Finest Blogs - Weekly Picks of December 2011

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    Dear IL-ites,

    First let me wish you all a very Happy New year. I also wish you all many FUN moments that you can blog about and share with all of us here.

    We are delighted to share with you the 4 Winners featured on our blog Section for December 2011. Hearty Congratulations to all the 4 Winners!!

    They are…

    Innerbliss … a state we will all achieve if we practice what Anuradha preaches! A very practical mantra for life and a must, for all to read and ponder! Very appropriate and timely to make our resolutions for this year!! Pl click

    Fragile Relationship - Blogs - IndusLadies

    The award for the second week goes to shailraghuvansh with her year-end musings. A time to review and more importantly make amends and start anew. It is early still in the New Year, so go ahead and read

    DECEMBER: Celebration Month! - Blogs - IndusLadies

    rnair is our winner for the third week. Her blog stresses on how important it is for us to laugh. Apart from giving us the enthusiasm, it blows away stress and boosts the ‘feel good’ is a very timely reminder in our stressful and routine filled world. Please do smile and click

    Loving the laugh! - Blogs - IndusLadies

    a hearty welcome to our new blogger Viswamitra with the winner of the fourth week award. He interestingly points out the feelings as emigrants in a new country, the loneliness and the spontaneity. Well Done and hoping many more nuggets in the future

    Strangers and Junk Mails - Blogs - IndusLadies

    Innerbliss,shailraghuvansh,rnair and Viswamitra
    ,please send your mailing address to receive your prizes..

    As always, We look forward to reading many more entries from all of you in the new year and in this month of January 2012……

    Do tune in to check out the weekly picks of Finest Blogs featured in our BLOG MAIN PAGE for January!

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    Innerbliss,shailraghuvansh,rnair and Viswamitra congratulations to you all for winning. A good start of 2012. i wish many more to come to u

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