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Dev Anand and other stories

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Kamalji, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Kamalji

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    Dev Anand and other stories

    What can I write about the legend, that u don’t know already. Many blogs have been posted by his fans, I know that. What I write are about some other aspects of his life, and my thoughts on the same.

    A famous actor, great ear for music, moving with the times, for example he starting with Hemant kumar, then moved to Rafi, Kishore, from OP Nayyar giving music for Baazi, to SD burman, to RD burman, to Rajesh Rosha who gave music for Des Pardes !!!

    And he made great investments in real estate, and was said in the papers that his studio, has a revenue per year of 20 crores, and his stache of movies fetching some 2 crores a year from satellite rights.

    So a great businessman, making money right till the end.

    But he outlived his usefulness, and carried on acting right till the end, when none of his older fans wanted to see his movies, all corny. Among the die hard fans of Dev anand, tell me, how many of u watched his last ten movies ? Did u pay a bauck to watch them in the theatres, or watch them on CDs.

    The answer is obviously no. He wanted to die with his boots on, and so he did, but that is it. He surely missed out on playing with his grandkids, of sitting back and reading the papers, of blogging, of doing so many other things that give pleasure to people of that age.

    He was the banyan tree under which his only son Suneil could not flower, just a movie or two and he disappeared. So very different from his friend Raj Kapoor who launched all his 3 sons.

    I met a character actor, now about 70, who acted in most of his movies as a character artiste, as also Amitabhs. We sat over drinks, and he told me, Dev was very egostic, he once called him to his studio and showed him the movie before release and asked him for his view, this guy said, It will not run, he said dev Got so angry and told him to get out. He regretted giving his frank view. Don’t ask me who he was please, for what he told me about other actors , was too spicy even for me to quote in my blogs, so we leave it.

    And now I see Tendulkar going the same way, sticking on, as is Amitabh Bachan, who though successful, dosnt want to leave the limelight, and take a back seat as did Rajendra Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, and others.

    In the end he made a laughing stock of himself.But well , each to their end.

    Dev Anand RIP.

    This is a pic taken by me, by my mobile which is always with me. What friendship eh ! HAHA.

    monkey and pig.jpg

    Look at this advt yesterday morning, the first one in DNA , which had a reward for this missing girl.
    The the times of india, yest itself, had this story of the girl being found.Read it.So as the advt came, the girl was found.

    girl missing.jpg
    This girl is underage, a minor, and she elopes with a boy ? Does she know what her parents must be undergoing, the mental trauma ? Which parent will want their daughter to do this ?

    Does the girl not have to finish her studies, do higher studies, rather than do this ? Does she think this is love ? Acc to me, this is a case of pure lust, where the boy, has charmed the girl, he does not have enough income, so the girl too is working. Is this life ? I feel sad for the parents,how much they mkust have kept this hidden, till they could hold it no more, it has been 7 months since the girl eloped.

    And now the girl has to go back, with reputation in tatters, nothing will happen to the boy, but the girls life is ruined, and so is the parents. Sad, wouldn’t wish it even on my worst enemy.

    Monkey Business
    Read this news, which made me laugh.

    Seems this monkey crossed the border and the pakis captured him or her, and put her in jail that is the zoo, or whatevrer. they suspect the monkey is an indian spy.
    This is becuase we had caught a piegeon coming from pakistan, suspecting it to spy for them.
    tit for tat eh !
    since i monkey around so much, i am scared to go near the borders now. who knows eh !!!


    The Song kolaveri Di

    I think most of u have heard this song on U tube. For me I have fallen in love with the song, and the singer, who happens to be the son in law of Rajnikanth. I was telling my daughter, wish the fellow was not married, I would have loved him as a SIL, but she made a face, which said she does not like him.

    I liked the simplicity of the singer, Dushyant, and the carefree way he has sung the song. It seems this song has been translated in many languages in Sindhi too, but I have not seen the translations.

    And what surprised me was the criticism that Javed Akhtar has given to this song, saying the lyrics are lousy, the singing style is lousy.

    Javed thinks too much of himself, he is talented no doubt, but that does not mean u put down some who has become successful.And does javed forget that song he wrote in the movie Tezaab, Ek do teen, which madhuri dixit sang ? what was that song, the lyrics ? All crap and bull****, but it became a hit, and no one bothered with it.

