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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jskls, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    Welcome madam sister - after a long Hiatus.

    2. Desperation in dream beautifully brought out.

    3. Entire family - you could see in dream as nonchalant about their routine chores, remain calm and collected even after looking at you - in desperation.
    This could be a reverie and had it been early morning dream, it would be acting on the nerve since there is a belief that dreams in Brahma Mhurtham turns out to be precursor.

    4. It is of interest that you could remember week days Friday & Monday in dream. It is said that one can hardly see colours. Many times, after waking up at times chaotically the scene of what one dreamt could not be recalled at all or the scenes recollected in parts in different order.

    5. It reminds me English poet & essayist Wordsworth’s famous title “Child is Father of Man”. I wish to modify it to suit your post as below:

    ““”””””Child is Mother of Mother””””””””

    Thanks and Regards.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2020
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  2. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    your snippet reminds me of a real life incident that happened to my friend, a brilliant PG in Maths.She got married and begot a son.When the child was a year old, her uncle,chithappa, a renouned astrologer came home .He saw the horoscope of the child and said the boy would be brilliant but destined to live eight years only.
    Chithappa went away. His prediction got well
    stuck to her mind.She didn't reveal her mind to her husband also.Even for small ailments she began to worry a lot.He completed 7years. He got high fever.Treated for virus.Even with severe antibiotics fever never came down.The child needed hospitalization.The mother almost concluded
    that the child's end was nearing.As she was taking care of the child, she became totally depressed and her condition caused great concern to the father. So he admitted her in the neuro ward.
    The psychologist attending on her was able to scent the problem.On and often she was talking about the end of her dear son.
    Her condition was becoming worse day be day,clouded by sadness and depression. She was not prepared to believe that the child was getting better.

    At last the psychologist decided to convey
    the sad news of her child's death and did so. She was allowed to cry aloud for a few mts later was given sedation. When she woke up, though she wept again, she was able to reconcile to the fact.She said that her uncle was a great astrologer,and all his predictions had come to true and it is her fate.After a week she was discharged from the hospital.Her husband had hidden all the dresses toys etc of the child.Slowly she resumed her normal duties. After a month she went for a review and profusely thanked the psychologist for bringing her back to routine and handed over a gift to the doctor. The doctor in turn wanted to give her a return gift- agift none other than her son, who recovered from his illness and was kept under the custody of the doctor.
    The doctor clearly advised her that it is too bad to have too much faith in astrology to the extent of causing too much depression. Though he was hesitant to convey a dangerous lie,it was just to save her. He could assess the mother's condition. She could not cope with the imaginary death of the child, but was able to come to terms with the actual bad news when it was stated to have happened.Her inner mind was expecting this bad news some day and once it was stated to have happened, though she cried, she was able to reconcile to the sad reality.
    Being highly intelligent she was able to understand the working pattern of human mind and decided to stay away from astrology for ever.She performed her son's marriage without considering horoscope match and he is well settled in US.
    The waiting agonising period is a great torture and one can even reconcile to sad realities.

  3. GoogleGlass

    GoogleGlass IL Hall of Fame

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    what i could decipher is that, you are the missing child. either in childhood days or adulthood days there was a child in you (in all of us) which for any reason is lost or missing due to issues in life.

    many of us just ignore/leave that child in us and move ahead. in your case probably you have brought her out as your 3rd daughter and has been nurturing and growing her up. a fantasy which might have been giving you happiness.

    now may be after a long long time you have come to terms with reality and have let go the 'YOU' Child in 'YOU' in the dream. Perhaps you are now a perfectly matured mom and fully capable of handling issues and not hide behind a child version of yourself, seeking help from unknown sources, god, relatives, friends, etc. to solve your issues.

    great sign of relief through a dream and is never a nightmare, i would say.

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