Ekadasi fasting

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    Hi friends...

    could any one please tell me what is the actual and best method of performing "Ekadasi fasting " what slokas or mantras i should chant on that day .... please kindly tell me ...thanks in advance

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    You shouldn't have rice on that day you can take a light food like any tiffin which is not out of rice."Vishnu sahasra namam" is more appropriate to chant on that day. Its better even if you chant it daily.
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    In Vedic Astrology, there are different methods to calculate a month.
    Once such is counting from the new moon day known as Amavasya.

    The well knownFrom the new moon day till the Full moon day it is called as Sukla Paksham or waxing moon. From the full moon-day to Amavasya or the New Moon Day, its called as Krishna Paksham.

    From amavasya, moon moves about 12 degrees for each thiti from the ecliptical path. On the day of Ekadasi, that is from the Amavasya, the moon moves to a distance of 135 degrees which causes lesser Gravitational force and causing low atmospheric pressure. Thus fasting on Ekadasi day will not affect the entire Body system nor the Digestive system. It makes hungry feelings too minimum to the extent.

    Those who observe Fasting on Ekadasi days are keeping good health, cleaning their entire digestive system and free from frequent ailments. Also, those who are the Krishna bakthas, observing fasting on Ekadasi days, have lot more mental peace, by way of self realization and inner soul. That reflects them to more and more devote to the spiritual path! This sort of penance also give them a more stronger feeling towards spirituality, thus making them pure in body and mind.

    Na GaayathryA para manthra: Na MAthu para dhaivatham
    Na GangAsyA: paramam theertham Na EkAdasyA : samam vratham.

    ந காயத்ரீயா பர மந்த்ர: ந மாத்ரூணாம் பர தைவதம் |
    ந் கங்காஸ்ய: பரமம் தீர்த்தம், ந ஏகாதஸ்யா: சமம் வ்ரதம் !!

    The translation goes like this :
    There is no mantra superior to the Gayatri mantra,
    There is no god superior to the Mother,
    There is no water more purifying or superior than River Ganges.
    And finally, there is no fast/ austerities (vradham) more sacred or superior than the Ekadasi.

    Chanting of Sri Vishnu SahasranAmam the whole day keeps mentally sound and energetic always.

    Sorry, If I had posted without permission here.

    Thanks and regards

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