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Hillarious moment in my college days - Lady Rambo

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by renutn, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. renutn

    renutn Gold IL'ite

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    I am taking you all to my college days which is almost 15 yrs back.
    My schooling and pre-schooling done in girls college. As those days co-education is big 'NO' in my house and also the city is not metro small B-town.
    So my first ever co-ed experience came when I joined Degree. New branch introduced in Bachelors degree i.e computer science and we were the second batch to get into that. And we were total 21; 6 girls and rest boys. Seniors are 7 one girl and rest boys.
    From childhood I had dreams of Seeta Aur Geeta ki Geeta ..something like lady Rambo as me :rotfl

    Days pass by in college and I felt someone is observing me and following me from few days. I did spy on that person and came out to be one of senior. :rant
    One day lady Rambo took avatar on me went straight to that boy who was with boy's group and started yelling at him left and right.
    'How dare you to see me? How can you follow me? Don't have any sisters at home? Have you not seen girl? blah blah blah...
    Boy was full shock and mind blank ; don't know what is happening to him.
    I came back to my girl's gang after that; everyone was scared of me. How can a girl can do like that to a boy; she is indeed a Lady Rambo. :lowdown
    I became hero/heroine in my group.

    PS : I came to know it is infatuation and that boy is innocent:bowdown
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  2. manmathi

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    :rotfl Sure hilarious. But really really , I pity that boy!:-(

    :bowdown:bowdown:bowdownThis is for the Rambo girl!!

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