பதைத்தான் பக்தியில் சொல்லி வைத்தார்கள்.

    கண்ணை திறந்து செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று சொல்லியாயிற்று. எப்படி என்பதை திருமூலர் திருமந்திரத்தில் சொல்கிறார்.

    “விளக்கைப் பிளந்து விளக்கினை ஏற்றி
    விளக்கினுக் குள்ளே விளக்கினைத் தூண்டி
    விளக்கில் விளக்கை விளக்கவல் லார்க்கு
    விளக்குடை யான்கழல் மேவலும் மாம”

    திருமந்திர பாடல் – 2816

    இவர்கள் ஏற்றி கொண்ட விளக்கு ஒரு ஞான குருவால் தூண்டி விடப்பட்ட விளக்கு தான். சிலர் குரு இல்லாமல் அடைந்து விடலாம் என்று பொதுவில் பேசி வருகிறாகள் ஆனால் இது சாத்தியமில்லாத ஒன்று. குரு சுட்டி காட்டாத வித்தை பாழ் என்பதை கேள்விபடாதவ்ர்களே இப்படி பேசுபவர்கள். கண்ணப்ப நாயனார் போன்று இருப்பவர்களுக்குதான் குரு தேவையில்லை என்று சொல்லலாமே தவிர மற்றவர்களுக்கு இல்லை. நாம் கண்ணப்ப நாயனாரா இல்லையா என்பதை அவரவர் மனசாட்சி தான் பதில் சொல்ல வேண்டும்.

    ஒரு சற்குரு நம் மெய்பொருளில் (அ) திருவடியில் சுட்டி காட்டினால்தான் இந்த ஞான தவம் செய்ய முடியும். மேலும் அப்பொழுதுதான் நமது புறக்கண் அகக்கண்ணாக மாறுவதற்க்கான முதல் படி மேலும் தொடர்ந்து சீடன் தவம் செய்ய செய்யவே அது அகக்கண்ணாக மாறும். இதுதான் அகக்ண்ணே தவிர மற்றது அல்ல. ஆம், கண்ணை மூடி கொண்டு இஷ்ட தெய்வத்தை நினைத்து கொள்வது எல்லாம் அகக்கண் இல்லை. கண்ணை மூடிட்டான் என்று சொன்னாலே தமிழில் அது செத்தவனைத்தான் குறிக்கும் என்பதை சிந்தித்து தெளிக!விழித்திரு என்பது இதுவே!

    கண்ணை திறந்து செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று பொத்தாம் பொதுவாக இங்கு சொல்லவில்லை. ஏன் திறக்க வேண்டும்? எப்படி திறக்க வேண்டும்? மேலும் நமது மெய்பொருளில் (அ) திருவடியில் ஒளிந்திருக்கும் ஞான இரகசியங்கள் எல்லாம் எங்கள் தளத்தில் வெட்ட வெளிச்சமாக போட்டிருக்கிறோம். மேலும் வெளிச்சம் ஆக்குவோம்.

    நமது திருவடியான மெய்பொருளின் தன்மை அதனுள் ஒளிந்திருக்கும் சூட்சுமங்கள் அனைத்தும் தெரிய வேண்டும். தெரிந்தால்தான் கண்ணை திறந்து எப்படி சும்மா இருக்க முடியும் என்பது தெரியும்! ஞான தவம் என்பது ஒன்றும் அல்ல! சும்மா இருப்பதுதான். ஆம், எல்லா ஞானிகளும் சும்மா இருந்தே சுகம் பெற்றார்கள். சும்மா இருப்பது எப்படி என்றால் முதலில் திருவடி (மெய்பொருள்) பற்றி தெரிந்திருக்க வேண்டும்.

    தவம் பற்றி
    கேள்விகள் - 1
    தவம் செயவது எப்படி என்ற பதிவை படித்து கொண்டு எங்களுக்கு வந்த கேள்விக்கான பதிலாக இந்த பதிவை வைக்கிறோம்.
    கண்ணை மூடினால் எப்படி மாயை விளையாடும் என்கிறிர்கள். கண்ணை திறந்தால் உண்மை எப்படி விளங்கும் என்கிறிர்கள்?
    எப்பொழுது கண்ணை மூடுகிறீர்களோ அப்பொழுது இருந்தே கற்பனை தொடங்கி விடும். இதை எப்படி இன்னும் எளிதாக சொல்ல வேண்டுமானால் கண்ணை மூடி கொண்டு நம் வீட்டில் இறந்து போன மூதாதையர்களை கூட நம் மனக்காட்சியில் கொண்டு வர முடியும் அதே போல் வள்ளலார் உருவத்தையும் கொண்டு வர முடியும் இதனால் இறந்து போனவர்களும் இறவா நிலை பெற்ற ஞானிகளும் ஒன்றாகி விடுவார்களா? ஆனால் இதையே விழித்திருந்து தவம் செய்யும் போது ஒருகாலும் இறந்து போனவர்கள் வர இயலாது! இப்படி தவம் செய்யும் போது சாகா வரம் பெற்ற ஞானிகள் மட்டுமே காட்சியில் வர முடியும். இதுதான் உண்மை!
    இதேதான் வள்ளல் பெருமான் சொன்ன திரைகளுக்கும் பொருந்தும் கண்ணை மூடி கொண்டு இந்த நிறத்தில் எனக்கு திரை தெரிகிறது என்று நீங்களே கூட கற்பனை செய்து கொண்டு வந்து விட முடியும். ஆனால் விழித்திருந்து செய்யும் போது ஒருகாலும் உங்கள் முன்னால் கற்பனையாக அது தோன்றாது. அப்படி தோன்றினால் அது கற்பனை அல்ல உண்மை காட்சி. அதாவது ஞான தவத்தில் வரும் அனுபவங்கள்.
    விழித்திரு! எக்கணமும்!

    இப்படி விழித்திருந்து தவம் செய்வது என்பது இங்கு கட்டுரை அளவிலே கொடுக்க பட்டிருக்கிறது. தக்க குருவை நாடி உங்கள் மெய்பொருளில் உணர்வை பெற்று கொண்டால் மட்டுமே இந்த தவத்தின் பலன் தெரியும் என்பதையும் இந்த இடத்தில் சொல்ல கடமை பட்டுள்ளோம்.
    கண்ணை திறந்து செய்தால் கவனசிதறல் ஏற்படுகிறது (அ) Concentration செய்ய முடிய வில்லை அதனால்தான் கண்ணை மூடி செய்ய செய்கிறோம் என்று சொல்வது பற்றி?
    இதற்க்கு முதல் காரணம் சித்தர்களும், ஞானிகளும் சொன்ன மெய்பொருள் பற்றி தெறியாமல் இருப்பதே காரணம். ஆம், திருவடி பற்றி தெறிந்திருந்தால்தானே கண் திறக்க வேண்டும் என்று தெறிந்திருக்கும்.
    இரண்டாவது மெய்பொருள் பற்றி தெறிந்தும் சிலர் தக்க குருவை நாடி மெய்பொருளில் உணர்வை பெறாமல் இருப்பதுதான் காரணம்!
    மனம் இல்லாமல் அழிப்பதுதான் தவத்தின் வேலை என்றாலும் எப்படிதான் மனம் அலை பாய்ந்தாலும் உங்கள் மெய்பொருளின் உணர்விலே நில்லுங்கள். அந்த உண்ர்விலே நிற்க நிற்க நம் கர்மாக்கள் தீயில் போட்டு கொளுத்தபடும். மனமும் அடங்கும்! இதுதான் மனம் அடங்க சிறந்த வழி! இதைத்தான் ஞானிகள் செய்தார்கள். மூட்டை மூட்டையாக சேர்த்து வைத்திருக்கும் கர்மாவை பொசுக்க பொசுக்கவே மனம் சிறிது சிறிதாக அடங்கும். மனம் அடங்க அடங்கவே கர்மாவும் சீக்கிரம் இல்லாமல் ஆக்கப்படும். அதுதான் இந்த தவம்.
    இதை விட்டு விட்டு எனக்கு கவனம் சிதறுகிறது என்று நீங்கள் கவலை பட்டு வேறு எதுவும் செய்ய வேண்டியதில்லை. அப்படி செய்தால் உங்கள் வினைதான் மீண்டும் கூடி போகும்! ஒவ்வொரு செயலுக்கும் ஒரு எதிர் வினை உண்டு என்பதை நினைவில் நிறுத்தி கொள்ளுங்கள். உங்கள் மெய்பொருளில் உள்ள உண்ர்வுடன் புணர்ந்து சும்மா இருங்கள். எல்லா ஞானிகளும் இப்படித்தான் சும்மா இருந்தார்கள்!
    இதைத்தான் வள்ளல் பெருமான் சொன்னார்
    “ஒருமையுடன் உனது திரு மலரடி நினைக்கின்றஉத்தமர் தம் உறவு வேண்டும்”
    நாம் ஒருமையுடன் மலரடியை நினைக்க வேண்டும்.. இப்படி நினைந்து நினைந்து உணர்ந்து உணர்ந்து சும்மா இருந்தால் போதும். எல்லாம் செயல் கூடும்!
    சும்மா இருப்போம் சுகமாய் வாழ்வோம்!
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    Dakshinamoorthy n his preech about the same meditation to Sanagathi sages:

    To know the supreme lord who is beyond our senses , mind and intelligence is it easy? We should be spiritually mature enough to know him. Even for the great sages of sanakaadhi calibre lord did not shower his grace directly!?

    To sanakaadhi sages who know everything in this world and through them to the whole world lord himself appeared as Guru and gave the moona upadesha as his grace.

    To reach him he showed the importance of getting Guru Upadesha by himself becoming a guru. The supreme lord himself became guru and appeared before sanakaadhi sages as Lord dakshinamoorthy.

    By his appearance as dakshinamoorthy and by its form and shape he showed the way for divine wisdom and to reach him.

    Before them without any speech, with half eyes opened, sitting with left leg folded and with right leg planted on the demon sitting below the stone tree the supreme being himself as dakshinamoorthy.

    Dakshinamoorthy is having four hands and in one hand he is having fire, in his other hand he is carrying a small drum, in his other hand he is having Vedas and in the fourth hand which is giving grace kept in sin mudra (index finger folded to touch the middle of thumb finger).

