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Happy 10th To Laks09

Discussion in 'IL'ite milestones' started by Rihana, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. ashima10

    ashima10 Platinum IL'ite

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    I can do the rapid fire....running!
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  2. Novalis

    Novalis Silver IL'ite

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    @Laks09 , ten sightings of you that demonstrate how fulsome adorable you are ...

    10. bursting into a filmi gaana whether gaana aaye ya ne aaye but to mark an event gaana hi chayiye.

    9. signing off reflective posts with: I may not make much sense to the onlookers but I am thinking out loud, not for others to make sense, just confused, but gathering my thoughts. Anyway just thinking ..

    8. liking my fatichar and fatty posts.

    7. song gig on the assiduous ilite's pursuit of dragging mankind from darkness , some humming of zaalim duniya (bollywood song) who don't agree with his findings.

    6. antakshari-ed 'aaja aaja' beckoning of a fellow ilite.

    5. how you embracingly dramatize the make-believe character of a spunky pupil attending 'E & G' kindergarten that I enroll you in each time for my online antics -- you in unkempt hair, you in polka skirt.

    4. how you insist the loafing limbs to take up running and then wag your finger to remind again tomorrow. Never giving up even on the promising laggards and the faltering never-starters.

    3. the picture of 'potato stuffed shishito peppers' in a fish-shaped serving platter.

    2. how we don't cross paths much these days since am maniacally swamped by forlorn books having taking your hovering presence in my online shenanigans for granted -- I know she knows that I already know that she knows that my knowing of her knowabouts is taken for granted -- what the know: I chumsy adore you even with a binoculars from a distance!

    And the top ...

    1. A bolting disclosure to your DH that it takes a hell of fitness discipline on your part when your DH merrily remarked 'but my wife eats sundaes and trifles and still stays super-sexy.."​
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