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Help ladies!

Discussion in 'Indians in Toronto & vicinity' started by DivzIyer, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. DivzIyer

    DivzIyer Senior IL'ite

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    We are about to look for a new rented apt. The prob is that me and my husband have differnt wish lists. So i am worried that will we ever find a nice apartment:bonk

    we are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment.
    I want it to have space (i like the layout of the apartments in donmills where there is a nice hall and enough space and the kitchen is kind of seperate). I want the home to have loads of light and all.
    My husband wants the house to be in a building where there is security 24hrs, nice location, in house washing machine, near shopping etc etc (mostly the outter stuff).
    Since he works near markham we will like to have apartment near that place.
    I dont want to move again for atleast 2 years.

    Any ideas where we should start the hunt?? I am a bit worried coz i dont want to compromise and then move again. And i kw he will not :drowning

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