    In this way they saw the four hands of lord dakshinamoorthy.
    In the right side of dakshinamoorthy’s head which is wearing crown there is sun and in the left side of his head there is curved moon. His face is displaying calmness, dispassion and equanimity and is very beautiful with a mild smile. They studied this form and shape, thought using their knowledge and wisdom, discussed among themselves and finally arrived at the correct conclusion. What is that?

    The form that appeared before them is none but supreme lord himself. To overcome death (lord yama) who is represented as south direction and to achieve divine immortality lord dakshinamoorthy is facing south and we have to sit in the direction of north facing dakshinamoorthy. Since lord is sitting facing south they called him dakshinamoorthy (thatchinaa -> means south and murthi means form of lord available for his devotees).

    Since lord is sitting with complete silence and without any speech they realized one has to maintain silence and avoid speech. This is called Moona Nilai.

    Since lord is carrying fire in his one hand they realized god is of form of divine flame or divine jyothi. Since he is carrying drum in his other hand god is also of the form of divine sound which is Ohm. Which means god is of both divine sound and light. This is nothing but vindu naadham.

    Please be clear of this vindu naadham is quite different from what many westerners r mentioning as Siva n shakthi resembles our genitals(Phallus n Yoni)... but the divine secret here is not genitals but "Eyes".... pls read below to understand that so clearly our gnanis identification of real shakthi n sivam....

    By carrying vedas in other hand he is imparting to the sages that Vedas teach them that god is of divine light and sound and also it teaches the way to reach him. The fourth hand is giving grace to the people with the sign of sin mudra.

    God who is of divine light and sound is showering grace upon us and his grace can be realized from the place of sinmudra. Know and realize what is sinmudhra and do penance there with silence. This is the message that thatchinaa murthy is conveying to the humans with his form.

    The divine message that thatchinaa murthy bought is “Keep your eyes open and be just present without any action”. This is what told by thatchinaa murthy without any speech. This is the secret wisdom of divinity.

    Vedas tell the same truth in coded and hidden way. The lord who is present everywhere is of the form of divine light. With this divine light divine sound is also present and this divinity is present in human body in the place of sinmudra.

    If we cling on to this sinmudra and be just there, we can realize and reach the supreme lord.

    Sanakaathi sages came to know this and by following this they realized him and reached him and attain divine blissfull immortal life.

    In this the important thing is sinmudra. This is the place in the human body through which he is accessible and we can reach him. This is the place in which we have to do penance. This is the place where we have to be just there. Lord as Thatchinaamurthy has bent his index finger and touching the middle line of the thumb with his other three fingers stretched out.

    The Lord Ayyappa in sabarimala is also showering his grace in the sign of sin mudra. With sin mudra in your hand and if you turn your hands the region in which the index finger is touching the middle finger resembles like our eyes. Our eye length is same as the length of thumb finger from the tip till the middle line.

    So Sin Mudra means Eye and this has been represented in coded terms so that we may think and realize this. To make us use our knowledge only these things were represented in coded form.

    In KathaUpanishad the hero character Nichikethan asks the lord of death yama where the lord is residing in human body. To this lord yama replies the supreme lord is present in the human body which is of the size of thumb and is present as smokeless divine flame. This is one more proof that eye is the way to reach god.

    In our human body the length of thumb from tip to the middle line represents the eye as both are of same length. The lord who is of divine supreme flame and light is of flame without any smoke. He is inside our eyes as the divine light without any smoke. This is divine secret.

    Only if we get to know this we can be just there and do penance with our eyes opened as indicated by Thatchinaamurthy.

    I am telling this divine secret to the whole world. Our eyes were the lamp of our body. The divine light present in our body is nothing but the supreme lord himself. One who does penance by constantly thinking of the light of the eye with consciousness in the eye and with eyes open and with alertness and by just being there will see and realize the supreme lord.

    One who knows what sinmudra denotes and who just be there in the consciousness in the place of sinmudra with the eyes open will get the pleasure of reaching the supreme lord.

    “Cling on to Thumb for getting divine pleasure and bliss” – Siddhar song. Understand the greatness of "Tamizh" language here.... it's as "Thumb + izh" - i hope no explanations needed.... that's what it's codedly been conveyed to us as "Agastiar is been taught tamizh language by Lord Muruga(Sadashiva)" n words of great saint as "Kadavul enai padaithan, nandraga tamizh cheyumare.... here, he didnt mention this with just language as being guessed by us normally, but he is intimating about this great thavam(meditation) here not as mere language but the self realization itself.... So that only, there came a song for the greatness of tamizh comparing it to all the precious things n been called as Chemmozhi.... The song is "Tamizhukum amuthendru per...."

    Showing sinmudra they are indicating our eyes. So siddhars were asking us to cling on to our eyes for getting divine pleasure and bliss.

    So as Thatchinnamurthi the supreme lord’s teaching is realize the divine light in our eyes and be there with our eyes open. Since sanakaadhi sages were highly learnt, knowledgeable and intelligent they can understand lord’s teaching and can realize him. Since Thatchinna Murthy imparted to them without speaking they were able to realize the truth. This is the truth. This is satya and this has been certified by different sages, seers, siddhars and Nyanis.

    Whatever lord as dakshinamoorthy imparted is also confirmed by another incident in another Nyani’s life. This saint is none but great ArunagiriNathar (Author of famous tamil divine poem and song ThiruPukal). Aadhiguru imparted the teaching to sanakaadhi sages without speaking whereas in the case of ArunagiriNathar lord muruga took the form of a Brahmin and imparted the teaching by speaking the words “Just be there(Summa Iru)” and saved him.

    In all the above incidents god did not showered his grace directly instead god came as guru and imparted his teachings and blessed them as guru. By this the supreme lord tells about the importance of guru and imparts the teaching which is “Just be there”.

    Those who does penance with the divine consciousness in the eye and with the eye open will get spiritual maturity and only for those person the supreme lord will show himself , will make them realize him, will embrace them and will overwhelm them with his grace.

    In ThiruPuzal ArunagiriNather praises lord muruga as how he has been shown grace by the lord as guru by speaking the words “I am telling you to be just there”.

    So AadhiGuru means the first guru is Thatchinnamurthi. Thatchinnamurthis is none but that supreme divine lord. His teaching was “Just be there with Alertness and with eyes open”. This is the divine wisdom and way to divinity.

    The same divine wisdom is conveyed by all the seers, saints, siddhars, Nyanis and our divine saint Vallalar who have come in the family of divine members who were sent to uplift this world. This divine wisdom is told to people in different ways using different words and with coded forms. This same information is told as divine secret so as to make people search for it.

    The lord who is of infinite divine grace light is in our eyes as tiny divine grace light. If we do penance with our eyes open and just being there we will get divine pleasure and bliss called Perinbam.

    Even if we learn everything we should still learn from a guru. We should realize whatever we learn is just the size of sand that can be held in our hand. This knowledge is the true knowledge. “Do not try for union without guru”! “Do not see without guru showing it” ! “Without Guru any art/skill is of no use to oneself”! “If guru sees us crores of our karma will go off”! “Guru is brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheshwara, Guru is none but supreme brahmam” ! “Mother, Father, Guru and then only comes the supreme lord”.

    In this way we can keep on telling about the importance, nobleness and honor of guru. To let us know about the importance of guru the lord himself imparted the teachings as Guru. So it is very important for every person to get a guru to show them the way to the supreme lord.

    Can be there any other way then what has been imparted to us by the supreme lord himself as Thatchinnamurthi which is “Just be there”?No.

    Right from the beginning of time all the saints, seers and Nyanis has conveyed the same divine wisdom in different ways and different forms. Nothing else.

    The same old ParamaSivam is AadhiGuru. What is there to tell as new? Nothing. Every difference is due to difference in language and difference in words but the underlying wisdom is one and the same.

    If the supreme lord is one then we have to unite with him in the divine light of our eyes. Doing penance with our eyes open and just being there is the only way to him. All the ways that has been said to reach divinity should converge in this way. Because this is the way which leads us to the door to the house of lord. Our eye is this way. So open your eyes, do not sleep, do not be lazy and do penance.

    One who without seeing any differences get to know that lord Thatchinnamurthi is none but supreme lord himself and realize that his teaching is “Just be there” will be saved. One who acts with the strong belief that guru is parabrahamam will be saved.

    “Whatever words i tell were the words of my hero the supreme lord” – saint vallalar. I am not telling anything myself. Whatever told through me is by the lord himself. By this he offers all his words humbly before the supreme lord. If this is the case whatever told by our saint vallalar is the same as told by AadhiGuru Thatchinaamurthi is it not.

    Not only for saint vallalar but through all the great saints, sages and Nyanis it is Aadhiguru who is imparting the wisdom to the world through them. Everything is his deed.

    In today’s world lots of people without knowing Thatchinnamurthi is supreme lord himself and without realizing his teaching is the “Eye” way to the divinity is going in different paths and falling down and suffering.

    One who knows this teaching has also hidden it to the world and because they have earned lot of Pabha or badkarma and because of this they too despite knowing the truth has not achieved completeness or divinity.

    So all the people of the world please come and let us all walk in the divine and pure path of light.

    Realize that the eyes were the only way to divinity. Realize doing penance is the only way to divinity. Eye is the way. So open your eyes to this.

    In today’s world there were so many people who do prediction based on horoscope. In horoscope we have 9 planents called Navagraha. In this come the planet of Jupiter also called Guru Graha who is brahaspathi. Only this guru undergoes changes from one constellation to other constellation. This guru is not Thatchinnamurthi.

    So thinking that they are offering puja to GuruGraha people are offering puja to Thatchinnamurthi. So realize this. Thatchinnamurthi is not the guru of Navagraha. Thatchinaamurthi is supreme lord himself who is showing the path of divinity to us.

    The teaching imparted by Thatchinaamurthi which is “Just be there” , one who gets to know to do this penance by a guru upadesha and getting dekshai from the guru and does penance will get divine wisdom and will reach the supreme lord.

    By this way by doing penance one who has committed sin and karma for thousands of his birth will be done away by the grace of the Aadhiguru. Only when we get the vision of this guru will our sins be washed off.

