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Daddy Returns A Serial Story By Sho Chapter 6

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by shobimanju, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. shobimanju

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    Chapter 6

    Nick, “Yes Grandpa. I do believe you” words were just flowing without any hesitation.

    The oldie flung out his hands in shock when he heard Nick calling him Grandpa.

    “Grandpa?” he repeated unable to believe what he heard

    He grinned widely in return. He just stood still staring at Nick. His face was blown with glory just kept looking at Nick.

    Nick shot his next question

    “How you became invisible? Are you a scientist and went wrong in your experiment? Or were you trapped in other scientist’s work? Or….”

    He was just pouring out everything that was rushing in his head.

    It took some time for the oldie to stabilize. He was overwhelmed with Nick accepting him as his grandpa without even waiting for any kind of explanation. A while ago the kid was so terrified but now has taken him so close to his heart and calling him grandpa. Is that all a miracle? Is that all really happening? Nick’s questions were still not over. He was going on with all possibilities for becoming invisible with the urge to help him out of it. May be he wanted to prove his super powers.

    Nick finally realized he was talking continuously but there wasn’t any response from his grandpa. Grandpa was just standing still and looking at him.


    He called little loudly to bring him out of his thoughts.

    Grandpa finally opened his mouth to ask him and confirm. Though things were clear he wanted to hear Nick saying that himself.

    “Nick, you can really see me is it?”

    “Yes Grandpa, I can see you very well”

    “Nick, are you not afraid of me now?”

    “No Grandpa. You look very very harmless. You cannot do anything wrong”

    “Thank you dear. I’m really harmless. I again assure I will not harm you in any way. I am sorry Nick I frightened you before. That… was… that was a kind of excitement… that you could see me. I was waiting for so long dear for this moment. That’s why I was little too excited. Nick you know I had almost lost my hope…. I thought I had chased you also away out of my madness… the only person who could see me and hear me”

    He stammerd out everything he had in his mind. He did not want to waste even a second. But he looked around and again started becoming restless as it was getting dark and Nick will have to leave too. Nick was keenly listening to him noticing his restlessness he asked

    “Yes grandpa, I inderstand but what happened now? Why you look so tensed? ”

    “Nick, I’m worried it’s getting dark you might have to leave now”

    Only then he remembered his class and other things he had to do. It’s too late for everything now.

    “Oh... Yeeah…! What to do? But Grandpa I cannot leave you like this and go. You come along with me” He concluded orderly.

    “Oh dear … …” He couldn’t talk more he felt a lump in his throat and tears filled his eyes. He tried smiling with great difficulty fighting back his feelings. But the little heart melted too. He flung his hands around his grandpa in order to console him. He wiped the tears away which were now rolling down his cheeks.

    “Don’t worry Grandpa I’m your friend and always your friend. I will help you out of this problem grandpa. You come along with me.”

    Totally moved by his gesture he held his hands, he smiled and nodded.

    “Come on grandpa get up. Let’s go home”

    He got up to walk along with him. Nick was still holding his hands.


    “Mmm…” He lifted his head up.

    “Nick, shall we decide some other means of talking”

    Not understanding exactly what his grandpa was trying to tell he enquired


    “Nick, you are forgetting that nobody can see me or hear me”

    “Ye…ah” He thoughtfully nodded his head still looking up at him.

    “Yes dear, so in front of others you avoid holding me or look up to see me. Is that okay?”

    “Haa yes yes!! ”

    He shook his head up and down laughing.

    “Mrs. Margrett said I’m day dreaming, talking alone, ha ha ha”

    “But she doesn’t know I really can see you isn’t it grandpa?”

    He laughed loudly now. He was thrilled now at his experience. From then he did not catch his hands and did not look up to reply. Soon they reached home.

    Shobana Manjunath

    will continue tomorrow....

  2. Arunarc

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    Your story is like Bhootnath :)

    The loving kid and the loveable grandpa Amitabh...
    Interesting so what is next, early waiting to read.
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  3. chenchal009

    chenchal009 Senior IL'ite

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    Nice Story Shobana
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  4. vjbunny

    vjbunny IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Shobha ...
    Very nice...
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  5. sapthu02

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    Its a beautiful narration.. awesome..
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  6. shashiv

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    The story is getting more interesting....

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