Diabetic pregnancy care

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    Hi friends,i am new to this site.i am suffering from diabetes in pregnancy.this is my 8th month.let me know some useful tips to me .

    Thank you.

    Yours chinnu

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    hello chinnakitten..

    congrats on your pregnancy...

    a friend of mine who is a nutrionist ( a certified one who has worked with big brands such as Apollo, VLCC and such) had provided me with a list- i will share that with you. though i am not diagoned with gestational diabetes yet- i am taking precautions to be on the safe side.

    hope this helps you :)

    You have to follow a Low Calorie, High Fiber, High Protein and Low Fat diet. Never skip your meals, eat small meals and often, Do not stop eating if you are experiencing nausea. A general idea about your diet...

    At the end of the day what you eat should be similar to the amount you normally eat, as you shouldn't try gaining too much weight as it can effect during the delivery time. Most of your vitamins and minerals requirement remains the same except Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium increases.

    Foods to be avoided:

    Refined cereals - like maida, white bread, white rice,etc

    Roots and tubers - (Sweet potato, colocasia and yam)
    Sugar, honey, jaggery

    Mangoes, grapes, sapota, custard apple, big banana, jack fruit
    Full cream milk, cheese, curd

    Butter, ghee, vanaspati, deep fried savouries
    Red meat, organ meat, prawns, crabs

    Dry fruits
    Food Groups:

    Whole Cereals and Grains - 200g (Equallent to 8 chappathis a day)

    Whole Grams - 75g (Equallent to 3-4 cups of cooked dhal/sprouts/channa a day)

    Vegetables - 3-5 servings

    Fruits - 1 serving a day

    Milk - 3-4 servings (Skimmed or double tonned)

    Fat - 3-4tsp (500ml/month/person)

    Sugar and sugar products -Nil

    Try avoiding coconut or ground nut usage. While making chutney use pudina, onion, tomato or any bhuttani kadala.

    Menu Plan:


    Tea/ Coffee/ Milk (Skimmed) + Whole meal biscuits/ Marie/ Crackers/ Digestive - 2pieces


    Idli/ Dosa/ Ragi dosa/ Rava dosa/ Rava idli+ Sambar or chutney


    Chappathi + Vegetable Kurma/ Soya chunk curry/ Thin dhal/ Egg curry


    Vegetable Upma/ Wheat upma/ Wheat puttu/ Ragi puttu/ Vegetable puttu/ Chemba puttu/ Oats puttu/ Poha


    Whole wheat/ Multigrain/ Brown bread sandwhich (Can include different vegetables like cucumber,tomato,thin slices of boiled potato, egg white. Can use pudina chutney as a sandwhich spread instead of mayonnaise. Paneer and cheese if made out of low fat or skimmed milk.)


    Oats/ Wheat flakes/ Musseli/ Cornflakes/ All bran flakes + Skimmed milk (150 ml)

    (Can have a small cup of tea, coffee or milk if u wish to)


    Buttermilk/ Milk/ Fruit/ Sprouted pulses

    (Sprouted salad can be made out of green gram/black or white chick pea sprouted if possible as it would be reach in proteins seaoned with onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, etc with a litlle of lemon juice to give flavour or chart masala)


    Chappathi/ Khboose(brown) + Dal with greens preferably/ Vegetable Curries/ Grilled or Non-veg curry + Salad/ Raitha + Curd (Skimmed, optional)


    Rice + Sambar/Dal/Puliserry + Vegetable thorran + Salad + Non-veg curry + Buttermilk/Curd(Skimmed, optional)

    (Brown rice or diabetic rice is the only option that you can take. Try avoiding rice maximum as you can. The main idea of avoiding rice is to reduce the quantity you eat. So keep a count over the quantity you take. Non-veg can be twice/thrice a week lean meat (Chicken/fish)).

