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    Dear IL-ites,

    We are delighted to share with you the 4 Winners featured on our blog Section for November 2011. Hearty Congratulations to all the 4 Winners!!

    They are..

    RGSrinivasan - The most versatile blogger of IL opened the innings with his blog 'Happy Birthday' and bagged the First Weekly Pick of October. Aren't Children so innocent? There love is pure without any expectations. Read his blog here

    Happy Birthday! - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Sudhakrishna's blog 'Interview Phobea' bagged the Second Weekly Pick of November. Lovely narration ! Children are inquisitive by nature. The best way to teach your children is to set an example and be patient in your actions.

    Interview Phobea - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Rnair's At the station.. bagged the third weekly pick of November. Very nice blog. Indeed, the bitter truth is indigestible!
    'Life is a gift and every moment in time is a miracle to cherish’. - Beautiful lines that captures the true essence of the blog.

    At the Station... - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Twinsmom's God Save My shoes.. bagged the Fourth Weekly Pick of November. Very good review of a documentary and loved the anecdotes !

    God Save My Shoes Too! - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Dear winners, please send your mailing address to to receive your prizes..

    Stay tune to check out the weekly pics of Finest Blogs featured in our BLOG MAIN PAGE for December !

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    Thanks a lot IL Administrators. Received the prize for first week of November [As requested by me to deliver later]. -rgs

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