    Aadhiguru should see us from within us. We should get the grace of Thatchinnamurthi. Only then all our karmas will be washed away with and we will get divine spiritual immortal life. So to get rid of our karma seek Aadhiguru.

    To know aadhiguru you offer your humble respects to a sadguru here get upadesha and Deekshai. Do penance.

    “One who does penance the penance will never go futile” -> Saint Avayaar.

    Our father told by Jesus Christ, Alla told by Mohammed, ArutperumJyothi Aandavar as told by our saint vallalar were all same.

    The lord who is as supreme divine light can be reached by increasing our divine light in our eyes and we ourself getting the divine light body. This is the teaching accepted by the whole world. This is the only important thing that has to be known by everyone.

    Tamil Poet kachiyappasivachariyar in his ThiruvilayadalPuranam tells about the form of Aadhiguru thatchinnamurthi is his following words

    “Who sits beneath the tree of stone and who is as everything and also beyond them and who is imparting the divine knowledge to the four who were well versed in Vedas by being just there without any speech we shall think of him without any thinking to get rid of our sins”.

    In lots of temple in tamilnadu we see lord thatchinnarmurhty statue is sculpted facing south which is itself very famous.

    But the sad part is people think lord dakshinamoorthy as NavaGraha Guru (Planet Jupiter) and offer the garland made of chickpeas and yellow color towel to him to get rid of the bad things bought by planet Jupiter in their horoscope. These all should be offered to Lord of planet Jupiter. This ignorance is due to fraudulent astrologers who subscribe offerings as atonement for one’s badkarma did in previous births. Realize this it is not lord of planet Jupiter who is lord dakshinamoorthy.

    One good thing is people without knowing about dakshinamoorthy still offering their worships and offerings to him. As we know the sin commited even without one’s knowledge brings punishment and similarly good deeds also done without one’s knowledge will bring fortune and blessings to one. So by accepting the offering of the people even though they do without their knowledge lord dakshinamoorthy still blesses them by guiding them to get some type of guru in their life.

    Even if one get any type of guru it is important. The duty of one is to be sincere and true to a guru. If a sishya or disciple is true and good it doesnot matter whether the guru is qualified and good or not. By being true to any guru and if the guru happens to be a fraud then lord aadhiguru on merit of being true and good will bless that disciple and showing him to a true guru.

    Since aadhiguru is one with ocean of compassion and divinity himself.

    Can there be any good student then Aakalivan who took dronar as his guru in his mind and practised and achieved greatness in archery?

    The great philanthropist karnan is also the one who has praised his guru. Rama and Krishna who were considered to be lord himself in the form of humans has also approached guru and trained under him to show the importance of guru to the world.

    Jesus Christ who initiated using divine fire also took initiation under john using water.

    So all the saints, seers and nyanis who have took birth in this world had some guru in their life and offered them their respects. So in short everyone needs a guru. We need a qualified and true guru. We should know about Aadhi guru.

    One who doesnot offer respects to the feet of guru, for them lord will always be elusive” – saint tamil poet Avvayaar.

    If we get a good guru who can tell us about Aadhi guru, his teachings and can give dekshai then we are very fortunate ones. One who accepts that the teaching of Aadhi guru and lord muruga to be “Just be there” and makes us realize the divinity through our eyes and shows us the way to divinity through our eyes is the true "MeiNyanaGuru".

    To get such a guru we should have done lot of good karma in our previous births. To such a guru we have to be true and follow his words sincerely and do penance and do this divine donation. By doing the door to the house of lord will be opened and we can reach god.

    All the very best.... Have a nice day...

    wishes n regs,

    S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan.
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    Importance of choosing Guru:

    Dear All,

    Those who is able to clear ur doubts n take u to the supreme is the real guru. They should be able to give u deekshai for u to do the greatest yogam... gnanathil yogam....

    That's what is the greatest yoga... thats what i like to pass it to all... In tamizh "Summa irunthu sugam kaanuthal"... advised by lord skandha to arunagirinathar as "Summa iru"... means, we r really the light.. only our karma blocks us from understanding it. "Just be still with eyes focused in a point always".

    How we recongnize light? By our Inside the pupil, there is a hole in it.. From within comes the real light within us, but it's been blocked by our karma... so who is able to break it can see their realself - the light within the body...A real guru can give u that deekshai n make u get concious in ur eyes for doing the real thavam....

    We the body n sufferings r in gross level as per our karma. The real part is the "LIGHT".

    When u get the chance to meet any great seers, automatically they'll remove ur lock, by which automatically u can get into the reality.

    That's what shown by Dakshinamoorthy's pose, being silent, with half-opened eyes, pointed to see nose tip, which automatically makes u get concentrated to inner eye, when eye is focused there.. also, sin mudra - if u see sin mudra, it's the real shape of eyes.... just try n check it...

    So, who is able to clear this n all other doubts that will raise once u go inside to research urself - ur reality, he/she should be able to guide u...

    Theetchai means - Thee + Icchai / Thee + Akshai - Iccha shakthi, residing in Akshai - eyes.... so, a real guru, the spritual guru should be able to show u the way towards a worldly guru for u to first get deekshai, so that u can break ur lock in ur eyes, through which u can further know ur reality very sooner n completely n clearly...

    But, without a physical guru unlocking, it's much hard to get self realized... Dont go back of many fakes introducing themselves as guru....

    I hope u understand the explanations.
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    Dear All,

    Herewith, I m attaching 3 word files to show the importance of "the light from within the pupil as the real feet of lord" as also told by

    Bulleh Shah, Guru Arjun, Kabir, Soami Ji, Persian mystic shams of Tabriz, Khwaja Hafiz, Rumi, Saint Beniji, Tulsi Sahib, the great saint of Hathras to Sheikh Taqi

    Please read these n be benefitted by following the great method as devised by all the real seers....

    * A small correction in the 3nd file - it's hole, not mole...

    "In the pupil of thine eye is a mole" - here, it's hole, not mole...

    Please read it and understand the reality.... All the very best....

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    It's fine to understand about what's Lord Siva first so clearly n then try to wake the dormant siva to the active one by the proper n right method....

    மெய்பொருள் பற்றி திருமந்திரப் பாடல்கள்:
    Mei - true, the only truth within us is Sivam(Lord Siva), understand it's real nature by these great song given by the greatest siddhar, Thirumoolar.... the grandpa of all later siddhars...

    நமக்காக நமது முன்னோர்கள் எத்தனையோ ஞான பொக்கிஷங்களை தந்தருளியிருக்கிறார்கள். தமிழ் அறிந்தவர்கள் உண்மையில் மிகவும் பாக்கியசாலிகள். இங்கே இருக்கின்ற அளவு ஞான நூல்கள் வேறு எங்கும் இருப்பதாக தெரியவில்லை. இங்கே இருக்கின்ற அளவு ஞான பெருமக்கள் வேறு எங்கும் இருப்பதாக தெரியவில்லை. தமிழ்நாட்டில் தடுக்கி விழுந்தால் ஒரு சமாதியின் மேல்தான் விழ வேண்டி இருக்கிறது. சமாதி என்றால் சம-ஆதி. அதாவது ஆதியான இறைவன் நிலையை அடைந்தவர்கள். செத்தைவனை புதைத்தல் அது சமாதி அல்ல.

    இனி சாத்திரத்தில் சிறந்த “திருமந்திரம்” கூறும் சில மெய்ஞான பாடல்களை கருத்துகளை உங்களுடன் பகிர்ந்து கொள்கிறேன்.

    எல்லா ஞானிகளும் இறைவன் உடலில் கண்ணில் காரியப்படுவதை தெளிவுபடுத்தி அடைய வேண்டிய நிலையும் வழிகளையும் கூறிச்சென்றதையும் திருமூலர் தெளிவுபட விளக்குகிறார்.

    “விண்ணின் றிழிந்து வினைக்கீடாய் மெய்கொண்டு
    தண்ணின்ற தாளைத் தலைக்காவல் முன்வைத்து
    உணனின் றுருக்கியொ ரொப்பிலா ஆனந்தக்
    கண்ணின்று காட்டிக் களிப்பருத் தானே”

    - திருமந்திரம் 113

    இந்த பாடலில் இறைவன் நம் உடலில் இருக்கும் பான்மையினை தெளிவுபடுத்தியுள்ளார்கள் . இறைவன் ஆகாயத்திலிருந்து இறங்கி நாம் செய்துள்ள பாவ புண்ணிய வினைகளுக்கு தகுந்தவாறு உடல் எடுத்து குளிர்ச்சி பொருந்திய திருவடியை நம் தலைக்கு முன்பக்கத்தில் காட்டி – உள் நின்று உருக்கி ஒப்பில்லாத ஆனந்தத்தை கண்ணிலே காட்டி களிம்பாகிய மும் மலத்தை அறுத்தான். இல்லாமல் செய்கிறான் என்கிறார்.

    இந்த ஒரு பாடல் போதுமே ஒருவன் ஞானம் பெறுவதற்கு!

    “பார்ப்பான் அகத்திலே பாற்பசு ஐந்துண்டு
    மேய்ப்பாரும் இன்றி வெறித்துத் திரிவன
    மேய்ப்பாரும் உண்டாய் வெறியும் அடங்கினாற்
    பார்ப்பான் பசு ஐந்தும் பாலாச் சொரியுமே”

    - திருமந்திரம் 2883

    பார்ப்பான் – பார்ப்பது கண்தானே . எனவே கண்தான் பார்ப்பான்.

    அதில் உள்ள ஒளிதானே நம்மை நடத்திச் செல்கிறது! கண்-பார்ப்பான்-பார்த்தன், ஒளி-நடத்துபவன்-சாரதி.
    கண் ஒளியைத்தான் – கண்ணனைத்தான்(கண்) – நாம் பார்த்த சாரதி என்கிறோம். இந்த பார்ப்பன் அகத்திலே
    பார்ப்பசு ஐந்துண்டு அதாவது புலன்கள் ஐந்துண்டு என்கிறார்.

    This is called the real n true Krishna Conciousness... Got it...

    இதை நாம் மேய்க்காவிட்டால் -கட்டுப்படுத்தாவிட்டால் கண்ட கண்ட இடத்தில் மேய்ந்து விடும்.