    Evening snack:

    Tea/ Coffee/ Milk (Skimmed) + Biscuits as mentioned above/ Flavored Yogurt/ Sprouts/ Brown bread sandwich (with filling of Veg/Non-veg/Cheese/Nut butter)/ 5pieces almonds or walnuts/ Cut fruits/ Soups


    Chappathi/Stuffed parathas without oil on tava + Vegeatble curry/ Pulses curry -Rajma,peas,channa masala,etc + Salads/ Raitha


    Wheat based pasta/noodles with plenty of vegetables and poached/ boiled chicken pieces (optional)


    Khboose + Hamouse+ Grilled chicken + Salad


    Any choices of breakfast food + Salads

    Bed-time (Optional):

    Milk/ Buttermilk

    Points to remember:

    Avoid all deep fries, pastires and sweets

    Fruits that can be included are Oranges,Pineapple, Papaya, Apple, Pomegranate, Sweet lime, Guava, Pear, Peach, Berries and Water melons. Remember fruits should be included only once per day.

    The oil consumption should not cross 1.5 litres a month. Try to use different oils while cooking a meal or change your oil that you consume every month.

    Non-veg intake should be maximum 3 times a week. Its fine to have egg whites on a daily bases (2 egg whites a day)
    Include as much as green-leafy vegetables, yellow and orange vegetables as possible and fiber rich vegetables.

    Use only skimmed milk and curd. Anything having less than or equal to 1% fat.
    Avoid all carbonated beverages and fruit juices.

    Avoid the intake of caffeine. You instead can have decaffeinated tea, coffee or fruit tea. As caffeine can inherit the absorption of iron which is needed for the development of your baby. ( Less than 4 cups a day, Caffeine<300mg/day)

    Consume atleast 2litres of water everyday.
    A gap of 2 hours after dinner is required before hitting the bed.

    Cultivate the habit of having food in smaller intervals and in small quantity, like after every 3 hours.
    Avoid any sort of stress as it can effect you and your body.

    Avoid often consumption of vegeatbles like carrot,beet root and potatoes.
    Food Substitutes:

    1 chappathi (25gm Flour) = 1/2 cup of cooked rice/ Upma/ Avalakki/ Poha/ 2pcs of Dhokla/1 idli/ 2 marie biscuits/1 slice of bread

    Egg white 1 = 1 medium cup milk

    1 cup cooked Dal = 5 Tsp Roasted Channa (25gm)

    1 cup = 150 ml of beverage

    So the consumption of your food shouldnt cross the mentioned quantity above in food groups.

    Some choices of curries:

    Ladies finger curry, Brinjal curry, Cauliflower and peas, Mixed vegeatble curries, Mushroom kurma, Lentil and spinach, Green peas masala,Tomato curry, Avial, Pachadi, Vegetable kootu, Spinach kootu, etc

    Caffeine content in each food item:

    Food iteam
    Caffeine content (mg)
    Brewed / Instant tea

    Servings from each Food Groups:
    Food Groups
    1 serving is equivalent to:
    Bread, Cereals, Grains, Rice and Pasta (Whole gains and enriched)
    6 – 8
    · 1 slice bread
    · ½ burger
    · 3-4 small crackers
    · ½ cup cooked cereal, pasta or rice
    · 1 cup ready-to-eat cereals
    · 1 medium apple, orange, pear
    · 1 cup mixed fruits
    (Green-leafy, yellow & orange vegetables. Cooked dry beans and peas often)
    · 1 cup raw leafy vegetables
    · ½ cup tubers
    · 1 cup other vegetables
    Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs and Nuts (Lean meats)
    · 2-3 ounces cooked lean meat, poultry or fish
    · ½ cup cooked tofu as 1 ounces of meat
    · 2tbsp nut butter or 1/3 cup nuts as 1 ounce of meat
    Milk, Yogurt and Cheese (Fat free or low fat)
    · 1 cup milk
    · 1 cup butter milk
    · 8 ounces of yogurt
    · 1 ½ ounces cheese

    To increase iron content you can include foods like liver, fish, clams, oysters, poultry, dried peas, lentils and iron fortified cereals in your diet.

    (***please understand that i have just copy pasted the content that my friend had mailed me***)
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