communications with spiritual quide, or guardian angel- help please?

Discussion in 'Astrology Numerology & More!' started by TheEndlessGame, Dec 9, 2011.

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    for me; living in deadmonton ( edmonton ) is a living hell. live sucks, and it's not just my current residence which makes life suck so much, it's this routine we humans live by. i have come to the conclusion life as a human is BORING, so if anyone knows of a way with communicating with the above stated, please inform me.

    p.s i don't need to hear your opinions on how great life is to you; or how we're in the same boat, i just need answers. i do agree my short history of why i asked the question (started the guid, etc) is very biased. so sorry if i offend any.
    -stories of supernatural events are welcome thow ( i find them amusing )

    thank you for your time.~

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    i think there is no person to guide you.
    every one need some help in this busy life like entertainment n they dont see around
    u know babys n workaholics dont think about entertainment
    i dont blame u
    everyone have their goal
    ask urself exactly what u want n what u need
    some people get excitement or feel good to spend something n someone get to save money n someone to earn to their long life

    there are abundance of works if u like to do
    learn something, library, movies, songs, books, art galaries, fishing, window shopping, etc....
    see the colours of life n see around u

    everyone have need a sole friend
    if u want a friend to share your feelings give pm to me
    n one more thing i dont tell any thing about me
    n dont tell others about u also

    i dont know what exactly your life. as many said to give suggestions is very easy

    God Bless You

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