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Documents Required To Join Cbse Schools

Discussion in 'Indians in Dubai' started by Steach, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Steach

    Steach New IL'ite

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    My husband got a transfer to Dubai and moved on the 1st of Jan. Me and both DS (age 5,10) were to get our dependent visas by the end of Jan and so packed up our apartment and school in Bangalore on jan 25th, came to visit parents, and in-laws in Tamil Nadu and planned our move to Dubai on Feb 9th. I was to home school the children to finish their current grades (am a teacher) and admit them for next grade in April.

    My DH enrolled them in GEMS new millenium school and payed the admission fees (after much haranguing and phone interviews etc). They informed us that my older DS (grade 4 moving to 5) will have to submit the final mark sheet. We called to ask them if they will accept if he does the exams online as he has already discontinued attending school. They were shocked as they were under the impression that we will be finishing their exams, collecting marksheet and TC and then only moving here. They informed us that the TC issue date cannot be after the UAE entry date in the passport. The Ministry of education requires all children to be registered and will not accept if the dates are not in order etc etc.

    Can anyone please shed some light on this? Will I have to stay here till march, take him back to Bangalore for his exams, get mark sheet and TC and then only be able to move to Dubai?

  2. Shivani2009

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    Hi Steach

    What was the final outcome ? Could you manage the kid's admission ?


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