    And the movies he wrote with Salim, what were they ? Copied, rather inspired he would say eh ! lets come down to the nitty gritty now, that he has raised the hornest whatevrer, he has got kamaljis goat.

    1) Mother India – mixture of mother india and gunga jamuna
    2) Deewar – based on Haji Mastan
    3) Zanjeer and yaadon ki baraat - inspired by Death rides a horse, zanjeer had everything from that movie, including the locket hanging from the wrist of the villain, the dream of the horse etc.
    4) Seeta aur geeta – copied from Ram aur shyam
    5) Andaz – copied from the book, of Eric Segal – Man woman and child

    Dear javedbhai, those that live in glass houses should not throw stones at others !!!


    ( i had written ablog recently, about the minister Maderna, how he has been taped having sex with Bhanwari Devi, and that his wife an ddaughter have supported him .)

    today somebody phoned me to say that if u type in google - Maderna wife and daughter, that there are some 4 lakh pages, and the first page first entry is kamaljis blog, i was very thrilled, and checked to see if it was correct , so it was, the person said, it means yrs is the most read entry, so it is first on the search list.
    Collor up for me eh ! HAHA

    u can check it out yrself on google.

    If what Maderna did ,with Bhanwari Devi, if only he had done in the dark,
    Then the CD would not have been made
    And he would not have gone to jail,
    So in a way, light and electricity spoils a persons reputation.
    Moral of the storu is
    Gande kaam andhere mein karo,
    Aur bijili aur izzat done bachao !!!

    My view of Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture is
    It is like Doordarshan turning into FTV !!

    A sardar felt like smoking a ciggie in the night.
    He searched all around but could not find the matches.
    Tired he put off the candle, and went off to sleep !!!

    Ata party Santa asks a pretty girl – Will u dance ?
    Shyly she got up, and said Yes
    Santa- Can I take the chair please ?
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  2. kelly1966

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    OMG Kamalji.. so many topics in one post!!!!..
    the net and Tv was full of Dev anand for the past few days.. though he was a good actor and I loved the songs and his movies but I found his style very funny. especially when he grew older.. like in jhonny mera naam and he would box the villian looked as if he was going to fall down... but brilliant film maker who didn't know when to stop.. hopefully some one advises Sachin not to go his way!!!.. AB well.. I still like him.. and the movie makers do make scripts to suit his personality like chinicum..
    Kolaveri di.. well aap to Zinda Dil INsaan hain!!.. to like this song.. yes it certainly doesn't make sense and has no rhythm but then there are 1000s of hindi/ tamil movie songs which don't so just because its popular why condemn???.. I too find the tune catchy.. FYI Kolaveri.. means "urge to kill"..
    I too read the monkey & pigeon cross over news.. .. so both sides are CRAZY!!!..
    monkey and pig.. friends and giving free rides... cute.
    about the girl.. well what to say.. parents should keep a more tight vigilance on the kids and its best to be their friends so that they can confide all their problems to us and not be mislead...
    well.. about your Maderna post.. well shall read it now..
    its a LONG FB.. that too 1st .. but then you touched on too many topics and I'm totally free today at work after many days...
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  3. Arunarc

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    Dear Kamalji

    Come on Kamalji You should share those spicy stuff too with us all, aren't we all a big fan of yours then how can you hide them from us, which might be really interesting to read....
    But Devanad had a style especially shaking of his head, that is really unique. I always loved to watch his movies with zeenat and Hema

    Wow what a friendship very nice picture.

    It is really sad now a days how come such young girls get so much attracted to these fancy love or what ever you call it. They never realise the plight of the parents.

    Hahahaha nice one kamalji so stupid these people are to think that the monkey is indian spy??? and piegeon pak spy.

    That song is speading like hot cakes :) there is a female version too did you hear it?? it is also a very good one......