    மனதை கட்டுப்படுத்தும் மார்க்கத்தை அறிந்து நாம் நம் புலன்களை நம் வசப்படுத்தினால் கர்மேந்திரியங்கலான நம் புலன்கள் ஞானந்திரியமாக மாறி அதனால் நமக்கு அமுதம் கிடைக்கும் என்று கூறுகிறார்.

    Please try to understand the reality...

    wishes n regs,

    S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan.
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    மெய்ப்பொருள் பாடல்கள் - The true thing within us - the real siva....

    எல்லா மதங்களும், சமயங்களும் வெவேறு கொள்கைகள் வைத்திருந்தாலும்…… சேருமிடம் இறைவனைத்தான் என்று பொதுவாக சொல்ல கேள்வி பட்டு இருக்கிறோம். இது உண்மையா?

    நிச்சயமாக இல்லை…. நீங்கள் எந்த கொள்கை வைத்து இருக்கிறீர்களோ அந்த கொள்கைக்கு என்ன கிடைக்குமோ!! அதுதான் கிடைக்குமே தவிர நாம் இறைவனை அடைய முடியாது .

    இறைவன் ஏக இறைவனாக இருந்தால் அவனை அடையும் வழியும் ஒன்றாகத்தான் இருக்குமே தவிர நிச்சயமாக வேவேராக இருக்க முடியாது….

    அதற்குதான் …. நாம் பார்க்க வேண்டியது … ஞானிகளின் பாடல்களையும் அவர்களின் கருத்துக்களையும் தானே தவிர…. சமயத்தையோ, ஆசிரம்த்தையோ அல்ல….

    அப்படி சமயத்தின் படியோ (or) ஆசிரமத்தின் படியோ நடந்தால் நீங்கள் மிஞ்சி போனால் சமய தலைவனாகவோ அல்லது ஆசிரம தலைவனாகவோ ஆக முடியமே தவிர ஒரு காலும் பிரபஞ்சத்தின் அதி உன்னதமான நிலையை அடைய முடியாது……….

    இதை திருஅருட்பிரகாச வள்ளலார் நன்கு உணர்ந்ததால் தான் இப்படி சொன்னார்…………

    “இது தொடங்கி எக்காலத்தும் சுத்த சன்மார்க்கத்தைன் தடைகளாகிய சமயங்கள் மதங்கள் மார்க்கங்கள் என்பவற்றின் ஆசார சங்கற்ப விகற்பங்களும் வருணம் ஆசிரமம் முதலிய உலகாசார சங்கற்ப விகற்பங்களும் எங்கள் மனதில் பற்றாத வண்ணம் அருள் செய்தல்வேண்டும்”

    இப்பொழுது நாங்கள் கொடுக்க போகும் மெய் பொருள் விளக்க பாடல்களை நாம் ஒரு சமயத்திலோ அல்லது ஆசிரம்திலோ 50 வருடம் குப்பை கூட்டினால் கூட கிடைக்குமா என்பது சந்தேகமே…………….

    அந்த அளவிற்கு இது ரகசியமாக வைக்க படுகிறது … அதை பட்ட வர்த்தனமாக இங்கு நாங்கள் வெளிபடுத்துகிறோம்.

    வள்ளல் பெருமானின் திருவடி வணங்கி இதை பதிகிறேன்….. உண்மையான ஆன்ம தாகம் உள்ளவர்களை இந்த பதிவு போய் சேர அருட்பெரும் ஜோதி ஆண்டவரை வேண்டி கொள்கிறேன்.

    பட்டினத்தார் பாடல்:

    “வெட்டாத சக்கரம் பேசாத மந்திரம் வேறொருவர்க்
    கெட்டாத புட்பமிறையாத தீர்த்தமினி முடிந்து
    கட்டாத லிங்கங் கருதாத நெஞ்சங் கருத்தினுள்ளே
    முட்டாத பூசை யன்றோ குருநாதன் மொழிந்ததுவே.”

    வெட்டாத சக்கரம்நமது கண்மணி எப்படி உள்ளது.. அதாவது கருவிழி.. வட்டமாக சக்கரமாக உள்ளதா… அது வெட்டி வட்டமாக்கபட்ட சக்கரம் அல்ல என்கிறார்.

    (So, please try to understand, the siva n shakthi's idols is not the representation of the genitals as commonly mis-represented, but it's the eyes... i'll give supporting evidence for it sooner)

    பேசாத மந்திரம் – பேசினால்தானே மந்திரம், பேசாவிட்டால் மௌனம். கண் பேசாது அதான் மௌனம்

    (Now, can u understand what's the real Mouna viratham, not the one without talking, but to do meditation with eyes without talking, that's the real Mouna Viratham).

    வேறொருவர்க் கெட்டாத புட்ப – வேறொருவருக்கு எட்டாத புட்பம்(Flower, Pushpam) நம் கண்மலர் எப்படி எனில்… யாரவது உங்கள் கண் அருகில் கையை கொண்டு வந்தால் இமைகள் மூடி கொள்ளும் இதனைத்தான் வேறொருவருக்கு எட்டாத புட்பம் என்று பாடினார்……

    மிறையாத தீர்த்த – நம் கண்ணிலே உள்ள நீர் இறைக்கபடாமல் உள்ளதா….ஆம் இறைவனை நினைக்க நினைக்க நீர் கங்கை போல் பெருகி ஒடுமஅல்லவோ…

    இந்த இடத்தில் நீங்கள் எமது நாயகன் வள்ளல் பெருமானின் பாடலை நினைவு படுத்தி கொள்ளவும்……

    “நினைந்து நினைந்து
    உணர்ந்து உணர்ந்து
    நெகிழ்ந்து நெகிழ்ந்து
    அன்பே நிறைந்து நிறைந்து
    ஊற்றெழும் கண்ணீர் அதனால்
    உடம்பு நனைந்து நனைந்து
    அருளமுதே நன்னிதியே ஞான நடத்தரசே
    என்னுரிமை நாயகனே என்று
    வனைந்து வனைந்து ஏத்ததும்
    நாம் வம்மின் உலகியலீர்
    மரணமிலாப் பெருவாழ்வில் வாழ்ந்திடலாம்
    கண்டீர் புனைந்துரையோன் பொய்புகலேன்
    சத்தியம் சொல்கின்றேன் பொற்சபையில் சிற்சபையில் புகும் தருனம் இதுவே”

    புரிகறதா எல்லாம் கண்தான் என்று………….

    யன்றோ குருநாதன் மொழிந்ததுவே – இவைகளையே என் குருநாதன் மொழிந்தது என்று கூறுகிறார்……

    இனிமேலாவது நாம் யாரை குரு என்று கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்று புரிகறதா….. இதை சொல்லி உணர்த்தி காடுபவர்தான் குரு…. அதை விட்டு விட்டு எல்லா அசிரமங்களிலயும் சொல்லி கொடுக்கப்படும் மூச்சு பயறிசி, காலை நீட்டி மடக்கி செயும் யோகா போன்றவற்றை சொல்லி தருபவர்களி எல்லாம் ஞான சர் குரு என்று நாம் கொள்ள கூடாது என்பதை நாம் புரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

    மேலும் பட்டினத்தடிகளின் மிக அழகான பாடல்………

    “கண்டம் கரியதாம் கண்மூன்று உடையதாம்
    அண்டத்தைப் போல அழகியதாம் – தொண்டர்
    உடலுருகத் தித்திக்கும் ஓங்குபுகழ் ஒற்றிக்
    கடலருகே நிற்கும் கரும்பு".

    கண்டம் கரியதாம்” – கண்டம் கருப்பு நிறமுடையது – கருவிழி.
    கண் மூன்று உடையதாம்” – அது எப்படி???

    ஆம் ஐயா… கண்ணில் முதலில்
    1. வெள்ளை படலம் உள்ளதா???
    2. அதனுள் ஒரு கருபடல்ம் உள்ளதா??
    3. அதனுள் இறுதியாக ஒரு சிறிய கரு விழி உள்ளதா??

    Real truth about the Birth of Lord Murugan:

    இதுதான் மூன்று கண் என்பது!!!! (Now, i think, u can understand what's the real 3rd eye of Shiva, it's not the inner eye alone mentioned as Third Eye, that's the only real eye.... but, what really is the "3rd Eye of Shiva" and from which "Lord Muruga" is born should be very clear now.... "Karu vizhi, our pupil - the light within the pupil is the real birth of lord muruga"... kindly understand it clearly...

    கடலருகே நிற்கும் கரும்பு” என்று பாடுகிறார்….

    The real Sugarcane(The great Patinathar of Thiruvotriyoor also have sung about this Sugarcane only n also all other seers...)

    கரும்பு எங்காவது கடலில் விளையுமா…தோழர்களே….. சிந்தியுங்கள் …. அப்புறம் எப்படி “…….கரும்பு” என்று பாடினார்.

    கடல் நீர் எப்படி இருக்கும்??

    கரிக்குமா???? உங்கள் கண்ணீர் எப்படி இருக்கும்?????? சொல்லுங்கள் அதுவும் கரிக்குமா!!!!!

    அந்த கடல் போன்ற இடத்தில் நிற்கும் கரும்பாம்????

    இதை நாம் கரும்பு என்று படிக்க கூடாது?? கருப்பு + பூ ???

    ஆம் இருக்கிறது அது நம் கண் மலர்தான் அதுதான் நம் கண்ணீர் என்ற கடலில் ஒற்றி நிற்கும் கரும்பு என்று பாடினார்.

