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Daddy returns a serial story by sho chapter 11

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by shobimanju, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Daddy Returns A serial Story By Sho Chapter 11

    I had been very playful always and used to think it’s very easy to get things in life. I wanted money to make them feel more secured. Reality struck me shortly things are not so easy as I had been thinking so far.

    What to do? How to do? Were the things in my head thereafter. I easily thought to earn money I will go abroad, but by what means I will go? I bounced back like a ball wherever I tried. Days were going; the fire in me grew bigger whenever we met in the evenings. It was only then I started realizing the hidden tiredness in my dad’s face. Only then I realized how much he should have been struggling all along.

    Still he only shared the happiness with us. Whenever we met in the evenings he shared the day’s experience so cheerfully. The precious memories I stored every bit of it to cherish later in my dreams.

    My dad was steadily reaching his target. He traveled two hours daily up and down to his office. He returns home mostly after nine. We wait eagerly for his arrival, discuss the day have dinner and then sleep. Sleeping around twelve o clock is very common for us. We celebrated every possible occasion in our house. There was a celebration for a new big color television. There were celebrations even for buying new plants. Like that there were many such celebrations. Most of them my dad bought. All I could do was to gift them some dresses and other small things which were no where near to those things which I want them to own.

    But still they were so proud of it which only added fuel to my determination. There was a big celebration when I got a cellular phone. First call was to my sis. She was thrilled over there. Four of us flew high in the air together. I thanked god so many times. There is nothing happier than our first wish came true isn’t it? I felt very heavenly that time.

    But not for long slowly my confidence shook. Because I couldn’t succeed even little of what I had thought. Though the days went happily, there was a constant prick in my inner heart. My daddy was ready to get me married; my mummy was deliberately worried for I was not married still. I had postponed quite number times for sake of my plans.

    Though I am working, earning a descent income, I realized (sadly of course) that my parents were not really happy. Though our financial status improved a lot I realized my parents were not really happy. Their happiness was me. They wanted me to get settled in life. I getting married is the settlement for them. My dad told me it’s very incomplete if I remain single.

    So I decided if not anything else, I could certainly give them this one happiness. I did, I made up my mind and sincerely agreed to get married. As usual we celebrated the day. We started preparing for my marriage even before knowing whom I am gonna get married to. We purchased jewels, clothes etc.

    On my birthday I wore my new sari and all my jewels. I had made myself so well that my dad teased me that I looked like a bride; we took photos as part of our celebration. He was so thrilled that he called my brother himself to take photos. Soon my marriage got fixed too, diwali came, and my in-laws came home to confirm our marriage. How do you think our house would have been? I hope you would understand how we would have celebrated the occasions. Can you?

    Shobana Manjunath

    will continue tomorrow....
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  2. Arunarc

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    How the marriage took place let us read from your point of view.........

    I liked the way you have narrated, Sona worked so hard to fulfil all her parents wishes.
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