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Friends Without Faces

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by sonu_627, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. sonu_627

    sonu_627 Silver IL'ite

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    <center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]Friends Without Faces[/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens
    We all have to wonder, what this possibly means.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]With our mouse we roam, through the rooms in a maze
    Looking for something or someone, as we sit in a daze.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]We chat with each other, we type all our woes
    Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]We wait for somebody, to type out our name
    We want recognition, but it is always the same.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes flirt
    In IMs we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]We do form friendships - but - why we don't know
    But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]Why is it on screen, we can be so bold
    Telling our secrets, that have never been told.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]Why is it we share, the thoughts in our mind
    With those we can't see, as though we were blind.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell.
    We all have our problems, and need someone to tell.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must
    So we turn to the 'puter, and to those we can trust.
    [/font]</center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif] [/font]<center>[font=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]Even though it is crazy, the truth still remains
    They are Friends Without Faces, and odd little names.

  2. safa

    safa Bronze IL'ite

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    dear sonu,
    agree with all this truth...........

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