    திருமூலர் பாடல்:

    விண்ணின் றிழிந்து வினைக்கீடாய் மெய்கொண்டு
    தண்ணென்ற தாளைத் தலைக்காவல் முன்வைத்து
    உண்ணின் றுறுக்கயொ ரொப்பிலா ஆனந்தக்
    கண்ணின்று காட்டிக்களிம் பறுத்தானே – Song_113

    இறைவன் ஆகாயத்திலிருந்து இறங்கி நம் வினைக்கு ஏற்ப உடல் எடுத்து குளிர்ச்சி பொருந்திய திருவடியை தலைக்கு முன் பக்கத்திலே காட்டி – உள் நின்று உருக்கி ஒப்பிலாத ஆனந்தத்தை கண்ணிலே காட்டி – களிம்பாகிய

    ஒண்ணா நயனத்தில் உற்ற ஒளிதன்னை
    கண்ணாரப் பார்த்துக் கலந்தங் கிருந்திடில்
    விண்ணாறு வந்து வௌகைண் டிடவோடிப்
    பண்ணாமல் நின்றது பார்க்கலு மாமே – Song_600

    நயனம் என்றால் கண் ஐயா….கண்களில் உள்ள ஒளியை பார்த்து சாதனை செய்ய செய்ய.. விண்ணிலிருந்து ஒளி தோன்றி நம் முன் காரியபடுவதை காணலாம் … என்கிறார்

    அண்டங்கள் ஏழும் அகண்டமும் ஆவியும்
    கொண்ட சராசரம் முற்றும் குணங்களும்
    பண்டை மறையும் படைப்பளிப்பு ஆதியும்
    கண்டசிவனும்என் கண்ணன்றி இல்லையே – Song_1871
    எல்லாமே கண்தான். இதை தவிர ஒன்றும் இல்லை என்கிறார்
    காணவல் லார்க்குஅவன் கண்ணின் மணியொக்கும்
    காணவல் லார்க்குக் கடலின் அமுதொக்கும்
    பேணவல் லார்க்கப் பிழைப்பிலன் பேர்நந்தி
    ஆணவல் லார்க்கே அவன்துணை யாமே – Song_2823

    காணவல்லவர்கள் ஆர்வத்தோடு முயல்பவர்கள் கண்மணியாம் இறைவனை(Pupil, the light within is the real god) காணுங்கள் என்கிறார்.

    இறுதியாக…. இந்த பாடலை பாருங்கள்…

    எண்ணா யிரத்தாண்டு யோகம் இருக்கினும்
    கண்ணார் அமுதினைக் கண்டறி வாரில்லை
    உண்ணாடிக் குள்ளே ஒளியுற நோக்கினால்
    கண்ணாடி போலக் கலந்துநின் றானே – Song_603

    எண்ணாயிரம் ஆண்டுகள் யோகம் செய்தாலும் அறிய முடியாது. கண்ணில் கலந்து நின்ற அவனை நாடி உள்ளே ஒளிபெற நோக்க காணலாம் அவனை என கூறுகிறார்.

    மும்மலங்களை அறுத்தான் என்கிறார்

    இதற்க்கு மேலும் சில திரு மூலரின் ஞானத்தை தெளிக்க முடியும் ஆனால் இப்போதைக்கு இது போது என்று நினைக்கிறேன்.

    மாணிக்கவாசகர் பாடல்

    பாடலை பார்ப்பதற்கு முன் மாணிக்கவாசகரை பற்றி எம் வள்ளல் பெருமானின் பாடலை பாருங்கள்……….

    “வான்கலந்த மாணிக்கவாசக! நின் வாசகத்தை,
    நான்கலந்து பாடுங்கால், நற்கருப்பஞ்சற்றினிலே
    தேன்கலந்து, பால்கலந்து, செழுங்கனித் தீஞ்சுவை கலந்து,என்
    ஊன்கலந்து, உயிர்கலந்து, உவட்டாமல் இனிப்பதுவே!”

    இது போதாதா…….அவர் புகழ் சொல்ல…. எங்காவது கேள்வி பட்டதுண்டா…. ஒரு சுத்த மெய் ஞானி…. இன்னொரு சுத்த மெய் ஞானியை பற்றி பாடியதுண்டா?????

    வன்திருபெருந்துறையாம் வழியடியோம் கண்ணகத்தே
    நின்று களிதரும் தேனே- திருபள்ளிஎழுச்சி பாடல்-9

    திருபெருந்துறையாம் – திருவாகிய இறைவன் தங்கியிருக்கும் பெரும் துறை .

    பெரிய துறை – இடம் என்று பொருள்படும்

    இது நம் உடலில் அடியார்களாகிய எங்கள் கண்ணில் அகத்தே – உள்ளே நின்று ஆனந்தம் தருபவனே என இறைவன் நம் கண்ணினுளே நின்றதை தெளிவு படுதியுருகிறார்

    “அம்மையே அப்பா ஒப்பில்லா மணியே”
    ஒப்பில்லாத நம் கண் – மணியே அம்மையப்பன் என்று சொல்கிறார்

    மாணிக்கவாசகரும் ஒளியுடல் பெற்றவர்தான்.

    தாயுமானவர் பாடல்:

    காணும் கண்ணில் கலந்த கண்ணே

    நாம் காணுகின்ற நம் உடலில் உள்ள கண்ணில் கலந்த இறைவனே என்கிறார்…………….

    “கண்ணுள் நின்ற ஒளியை கருத்தினை
    விண்ணுள் நின்று விளங்கிய மெய்யினை
    எண்ணி எண்ணி இரவும் பகலுமே
    நாணுகின்றவர் நான்தொழும் தெய்வமே”

    கண்ணுள் நின்ற ஒளியை – கருவிழிக்குள் விண்ணாகிய ஆகாயத்தில் அந்தரத்தில் நின்று விளங்கும் மெய்யான – ஒளியை கருத்திலே இருத்தி இரவு பகல் பாராது எந்நேரமும் எண்ணி எண்ணி சாதனை புரிபவர்களே நான் தொழும் தெய்வம் என்று தாயுமான சுவாமிகள் கூறுகிறார்.

    I hope u all have understood the real nature of lord within us is the light within our pupil, pls. try to understand it... Also, it's there in the eyes only, our mind is present... so to control mind, one should learn to control our eyes n concentrate on it... That's it... All the very best for all those who are truely deserved...

    May contact me for any kind of queries or help in this regards...

    wishes n regs,

    S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan.
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    what is meant by MeiPorul (True Wealth or True Thing)?

    Whatever a thing is and whatever is its state, wisdom is to see the True thing in it
    - Divine Tamil Poet ThiruValluvar

    By the above peom Thiruvalluvar means that True wisdom is to find true wealth(MeiPorul) using any available thing in whatever state it is. This will be the characteristics of people with divine knowledge. They will see the true thing(MeiPorul) in all the things. Now What is MeiPorul.

    Mei in Tamil means Truth. Another meaning of it is our physical body. The True Thing in this physical body is our soul. Truth is the one that is indestructible and beyond time. Our soul is the truth and that is inside our body. Our soul is small divine part of the supreme divine being. We call our soul Jeevatma. Our Soul is accessible to us through our eyes. Because of this reason seers have called our eyes as MeiPorul. Paramatma who is present everywhere is present within us in our eyes. He is in our MeiPorul.

    “Whatever you hear from whom so ever try to use it find the meiporul in it”
    - Divine Tamil Poet ThriruValluvar

    Even if people talk and discuss various subjects and things if you think deep you can find out that the base and beginning of all will be supreme divine lord. If you think with divine wisdom you can find that all are talking about MeiPorul. Take any teachings and analyze it with your divine wisdom you can find out that all are talking about the same MeiPorul, the true thing within you. If you want to understand that every teaching teaches about MeiPorul then you have to cling on the MeiPorul. That is possible only if a Nyana Sadguru makes us to cling on it. If you surrender to a Nyana Guru he will make you to cling on this MeiPorul. If you cling on the MeiPorul with Guru’s grace then the divine light of the MeiPorul will become yours.

    “Guru will tell you what is meant by MeiPorul” - Siddhar.

    It is the seer Thriu. Thiruvarut Prakasha Vallalar who made Thiru Siva Selvaraj ayya as Guru and sat him in Kanyakumari’s ThangaJyothi Nyana Sabai and made him to give Nyana Upadesha and write books on Divine Wisdom and through him giving Nyana Deekshai to all the people of this world. This is the 24<sup>th</sup> book (Saakaa Kalvi) that he is publishing with his grace. He is teaching and showing the way how to become immortal. Come and learn this. Our lord who is as divine light in the pupil of the eyes will not forsake anyone and he is ocean of compassion and grace. Cling on to his lotus feet and he will lift you up and give you a divine blissful immortal life.

    “Which is the first organ to form in the body? Which is the place where six five and 2 petals were formed? Which is the place where the troubling five senses gets controlled? If a person can answer this then we can offer him our humble respects and can call him as Guru. “ – Siddhar Poem.

    The first organ to form inside mother’s womb is our eyes. The divine light of the eyes were responsible for the formation of the body.

    It is lord Muruga/Arumuga who has six faces and appear as six band of light and it is lord Ganesha who has five hands and who is the head of all the senses in the body and will appear as OhmKara and two petals were nothing but our two soft eyes which were as soft as the petals of the flower and the divine light is the one appearing in our eyes.

    The five basic elements were all present in our eyes. Our eye has tears in it. It represents basic element water. The flesh of the eye represent the basic element earth. You have noticed the tears were sometimes hot. This means there is fire inside our eyes. So if fire is there then there should be air. So all the four basic elements can be easily understood to be in our eyes. Now where is the element sky in the eyes. This is the secret. Look at the structure of our eyes.

    In the outer we have white layer. In the middle of it we have Iris. In the centre of iris we have what is called as pupil. In Tamil it is called KanMani (meaning bell of the eyes) and KrishnaMani (bell of LordKrishna).

    This pupil is in the middle of iris and inside the iris and it is hanging there without any direct support.

    This is where we have the last basic element which is sky.

    In this way all the five basic elements which represent the five basic senses were present in our eyes. All the five basic senses will come under control in the eyes only.

    I have told every divine thing without hiding any thing. There is no secret in divinity. I have told all these with the grace and blessing of my guru. Can this humble being be considered as Guru. I will still tell more. Keep reading.

    I told that our pupil is hanging without support. Is it possible for any material to hang without support? How our earth is there. Is it not hanging without any support. Our pupil is hanging there just like how earth is hanging in the sky. Seers use to tell “Whatever there is in the universe is also there in the human body”. How it is there in universe the same way it is there in the human body. This is the truth.

    Our earth is like a round ball. It rotates on its axis . It is rotating in the sky. For this there should be some reason or force making it to rotate. Is it not? The reason for this is the fire which is at the centre of the earth and by its energy and force making the earth to rotate on its axis. This is also responsible for the gravity of the earth.

