How To Deal With People At Work?

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    Thyagoo has conveyed in one line what I am about to elaborate in an essay. Feel feel to skip the essay because it frames the same essence.

    Not the best right thing! Back in my youth, I heard a quote:

    "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."

    Apply that aphorism to every aspect of your life. Your manager may be sweet and intelligent with liberal grasp of your aptitude, but never interface with people with that benevolent assumption. Always, assume that given there is an extreme interpretation of your naive retort, the other person would undoubtedly construe that askew over other charitable thoughts. With that in mind, lower the risk of any undesirable asperity in your speech.

    Your senior communicated a loaded observation (presume in a formal appraisal):

    1. The challenge in promoting a shrinking shy worker to lead, with misgivings on how the team could function.
    2. You exhibit tendency for (1).

    .. is a flattened reflex.

    I would have:

    1. On her (1), nodded to her 'challenge in promoting' and replied that her general observation is spot-on. Yes, indeed it is challenging.
    2. On her (2), assured her about me that if the team morale and leadership vests in a forthcoming and jaunty coordination then would definitely aspire for such growth in me.

    End of chapter I on incident with the senior.

    People may not remember frothy conversations ..who ate what ...which movie ... but they etch your reaction in a conversation in which their formal opinion like corporate appraisal is sought. Make them feel responsible in their role that they have fulfilled their role well and their observations have been listened to. The key is "listened to ..". People at every level are sensitive to even their canned opinions. Don't ever fail to explicitly respond on their enthusiastic opinion that they have been "listened to". Like Oprah Winfrey says...everyone remembers though not hastily recount how they have been made to feel days, weeks, years from even the most unexceptional incident.

    Now, on chapter II of my essay.

    Our identities are fluid. There is no "I am <>".

    Colleges and workplaces are facilitating institutes to topple our vulnerabilities.They act as catalysts to reshape our identities no matter how rigid we think of or like them. You don't have to actively scalpel yourself to self-alter your personality but allow yourself to be transigent to and swept by the forces prevalent in the form of culture and code in these institutes to reform you for better and bring out more of you. Allow yourself to be flexed by assimilating the refreshing and diverse mannerisms teeming at these vibrant places.

    I have known shy and seemingly introverted pupils from hinterlands who hardly mingled in the first year of college but by the end of the college term startled with their lungi dance in farewell. My aunts recall me as a painfully inept toddler who used to scamper away from visitors and lock her door. I have no recollection of that. I have difficulty in believing that I was ever un-interactive with visitors because today I am gagged to shut my mouth in gatherings with friends.

    Our identities are fluid! As long as you let yourself be stylized by these shifting environs to chip and nip and tuck at you to adapt you to grow, you don't necessarily have to undertake anything but don't resist it either. <End of chapter II of my essay.>
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