    From monkeys dogs and peacock did you start with the goat too...haha
    Nice news with your style into it.

    congrats for being on the top of the list...haha
  4. Srama

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    My dad was a big fan of Dev Anand and DD (I mean doordarshan) helped us to watch his movies and probably "guide" is the only one I have ever watched! But remember having seen many songs. Like in many cases, Dev Anand the actor was different from Dev Anand, the person I guess :)

    Oh lovely pic that monkey and the pig - now why can't India and Pak learn from that. Wow! I didn't know about the pigeon and the pig being captured. See that is why I read your blogs - I do get news here. That poor girl and poor parents - all misplaced prirorities, may be the movies that are made also influence to a certain extent. Hopefully things will turn out better for her.

    I was also introduced to this kolaveri song here almost as soon as it hit Youtube - nice beats and someone had posted on FB saying "listen to it even you don't understand Tamil", and I added forget about trying to understand English used also! I don't think we are looking for as much meaning here in this song! Well, my kids also like it and my DD went for one whole day "mommy, I want red dressu" or "soupu" (soup BTW is her really fav food)...so I guess it is catchy.

    Well thank you for the news updates, it feels like I read the news paper with coffee early in the morning...and I have to get going to the gym!
  5. kkrish

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    What a smorgasbord of topics!
    Enjoyed every bit of it. Very intersting information on Dev Anandji! May his soul rest in peace!

    That monkey is truly living up to its fame..monkeying around. Here there is a popular saying, "take that monkey of my back", haha, can hear the pig holllering that!

    The girl..I agree with everything you say Kamalji. Very sad state of affairs! My heart goes out to the parents!

    Just heard the song because you referred to it! Yes, enjoyable it was. I too always think that people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but lately I have come to believe that only those folks throw stones. Maybe hoping to divert attention away from their transparecies. God help these folks!

    Enjoyed this article thoroughly ji!
  6. satchitananda

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    Very interesting blog Kamalji. Was a fan of Dev Anand in his younger days. Kya karein, he was old enough to be my dad. :-( I admire his will to keep working till his very end. Sad for his son. But that is alright I think. Why should dad stop working to allow son to make it big. Let sonny boy make it on his own steam. And it's perfectly alright if people did not watch his last few movies. He did it for his own pleasure. The pleasure of making films.

    Loved the picture of the monkey going piggy back. :-D

    Don't know who is crazier - the Pakistanis or the Indians. We can certainly compete for the world cup in that aspect.

    Kolaveri di - can't help laughing when I hear it. Am still wondering why it became such a big hit. Some things never cease to surprise.

    Liked your jokes too. And congrats on your blog being no.1 on the list in FB. :-D That proves it Kamalji. Tusi great ho. :-D
  7. Kamalji

    Kamalji IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Aruna,

    Check my pm.u will get the answer

    well people are so paranoid that monkeys and pidgeons too are considered spies eh .HAHA

    u google and find out please, i am the first in the 4,00,000 searches, haha.


  8. Mindian

    Mindian IL Hall of Fame

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    Oh kamaljI,

    It is news to me. I did not know dev saab had passed away. I was away on a holiday and missed this,I guess.he was surely one of our handsomest heroes.:)

    Hahaha I too liked kolaveri....hope you heard sonu nighams son singing that Song? It is even more cute.:)

    Ohhhhh heartiest congratulations on making it to the top of Googles pages.
    Now I can tell everyone that I have a great celebrity for a friend. :)
  9. ambika04

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    Dear Kamalji,

    I hope those who miss the latest news have to subscribe to your post.You are always prompt in bringing up the latest news & you add your flavor to the news.Kolaveri song is a real kolaveri!
  10. SoaringSpirit

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    Dear Kamalji,

    Coming to IL after a long time and so glad to be here. It feels very nice and warm here amongst my warm hearted cyber family. Of course, your posts had to be one of thr first ones I visit!!

    Sad to see Dev Anand go. This year we lost a lot of people who were dear to us in the netrtainment industry. Shammi Kapoor, Jagit Singh. With the passing away of these people it feels like a part of my childhood memories is gone too.

    The clips in your post are cute and hilarious. The monkey and pig is a cute one proving friendship has no barriers. The monkey getting caught for crossing the Indo Pak border is hilarious. I guess there is dearth of action for the people patroling the border. They are grabbing at anything they can get a hold of.

    Kamalji, your posts always bring a smile, laugh and lots of humor and warmth to any day. So thank you for being YOU!

    Lots of luv,

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