    Now in the centre of our eye pupil in the size of the tip of needle there is divine fire glowing. That is why pupil is hanging and rotating just like our earth. So the pupil is in the sky of the body. By this we can say that there is fire in the centre of the pupil.

    The saint seer and Siddhar Pattinathar says “It is as beautiful as world and has three eyes and it is sugarcane in the shores of Otrriyoor”. Our eyes were beautiful as our earth.

    What is meant by three eyes?

    Outside the eye it has three layers the white layer, black iris and black pupil.

    If you see inside of the eye the right eye and left eye will go in and meet in a centre place which is straight inside of the forehead. This place is called 3<sup>rd</sup> eye or NettriKaan.

    By this the human has three eyes. He also tells it is the sugarcane in the shores of a place called Otrriyoor. Now let us deciper this.

    We can’t take literally these words. We have to decipher it. We all know that sugarcane will not grow in sea shore. By this he is meaning the divine light of the eyes in which tears flow out like sea and the divine light is in this shore. Our tears were salty like the water in the sea. Is it not.

    Also in tamil if you split the word for sugarcane it comes as KarumPoo (Karupuu + Poo) which means black flower.

    Do you find black flower in any part of the world. We call our eyes as flower (KanMalar). So pattinathhar is refereeing to our eyes only. He is telling it as it is as beautiful as the earth and has three eyes. He is refereeing to our eye structure in our head and making us to think by his words.

    Like this all the seers and saints has mentioned about our eyes as the Meiporul as it contains the divine light of the supreme being. They have used so many different words to describe it.

    The real centre of the Eyebrow:

    You would have heard lot of so called Gurus tell you to meditate on the centre of the eyebrow. Did they tell you correctly what is the centre of the eyebrow. If you ask anyone they will show you the place where we will keep the holy ash or saffron in our forehead. That is they will tell you this place is in between the two eyebrows. The seers have not told it is the centre of two eyebrows. They told centre of eyebrow in singular way (PuruvaMathi).

    If we see now there is nothing centre for a singular, the thing below the eyebrow is our eyes. We have to think like this and find answers for the poems and teaching by the saint. So all the seers have told about our eyes. We have to know the state of our eyes.

    Another siddhar has directly told that eyebrow centre is our eyes only. The conundrum told by a siddhar is opened by another siddhar. Like this way all the siddhars, saints and seers have referred to our eyes as the MeiPorul and told in many ways using many similes.

    Another siddhar song “Eyebrow center is nothing but the top of the earth which is as parabrahmam”. See how sweetly and how by using a simile he has told.

    Our pupil in the eye is round like the earth and it has the divine light which is parabrahmam. In this way everything refers to MeiPorul only.

    Our seer and saint Vallalar has told clearly “The lock of the eyebrow which is the centre of the eye, you find it, open it with ecstasy, drink it and attain divine bliss.
    The centre of the eye is the lock of the eyebrow”.

    Do we require further more light on what is centre of the eyebrow.

    Another siddhar in his poem has told this “The Lock has to opened with hands and the lock of the mind has to be opened with truth”. So do you want to open the lock in the centre of the eyebrow? How do you open it.

    With our hands only. Here hands refer to our eyes. Our eyes were the hands for us in spirituality. Our eyes were the holy feet of the lord. Since our divine light is the ultimate truth this siddhar ask us to open the lock with this divine light in the eyes.

    By this he discloses another divine secret.

    Our mind is present in our eyes. We have to open our mind with the help of our eyes.

    What is truth? Truth is one which is not destroyable and beyond time. The truth is supreme divine light which is present in our eyes. So using this divine light open the lock of the kind and the door will be opened. This is the divine secret.

    The Chakra that is not cut, Mantra that is not spoken, Flower which is not reachable to others, Holy water that is always perennial, Linga that is not bound, Offerings that doesnot go to mind , this is what my Guru has told in his upadesha.” – Siddhar song.

    The above poem refers to the MeiPorul only. It was told in lot of coded words and has to be deciphered to know its meaning. Let us see the meaning of the above song below:

    The Chakra that is not cut -> The Pupil of our eye is round and solid. Like the rolling of the chakra our pupil is also rotating. Our pupil is not formed or made by cutting. Without any cuts or joints is was formed as such by the supreme lord. That’s why the pupil of our eyes is the Chakra that is not cut.

    Mantra that is not spoken-> Mantra is the holy word which is uttered by thinking about the lord in our mind. There are so many mantras available. Vallalar has told “What did you get by uttering all the seven crore mantra in the scriptures. “ Another siddhar by the name sivavakkiar says “I have uttered so many mantras”. By this they mean mantra is not just uttering or repeating the words. Mantra is not just repeating the holy words again and again. Mantra means keeping the mind skilful and strong. You have to keep the mind in a place where the mind remains strong and skilful. This place is the pupil of our eyes only. As we have seen already there is small layer which is covering the centre hole in the pupil. This hole is of the size of tip of the needle. This layer is made up of 3 types of impurities (we shall see about this in the subsequent chapters). Our mind is present above this and functions as per these impurities. The mind comes out through this layer. So our mind is before the pupil in the subtle dimension. If we keep the mind in the pupil itself skilfully it is mantra. So Mantra refers to the skill of keeping the mind in the place where it is originating. This place is the pupil of the eye and it is called mantra. Our Eyes does not speak is it not. So Mantra that is not spoken again refers to the pupil of the eye.

    Flower that is not reachable to others -> We refer to the eye as flower in Tamil. Can someone reach/used our eyes, meaning can our eyes be used by someone else. The eyes which is the MeiPorul is reachable for them only. The flower which is as eight is which is not reachable for others refers to the pupil of the eyes.

    Perennial water– We have water (tears) in our eyes. Can someone tell how much water is there in our eyes. The water comes on our eyes always and perennially generated in our eyes. When we do the penance by feeling the consciousness in the eye and by realizing it in a relaxed way tears/water will flow out from our eyes like a waterfall. This tear coming out thus is the holywater. The holy water in our eyes for a ordinary man is not fetched out and it remains there. When we do penance and when the holy water comes out it is the theertha. Bathing completly on this water is the ganga snana. One who gets drenched and bathes in this holy water is the one who gets the divine wisdom.

    “Linga that is not bound” – In all the temples we see that the linga is bound in the ground. Which ever made by human hand is the linga form found in the temple. But our eyes are not made by the human hand. The shiva Linga upper part is the linga, the central solid and long part is called Avudai. This is used for discharging the water that is performed as abisheka to it. The bottom portion of the shiva linga is of rounded shape and it holds all the upper portions. So the shivalinga is of three parts. How this become or represent our eyes. If we look at the shivalinga from the top how does it look like. When we look from the top we can’t see the height of the linga. We see three concentric circles. One is the smaller upper circle, next is the circle of the Avudai and the lower one is the circle of the bottom one. So if we look at the shivalinga from the top it will resemble our eyes. So our eyes which holds that shiva in the form of divine light and which is blessed by the lord in our eyes. So

    “Linga that is not bound is our eyes”.

    “Offerings that doesnot go to mind”
    – All the actions that we plan and do in this world including the offerings that we make to the lord is done by the help of our mind. First we determine what has to be done and then we do the offerings. Chanting, Doing Homas, Pranayamam, VaasiYogam, puja, bathing the holy lord’s form with water and other holy stuff is all done with the help of our mind. But the penance that we do by feeling the divine consciousness, realizing the divine consciousness and in a relaxed way will not trigger our imagination and doesnot go to the mind, instead the wavering of mind is stopped. The divine penance that is ThiruvadiDekshai which is done on the MeiPorul is the one which doesnot affect or go to the mind. Being still with the mind fixed on the Thiruvadi divine consciousness is the Nyana Nillai. This is the MonaNillai. One who tells this is the MeiGuru. Guru who shows the MeiPorul to us. He is the true guru. He is the nyana Sadguru.

    Our divine saint and seer Vallalar has told thousands of time in his divine poem Thiruvartpa that our eyes, that is pupil of the eye is the MeiPorul and has shown the way for achieving the divine blissful immortal life.

    “Open the lock in the centre of the eyes through a qualified divine teacher and that will give you blissfulness.” – divine saint poet Vallalar also called Ramalinga Adigalar. So from this we can understand for all of us the centre of our eyes has been locked. Is it not. Who has locked it. Why is it locked. With what is it locked. Don’t we need to know all these?

    In the centre of our pupil there is a small hole in the size of tip of the needle. This hole is closed by a thin layer. Inside this the divine flame or light of our soul is flaming. This layer is nothing but our three impurities.

    VallalPerum calls this layer as screen. It is the divine supreme lord who has created and made all these. The saints and seers have seen this and realized all this.

    The layer of screen which is covering our divinity is the one that needs to be removed. If we remove the screen, the screen in the meiporul then we can see the divine light of our soul. This is the state which gives us divine bliss and this is the state every human being has to achieve. This is the supreme goal every human has to achieve.

    To see ourself and to realize ourself we need to know our meiporul, get the divine consciousness in it with the help of a guru and do penance on this. We have to offer our humble respects to our sadguru and do the penance.

    Our ancestors to help us achieve this state has told about Meiporul in all the stages of one’s life and kept all the things in a order to represent the Meiporul. Even the name of the lot of towns in TamilNadu indirectly represent this Meiporul. ThiruKannapuram, EnnKann, Ethukudi, Thiruvaduthurai, Kurunkudi all this town names represent our meiporul that is our eyes. ThiruKannapuram means divine lord who is residing in the town of Kannapuram.

    Kannapuram means town in the eyes. The number 8 and 2 is our eyes which is EnnKann. Ethukudi means the lord who is residing in the number 8 of our eyes. The divine supreme flame which is dancing in the place called Thiruvaduthurai. KurunGudi -> Since the divine light is present in our eyes in the place as small as the tip of the needle and hence the name. By this we see all the place represent the explanation of the MeiPorul.

    “Thambaram” – Thaam means us. We are param. This is the meaning of Thambaram.
    “Chidambaram” -> Small Ambaram means small temple that is Chidambaram.

    Lord Krishna in tamil is called Kannan. Kann means Eyes in Tamil. He is none but the light in our eyes. This is the meaning of Kannan. The pupil of our eye is called KrishnaMani or KannMani.

