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How Good A Liar Are You?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Rihana, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. SunPa

    SunPa Platinum IL'ite

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    @Thyagarajan sir,

    How true!

    ps - I had this quote saved last week, but did not have the time to reply.
    It got added to the other reply today , hence edited to remove it.
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  2. Anusha2917

    Anusha2917 Finest Post Winner

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    I'm a brutally honest person,well that's what people say . But that's a mistaken identity for me in my opinion.
    I lie and mostly lies to cover up for my day to day small tasks. Eg.of most recent one :
    Hubby : put fuel in car and goes to office
    Me : done
    Hubby after a couple of hours : did you put fuel.
    Me : oh yes.
    He : when did you? I didn't get a message on my credit card for the bill .
    Me : some network issue as always !

    Then before he comes home in the night I'll rush to the bunk and fill the fuel and would miss to air check.
    He : did u go now? I just got the message.
    Me : I told ya network issue. U r receiving a late message.
    He : did u air check ?
    Me : (one more lie to cover up previous lie.)
    Yes I did.

    Next time he removes the car he says, why I feel the air is less.?? This car is getting old.

    I'll be looking outside the window pretending to not hear him.

    This is how my day to day lies are.
    Sometimes I feel I lie at places where it's not required and be honest at places where I need not be honest. :sob:

    But I do tell silly lies but I'm not a serial lier:grin::grin:

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