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    Rekha Rao writes regularly in Snegithi magazine and also comes in certain TV channels... Going by the magazine content of how she helped her patients using ayurvedic treatments i also consulted her for my weight loss.

    I thought getting a good diet plan tailored out specifically for me might help rather than the general plans she was giving out in magazine n tv..

    Here is what she had to tell me:
    1) Drink 4 juices daily
    2) Eat lots of cucumber raita
    3) How much or what foods you eat doesnt matter

    In addition she wanted me to take the ayurvedic tablets (nil side effects, per her words) all 3 times in a day, both before and after food. These tablets were supposed to detox the body and the next month weight loss treatment was supposed to start....

    Consultation : 500
    Medicines: 5000
    No Bill, No Prescription (i doubt if she is a registered practitioner or a certified doctor)
    Bill comes under some 'Karisma Traders' (sounds so bogus)
    She says the medicines come from Kerala but they have no proper packaging (she puts them in some nameless transparent bottles; how do we track expiry dates??) ... even the kumkumadi lepam cream she squeezes from tube and puts in a nameless container... (Trade secrets or worried of getting caught for giving the wrong medicine i donno)
    No proper explanation for any questions.. (She says dont take juices after 4 pm.. i just asked why... she said its like that only)

    Inspite of all this i trusted her a bit because of the success stories she wrote and the great words of advise she doles out month after month...

    Let me tell you what actually happened after that:
    1) My periods which has been so regular all through my life, even though i am fat (80kgs) stopped... first month the flow was sooooo less, just one pad.. and the next few months it stopped... I'm still struggling to get it as regular as before.. I had to spend 10k in lab n tests n doctor to find out that all my hormones have been kicked out of balance and some iron tablets to fix the same and lots of mental agony... Sugar levels were high, iron level was low and i was totally confused how to get it back to normal... Forget weight loss, i just wanted my healthy body back.

    2) My sugar levels spiked up so high that i got pimples all over my face continuously ... new one pops out every other day.. I wanted to lose weight because my wedding got fixed, and now everythiing backfired and im looking horrible than before..

    Point i'm trying to make:
    1) Just because a doctor appears on TV or magazine, they are not credible. I do not know if the TV/magazine does any due diligence by checking if they are good in their job. They just need someone to ramble off some senseless stuff to keep the channel/mags alive..
    2) Don't ever assume ayurvedic is totally healthy and no side effects can come. I was of this impression too until this Rekha Rao lady completely changed it.. She is so incompetent that the ayurvedic tablets did mess up my body fully
    3) Try to lose weight through healthy ways. I have realised "hard way" that no tablets or lipo or just wonder foods like green tea or cabbage/bottle gourd soup can help u you reduce.. Eat balanced and exercise moderately.. Dont lose weight drastically because it makes your heart muscles weak as the work out overloads them.
    4) Lastly, please dont ever go to this bogus lady.. her husband calls himself as doctor as well, but not sure how authentic he is.. Please share your experiences too..


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    Even i went to her two years back.. for irregular periods and hairfall..ur so right she's incompetent..she said she'll send medicines along with instructions like when to take them..but only those bottles came without any proper instructions ..we had to call the clinic..it never helped me with hairfall or regularise periods.. complete waste of money
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    I see this thread had been originally posted two years ago! But still, my two cents...

    Ayurveda is healthy - the original version!! And if practiced the right way. Now, the ingredients are not pure, and there's no way of checking on the credentials of the practitioners; most of these products are not adequately tested, esp, these non-branded ones. There are reports of steroid use in many of these drugs - which probably caused the OP's weight gain and allied problems. One of my friends tried these very same "herbal drugs" for weight loss, too, and had identical problems. Additionally, there are reports of high levels of mercury, arsenic and lead too. Do keep away from these unlabeled "hand-out" drugs - they're simply dubious!!

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