    The lord Ganesha is called Ganapathi in Tamil. Ganam means senses. So Ganapathi means he is supreme master of our senses.

    One who gets darshan of ThiruKannai Mangai Nethra Darshana in Thirupathi will attain Moksha” – divine song. Nethra means eyes. You might have seen the eye hospitals by name Nethralaya. So Nethram or Nethralaya indicates the eyes. There is a ceremony called UpaNyana in India.

    In this ceremony they will put the holy thread on one’s body. This ceremony is similar to purifiying ceremony in Christianity. Upa means Support and two. Nyanam means our eyes. This ceremony indicates the knowledge of our divinity that is residing in our two eyes.

    In Villages in TamilNadu elders if they want some one to go to some place and come they will tell go by 2 8. This 2 and 8 is the code word representing our eyes. This have to get to our mind. We have to go to the divinity through our 2 and 8 which is our eyes. Catch this 2 and 8 and you will reach the supreme.

    Our supreme divine lord is not somewhere far and away. He is in the place which is easily reachable to us. He is as eight in two and in the MeiPorul.

    Till this time all the people has kept this divine wisdom as confidential. There is nothing secret in it. The Divinity is in our eyes only. Everyone has told in code words. With the divine grace and blessings of my guru

    ThriuvartPrakasha vallalar and by the supreme lord Thiru Siva Selvaraj Ayya is the first person to tell this divine secrets to all through his books and released them.

    There is no saints or seers who have not talked about meiporul. But all these were in coded form and can be known only by the guru. For the benefit of all the human beings in this world and for all the human beings to attain the divine wisdom the saints and seers have made him as a tool and through him they have written 24 books on this divine wisdom.

    The grace and blessings of all the saints and seers were with me and protecting me. JesusChrist. Mohhamed Nabi and Vallalar teachings were all the same and indicate the MeiPorul.

    In Tamil the parents call their beloved children as Kannae (My Eyes), KannManiyae (pupil of the eyes). A man will call his lover as Kannae and KannManiyae. When we pray to our parents / elders we will keep our hand on their feet and then keep it in our eyes.

    In temples after showing the light before the god’s form in statue we will show our hand before the light and then will keep it on our eyes.

    We will call our parents as the first god seen by our eyes. After seeing our parents as god through our eyes we will see the supreme divine lord through our eyes by the grace of Guru.

    Kanavan represents husband, literally translates as the person in my eyes. For girls their husbands were the god seen by their eyes.

    In Sprituality all the jeevathmas were girls and the supreme lord is the Paramatha and he is the husband of all the jeevathmas. So our husband is in our eyes. He is in our MeiPorul.

    He who has got the MeiPorul Upadesha and Deekshai is called Duvichan. He is the one who has born again. One who realizes and does the penance on the MeiPorul will attain immoratality. They will attain the state of supreme divine lord.

    One who tells about MeiPorul and who makes us understand the meiporul is called guru. He is the one who gives consciousness to our meiporul. He is the SadGuru. One who does penance and keeps himself still and by this who realizes himself is called Gnani or saint or seer. They are the one who will attain divine blissful immortal life.

    ———-Nyana Upadesham! Thiruvadi Deekshai!——————————————————-
    ———Can be got by any persons who doesnot take meat or Non-Veg food.—————-
    ———To get this first go to Vadalur and get the grace and blessings of Vallalar.———
    ———Then come to KanyaKumari, bath in the place where three seas merge————–
    ———Then pray and offer your humble respects to the holy mother Vallai’s feet.——-
    ——–Then Come to ThangaJyothi Nyana Sabai.——————————————————

    Happy Day...

