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How ADDICTED are you to your love?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Happy2be, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Happy2be

    Happy2be Gold IL'ite

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    We were young then...mature enough for our age..responsible enough...but still I used to laugh over this sentence of his, one, whos very poor at expressing...words are not in his dictionary of expression. He's a jolly person...naughty and at times I have really felt annoyed n told him that I would want to hear his words of love...keeping naughtiness aside...He would try and then himself start rolling over his trial
    In the past 6 yrs of our married life, each day...each month..each season...each situation, has made me realise how true that one sentence of his was and is...how much heavier and how much more value it holds than any 'n' number of expressions.
    I wish to go to my mum's place after a gap of few weeks or 2 mths or so..she's local..but then there lies an exact amount of irritation in me as does the happiness of going to her just for a weekend. Each time, I try to hunt for reasons for him to come along with me...its been this way since first mth of marriage He's like a son to them.We never have any personal talks that cannot be done in his presence. They love him to be around and are equally addicted to him being with me for the stay. I keep missing him whenever he doesnt accompnay and I make it sure he comes by the next day..lol or else I get back!! DD misses her Papa too.
    We have been working together. I changed my career soon after marriage ...we felt life is too short to be away for 9 hrs a day and come back tired to each other. A very very common question we get now n then - "Dont you guys feel bored and jailed being together the entire day?" SMile is the answer we have. He joined a group lately and I miss him when he's away for those 6 hrs those few days of the week!!
    Working in the same room..on the same table..we keep chatting on the msgr..rofl..really be it project discussion...planning..teasing.
    We are around each other when the other is busy...mmm..im in the kitchen, he'll come after every 15-20 min...he's working in his studio at home..I'll be there every 20 min..however much work we have in person.

    There are loads loads loads to count NOT FORGETTING one - He's always by my side when I'm low, physically or mentally. I can never look upon any one else as the first person except HIM. I feel so safe n secure in his arms, whatever bad phases I've been through. My heart murmurs a song always when I'm sick, too sick -"Jaane kyu dil jaanta hai...tu hai to I'll be all right...."

    Have been quite unwell since last 1 mth and both of us are just waiting for the day when my doctors would say..YOU ARE FINE. NO MORE MEDICINES FROM TODAY!!!
    I've been hearing from him endless times-
    Tell me what you feel like eating (any hour of the day), I'll get it for you ..from anywhere.
    I feel you're my baby..I wish I could have been able to hide you within me n keep you safe.
    If it would have been possible, I would have taken over all your pains.
    You are my kuchikoo..my pumpkin...my etc etc etc...
    Let your medicines get over and I'll you out for an awesome vacation.
    Don't worry...MAIN HU NA!!

    Many more...sensitive, teasing,loving...all kinds of stuff. And today morning...me, rolling in the bed in extreme pain....he helped send DD to school...when he called the doc..and doc asked for some more tests..I was in tears...He says I look funny to him when tears roll down my eyes..He's poor at words!! I know funny means..he feels bad and helpless about it And I feel guilty. I get in tears in extreme situations bcos I feel guilty...I can bear any pain when he's there with me...I feel guilty of making him suffer mentally..He works hard...loves us so much...takes care of me and DD almost as one. HE is ONE PERFECT MAN!! and we love him so much...so much..so much...I feel bad n I cant help crying and he catches me red-handed almost always(but I rarely cry)!!

    I am so addicted to my love...I find life toooo short to be with him...How addicted are you to your love??
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  2. Sravanthi28

    Sravanthi28 Silver IL'ite

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    A very nice writeup. I could actually feel your emotions as i share the same towards my dh. Your words got me transported to our inital years of our marriage. Tears rolled down from my eyes everytime i left my dh's hand and the bus took off towards my mother's place. I never minded the stares i receive. I had people asking me several times ' Are you newly married' even though we were then celebrating our 5 years of living together. This has slightly changed after our ds was born but still we are on phone for every hour. I was actually warned to limit my mobile usage when i was pregnant.
    Hope you will be cured very soon and I wish you glowing health.
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