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Different varieties of Pongal Recipes from Chitvish !

Discussion in 'Ask ChitVish' started by IL_Admin, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Dear IL-ites,

    Pongal - the three day colorful festival of South India, is round the corner, you would be running on your toes with your hectic shopping plans.

    Here we are with a list of Yummy Pongal Recipes - 20 varieties of them from Chitvish, to make your festival day lingering and delicious!

    Sweet Pongals

    Sarkarai pongal
    Date-Honey Pongal
    Pal Pongal
    MW Pal Pongal
    Sweet Kichdi Dhal Pongal
    Fruit Pongal
    Amrita Pongal

    Savoury Pongals:

    Ven Pongal
    Rava Pongal & wheat rava (lapsi) pongal
    Kollu Sprout Pongal
    Manjal PongalSaadam
    Urad Pongal
    Oats Pongal
    Sago(sabudana) Pongal
    Poha(aval) Pongal
    Lapsi-Sprout Upma - pongal
    Venthaya Pongal
    Khichdi & Khadi
    Pongal Mix

    Wish you all Happy Pongal !!
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