    wishes n regs,

    S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan.
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    Thiruvadi Upadesam
    Dear All with oneness of soul, our humble respects to you. By the grace of compassionate and all merciful Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar and by the compassionate Sadguru Shiva Selvaraj, we are posting the Thiruvadi Upadesam in this article. For the sake of welfare of all the people, this Upadesam which was given only to people after careful selection by the gurus in the earlier time and the divine secrets which were hidden so for and revealed only as code words and symbols were openly brought out by our guru with the complete grace and blessings of Vallalar and all other saints and seers and also by the blessings of the supreme lord.
    What is Upadesam? The closest translation for this word in English is the teaching. Upadesam the word can be split in to two parts which is Upa + Desam. Upa means the guide as well as number two and Desha means place, which implies it is the guide to the destination or guide to the two place. What is this two place. We shall see subsequently.
    What is Thiruvadi? Thiruvadi means holy feet – holy feet of the supreme lord. Thiruvadi Upadesha means guiding one or teaching one about the holy feet of the supreme lord. Thiruvadi Upadesha imparts the knowledge of the holy feet of the lord on our body and tells the means for self realization and god realization. This knowledge will be imparted by means of Sruthi (hearing), Yukthi (by analyzsis and thinking), Vaakiyaa (Reference to the holy scriptures by saints) and Anubava (experience).
    Who are we? Are we this body and mind alone. When one dies all the physical body is there and we still call it as dead body. So what is that without which a body stops functioning and considered as dead. Something has left this body right. What is that! We call it Soul. Our saints and seers tells us we are the soul (Jeevatma). This soul is one which gives life to the body. So to answer the question “who are we“, we should know and realize our soul. This realization is called self-realization. Inorder to know and realize our soul first we should know “where is this soul located inside our body and what is it’s character.” If we know where it is then we can reach there isin’t? Let us do some analysis and use our limited intelligence and find out the probable place where it can be. We shall then verify our understanding with the sayings in the scripture.
    As the first step we can conclude soul cannot be present in any place in our body without which we can still live. We see people living without hand, leg or other organs.Similarly soul cannot be inside any organs like heart as we see we have artificial mechanisms like pace maker and people can still live without them. So the only organ without which life cannot be present is our head? Isn’t? So soul should be present in our head. So this confirms the saying “Head is the most important part of our body”. Head is the only part of human body which has all the senses in it (taste, vision, hearing, sense of touch and smell).
    Now in head we find so many organs and in which is the soul present? There are people who are deaf, dumb, blind and with mental illness which removes the possibility of soul being present in ears, mouth, eyes or brain. It can’t be in nose as well as we can breathe with our mouth. As we seen in the earlier paragraph soul should be present in head and
    its location should be such that it can distribute energy to all the senses. Now imagine if you want to light a lamp and put in a room? Where do you put it? We will put it in the center of the room so that its light will be distributed to all the places equally. So we can come to the conclusion that the most probable place where soul can reside is the center
    of our head.
    Now let us check our assumptions with the teachings of saints. In siddhar song by Thirumoolar the following lines confirms our assumption “Below the top of the head and above the inner tongue, there is a ever glowing light which is always burning”.
    Now the saint Thirumoolar has given us two ideas, one he has confirmed our assumption about the location of the soul and other thing he tells is that the soul has as its main characters heat and light. This characteristic of soul can be confirmed by our common sense also. All the body with soul (all living beings) has heat in their body but if you take a dead body it is chill and cold. This again confirms what Thirumoolar is telling us. In our human body one of the way soul is displaying itself is heat.
    Now we know where the soul is residing, i.e the center of the head, but how to reach there? Is there any way to the residence of our soul? Only if we find a way to go there we can reach it and get to know about us.
    Our saints and seers have told us that this soul or Jeevatma is tiny part of the supreme lord (Paramatma). They have also told that the supreme lord is of supreme divine light, a fact accepted by all the major religions. So soul which is the tiny part of jeevatma should also be of tiny divine light right. So way to reach this divine light is to find a place where there is light in our body. Now where is the light in our body or which organ has light in our body? It is our eyes, isn’t? So the divine light of our soul is displaying itself as divine lights in our eyes. So the way to our soul is by using the divine light of our eyes. As usual let us see what our saints and seers have told about eyes. Almost all the saints who have come to earth has told that the way to lord is through our eyes. We shall put some of the teachings of great saints about the importance of eyes and its divine light:
    “God is present as light and if you walk in the light you will reach him” – Bible.
    “Eyes were the lamp of our body. If your eyes were full of light then your whole part of body will be of light” – Jesus.
    “Killer of Time is in my eyes, see it” – Saint ThiruNavukarasar.
    Our Saint Vallalar in his ThiruVarutpa which has 6000 songs has mentioned about our eyes at innumerable place and tells clearly that the way to divinity is through the divine light of eyes.
    “Oho My Eyes, Pupil of my eyes, Divine Light in the pupil of my eyes” – Saint Abhirami Pattar.
    In KathaUpanishad the hero character Nachikaten asks the lord of death (called Yama) about our soul and lord. To this Yama answers “Lord is within every living human body in a place which is of the size of SinMudra in a form of smokeless divine flame.” Explanation to the phrase is given below:
    Two things have to be noted here. One he is in human body and other he is in the form of smokeless divine flame.
    Fine he is in our body. The flame that we see outside (in candle or any other form) has some sort of smoke (or residue) in it. But it is mentioned he is as smokeless flame(completely divine). This is also fine. This divine smokeless flame is our soul. (In Tamil this divine smokeless flame is called as Jyothi. I will be referring as jyothi here after in this book). Now it is told he is present in a place of the size of SinMudra. This is again a divine secret which is to be known through a guru. To be known through GuruUpadesha. With all the humbleness we are revealing it everyone for the sake of all. Now read carefully. In human body he is in the place of the size of SinMudra. It is not told to sit with this mudra (as told by some yoga teachers). When you do this SinMudra Posture your index finger should be bend and touch the middle line of the thumb. This is the SinMudra in DivineWisdom way (Nyana Valli). When you do this SinMudra and turn your hand and see it looks like our eyes. So it means god is showing himself or he is accessible through our eyes. Divine Light of our eyes is the holy feet of god. This is the ultimate Divine Secret.​
    The meaning of the divine word of Lord Krishna means “all attractive” and “full black”, the lord who is all attractive and is full black. The organ that is full black in our body is the pupil of our eyes and the lord in that place is the divine light displaying in the eye from our soul.
    Krishna in Tamil means “Kannan” which implies Kan – our eyes and Kannan means he is the one displaying in our eyes. Getting consciousness on our eyes is the true meaning of Krishna consciousness.
    In BhagavatPurana Krishna is said to reside in inner recess of heart, we have seen that without heart one can live, if this is so what does heart means. Heart in indian language is called Irudaya which when split becomes Iru + Udaya. Iru means two and Udaya means rise (sun rise and moon rise). Two rises in our body is our eyes only. Right Eye is called as Sun while left eye is called as Moon. So Krishna is present as divine light in our body. This divine light is the lotus feet of the supreme lord. So the only way to realize us and also the supreme lord is to cling the lotus feet of the lord which is our eyes –pupil of eyes- divine light of our eyes.
    If we go to any temple after showing the holy flame before the deity we will touch the flame and keep it in our eyes. This indicates that lord is present as light in our eyes.
    Shiva Linga when looked from top resembles our eye and this is the true meaning of Shiva Linga.
    Our eyes were called by different coded words by our saints and seers for the purpose of making us to think and understand it. Our right eye is called as sun and our left eye is called as moon. Right eye is denoted by the first alphabet of Tamil Aa and left eye by the tamil letter vu. Number 8 denotes right eye and number 2 denotes left eye.
    Now immediately the question comes to our mind is what about the blind people? They don’t have divine light in their eyes! Can’t they have self-realization? The biggest handicap one can have is not having his vision, not only that he cannot see the outside world, he cannot do penance as well on the lotus feet of lord. But under guidance of a guru and with extreme effort and penance even a blind person can have self and god realization. Our Sadguru ShivaSelvaraj has given Deekshai to one such blind person as well.
    If our soul is part of the supreme lord why each one of the persons were having different characteristics and some enjoy happiness and some always have sorrow? It is because of the Karma one has committed in his previous births as well as in this birth. What is meant by karma. By our common sense we see that every action has equal and opposite reaction to it. You can imagine karma to be like that and beyond that we should seek the help of scriptures for any further understandings as the working of karma is beyond our understanding and intelligence.
    When a soul takes birth it is given independence to decide whether to do good or bad and supreme lord doesn’t interfere in this. So when one does good thing it becomes good karma for him and when one does bad thing it becomes bad karma for him. We have taken so many births previous to this present birth and has done so many karmas. All this karma’s committed so for is called Sanchitha Karma. It is not possible for one to undergo all the sufferings or happiness in one birth , so the lord takes a part of good karma and part of bad karma and sends us in this world. This karma is called Praptha Karma. This is what horoscope tells us. Now in this birth whatever one does goes as Aagamiya Karma. Because of these karmas we see differences in one living being to other living being.
    So what is the role of karma in self-realization? We have seen that soul is displaying itself as divine light in our eyes and because of which we get the power of vision. This divine light of soul is displaying or accessible in the center of the pupil in a small hole of the size of tip of the needle. This hole for a normal being is covered by karma as small layer in Astral. Only if we remove this layer we can go inside us using the holy feet of lord (divine light) and can get to soul and have self-realization. How to remove our karma? If we do any activity karma results, so how is it possible for one to remove karma. Is is possible for one not to do any activity by our body as well as with our mind?
    Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Geetha tells “Do your duty and surrender at my lotus feet and karma will not affect you”. Now surrendering at the lotus feet of Krishna is always having our mind on the divine light of our eyes and catching the consciousness (Krishna consciousness) in our eyes. How do we get this Consciousness . Through a qualified SadGuru. Only the consciousness got through a sadguru in our eyes is the divine consciousness. Using the divine light of his eyes a sadguru gives us the consciousness in our eyes. This process is called Deekshai. By giving this divine consciousness in our eyes a sadguru is making us to born again and a person who has got deekshai is called Duvichan or twice born. By his divine light of his eyes a sadguru opens the lock in our eyes which is hiding our divinity.
    This process of taking birth again without death is what told by Jesus in Bible as “One who doesnot born again will not enter the kingdom of god”. Sage Agastiyar in his song sings “One needs to find a way to born again”. Vallalar tells “Find a qualified teacher and by him have your lock in the middle of eye to be opened”. Without a qualified guru guiding one in his spiritual journey, self-realization or god realization is not possible. The following holy words attest the greatness of a qualified sadguru.
    “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devoo maheswara..” – Vedas.
    “If one person doesnot humble himself at the lotus feet of guru, for them the supreme lord will always be elusive”
    “Without guru any effort towards divinity will always fail”
    In Bagavat Puruna and Bhagavat geetha it tells one should treat their spiritual guru as one equivalent to lord Krishna.
    In Our epics the supreme lord in human form as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna went in search of guru and had qualified guru.
    Lord first appeared as Guru Dakshinamoorthy and showed the way to Sanagathi saints.
    Lord himself first came as guru and thought our saint vallalar.
    Lord himself first came as guru and gave Deekshai to the saint Manichavasagar.
    Lord Muruga came as guru and gave upadesha to Saint Arunagirinathar.
    By this lord has clearly said that the way to reach him is by the guidance of qualified sadguru.​
    So to get consciousness and do penance we need a sadguru and then get Deekshai from him and become Duvichan. This is the first step.​
    When one starts doing penance all his previous karma’s will come to him and will be burnt by the divine light and his soul will become pure.​
    Once when a guru initiates one and if the student does penance and follow the words of the guru then sadguru sees that the Agamiya karma doesnot affect the student and he takes them with him. To a true student he also ensures all the sufferings that comes to one because of his past karma’s doenot affect him very much.​
    So who is a qualified Sadguru? Today we find so many people claiming themselves to be sadguru. Do not be deceived by them. What is the meaning of sadguru? Sath or Sad means truth. Guru means teacher. Who can teach other person? Only the one who has realized the truth himself right? So a sadguru is one who teaches one about the truth and shows the way and guides one to the truth. What is the truth. The only truth in our body is soul. So one who teaches a student the way to our soul in our body and guides in the way is the sadguru. A sadguru is not one who teaches yoga and advertises about the materialistic benefits. A Sadguru is not one who tells one not to hide the divine secrets to other. A sadguru is one who is full of compassion and love to all and only such a person can guide one towards lord. A sadguru himself will lead a very simple, noble and virtuous life. A sadguru teaches one to lead a virtuous and noble life. If someone tells​
    you that you can do anything and lead your life as per your wish and just taking deekshai alone you can attain divinity means he is a fraud.​
    Vallalar tells one how to do penance after taking deekshai. “Thinking & Thinking with Consciousness and with relaxed and calm mind and with full love and bathing with overflowing tears from the eyes and with open eyes”. Vallalar says this is the way of doing penance. Thinking of our eyes and thinking of the divine light in our eyes and with consciousness that is got in the eyes, with the mind fixed in the consciousness your mind will become calm and relaxed. When this calmness and relaxation increases, then compassion will blossom. Because of we fixing our mind on the divine light in the eye there will be increase in sensation in the eyes which result in tears overflowing. If we keep on continuing this penance as said, the divine light in our eyes will increase and melt all our karmas. Slowly it will spread throughout our body and will convert this physical destructible body to divine light body.
    Our vallalar also tells “Any teaching/art which teaches one to do penance or meditation with closed eyes and teaches that the experience one gets by closed eyes​
    is the final one, should be buried down the earth”. So a sadguru will ask one to do penance without closing the eyes.​
    So by doing this penance we have our karma removed and we will get self-realization and get deathless body and we will always be in supreme bliss.​
    In the year of 1874 and in the tamil month of Thai and in the day which is of the star of PunarPuza, Vallalar called all his beloved people and told that he is going to enter in the holy room of Siddhi Vallagam and the supreme lord has shown himself to him. Do you know what is the teaching / Upadesha he did before entering and applying the divine​
    lock on the room?​
    Every human must know this upadesha which are the supreme words of knowledge, secret of divine wisdom and the guarantee that he has given to us. This words were told by vallalar when he had the physical body and divine light.​
    “I am here now and here after I will enter in the inner recess of everyone’s heart”. This words has to be sculpted by everyone in their mind.​
    So what did vallalar meant by these words.​
    Before applying divine lock and entering in the room in Siddhi vallagam he told that he is there now, which means he was present before every one. From now on means that after applying the divine lock he will enter in everyone’s heart, means that he will enter in every people’s heart which is pure and who live according to the teachings of vallalar.​
    Only for those person’s he will enter in their heart and will guide them. See how much compassion our vallalar has. He is infact ocean of mercy.​
    Deekshai is the way through which vallalar will enter inside one and will then guides them towards the divinity. As we have seen in order for one to get Deekshai one should never do the five great sin (Pancha Maa Paathagam) which are 1. Alcoholism or taking drugs 2. Killing which also means eating non-veg food 3. Stealing, 4.Lying and 5. Improper or Illegal Lust. Only if we do not have these habits’ will our penance be successful. A person who likes to get Deekshai should stop all these habits immediately if he has. A human is called human only when one lives like a human. If one commits any of the above sins then he is considered as animal living in the disguise of human. Only a virtuous and sincere person can reach the supreme lord.​
    Be a good human and true student to the guru and do penance. A true student is one,who just doesn’t sing praises of the guru, but has utmost respect and humbleness towards guru and follow his words by heart.
    Vallalar in his poem sings the things that one should never do as​
    “Did I forget to give offerings to my Guru”
    “Did I feel shy to fall in the lotus feet of guru”
    This above tells indirectly how one should be before his guru.​
    Saint Avvayaar tells in his poems “The purpose of getting this human body is to find the lord within this”
    Only for self-realization and to realize the supreme lord we have got the rarest of birth which is to born as the human.​
    Doing penance is the only way by which we can achieve our purpose of birth. Only by doing penance and showing others the way to the supreme lord, will our karmas be burnt and we can have self-realization and then realize the supreme lord.​
    So for the knowledge is imparted by means of reading, analysis and quoting of scriptures written by great saints and seers. But this is not complete and only the experience will give you completeness and realization. Just reading this article alone will not do any good if you donot put them in action.​
    So become human first and then come to Kanyakumari. Take bath in the convergence of three seas, worship at the lotus feet of divine virgin goddess in Kanyakumari temple and come to our guru and get Thiruvadi deekshai from him. Once you get Deekshai Our Gnana Sadguru Vallalar and Sadguru ShivaSelvaraj will be always with you and guide you.​

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